King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, Current Events Part 6: Oct 2007 - Sept 2008

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Welcome to the 12th thread for King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia of Sweden' current events.

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The Queen's name is Silvia, not Sylvia. The last thread got the name right.
Thank you for your friendly correction, I have changed the name of the queen.
Pics 27.10.2007

Here are some pics of a visit King Carl Gustav made on
Saturday, 27 October 2007 to a military event:

* Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 *
King Carl Gustaf is visiting Washington.
Phil Sharp (L), President of Resources for the Future, and Vyacheslav Sinyugin (R) of RusHydro, listen to King Carl Gustaf speak during a climate change seminar at the National Press Club in Washington. King joined industry leaders to speak about steps they are taking and think need to be taken to protect against climate change.
ANP Beeldbank
The King speaks
ANP Beeldbank
Do they have special schools for immigrants in Sweden?
We have a few school for immigrants but most immigrants goes in normal school in Sweden. We have a French and English school in Stockholm at least I think they lying there. I´m not so familiar with these schools. I haven´t heard much about them. But many ambassadours kids goes in these kind of schools I think.
King Carl Gustaf met Liberia's president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf at a private audience at the Royal Palace today:
ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
The president has a very nice outfit.
What is the president doing in Stockholm? I suppose it isnt an Official Visit or a State Visit as we would have seen all the tralala, so attending a conference maybe?
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Just love the way the Queen looked at her husband.......they are very much still in love..........
Queen Silvia stands in a window of the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Thursday Dec. 13 2007. The window was opened to represent the 13:th day of the real life Advent calendar, a tradition in the Old Town where the Palace is situated. The Queen welcomed the people who had gathered in front of the Palace and as the 13:th of December is the Lucia day in Sweden the Lucia Jeanette Köhn and a trio sang Christmas carols.
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ANP Beeldbank
Lucia Jeanette Köhn and a trio sang Christmas carols.
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King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia were today present at a ceremony in Jukkasjarvi in the north of Sweden to mark the end of the Carl von Linné jubilee year.
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ANP Beeldbank
Looks like it´s quite cold in Jukkasjarvi, they have really warm clothes on.
Looks like it´s quite cold in Jukkasjarvi, they have really warm clothes on.
But wouldn't you agree that the cold is a good excuse for the Queen to wear her nice, long, beautiful fur coat?

To my eyes, the King looks a bit fatigued. Did they take the train, or fly? They still get the month of January off, don't they?
I would hope that the queen wouldn´t wear fur at all.

Here´s a little article from Jukkasjärvi:
Kungen och Drottningen i Jukkasjärvi/Sveriges Radio

The article says that yesterday evening there was a big birthday party at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. There were fireworks, dinner at a big ice hall, minus 5 grades Celcius and 400 guests to celebrate Carl von Linné, there has gone 300 years about his birth 1707.
This was a closing to the Year of Linne. Among the guests there were some Nobel Laureates of this year, and also the King and Queen Silvia.
I can remember the royal family went to an icehotel in 2003, before the queen's 60th birthday!
was it the icehotel in Jukkasjaväri?
I would hope that the queen wouldn´t wear fur at all.

Most of the royal ladies wear fur coats. I don't see what the matter with that is. After all, I eat beef, and wear shoes made of leather.

Besides, the best fashion houses, imho, are those that are based in the colder climates.

...celebrate [the closing to the Year of] Carl von Linné, there has gone 300 years about his birth 1707.
I never heard of this gentleman. What did he do?
Are there no picture of the official events today?

I think it is a pitty that we see only few number of pictures of the swedish royal family! Maybe it'll change when the royal siblings get married!

Here is a link with pictures from the wedding of Annika Middelschulte who's Queen Silvia's godchild (I don't know if this is the right word):

Salzburg Life - ein weblog

click on Mehr Bilder von der Hochzeit

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