It's A Girl for Victoria and Daniel! Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary: February 23, 2012

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It is actually sad to think that because someone is borned into a particular role it is considered "difficult" and a burden to be pre-destined to a "duty". In most cultures there are "duties" that are expected of the children. It may be who you can marry. If you are the oldest of the siblings you may not have a choice of career or where you live. You may be the last one left and not married and that means you have to take care of the parents.
Many people have their lives laid out for them. It is acceptable cultural and family roles and rules.
To have been born a princess is also a privilege. It is an opportunity to spend your life doing something meaningfull that will have a direct impact on your country and its people. You are carrying forward centuryold traditions and cultural inheritance.
You are the representative of those traditions and culture.
I have no doubt that CP Victoria and P Daniel will raise the new little Princess to appreciate the very special role she has been born into and make sure she is prepared to do her "duty" when the time comes. The enthusiasm that CP Victoria has for her role is contagious and most likely color P Estelle's outlook as well.
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First of all this is my first post on the Forum! I am quite pleased that it is about little princess Estelle. What about her future life? I think that V&D will make their utmost to keep a maximum of privacy around her, at least when she is a child. Victoria mentioned that in an interview in the magnificent programme "The year with the roayle family" (no longer available on the SVT unfortunately), did you see it? and Daniel repeated that in his speach at the maternity. I not sure we will see a lot of pictures of her, sad enough for us, but I understand that. We could bet : will they take little Estelle with them when they celebrate Victoria's birthday in July?? Personally I don't think so.
We know just had the 3 pictures at 3 weeks, where she is still sleeping. We just saw the little Danish princess at +/- 2 months, with open eyes, I hope we will have the same; and then there will be the baptism, but after that we might have to wait a long time.
^i disagree with you on that, of course they will try to make the life of her daughter with more privacy, and yes they might not release that many of pictures and/or going to events with Estelle. but we will not have to wait to long, Estelle is the future queen of Sweden, im sure we will see her 1st birthday anniversary pictures, christmas pictures perhaps, events like Victoria's birthday, Sweden's national day. of course as shes a baby we will not get a chance to see much of her, but we are used to it actually, we dont get to see the other royal children everyday right? i dont remenber watching pictures of royal babies that often too, only on specific ocasions.
This little girl is going to have a life of luxury. A life with clothes, food, cars, security, a heritage that only a few can dream of. Please....consent....sacrifice......get real people......this little girl will have everything (and more) that the rest of us can only dream of. Royal children are blessed and know no different.
yes she will have a life full of no financial problems, and really, i wished i could have just 1% of what she will get to live, as nowadays getting a job is hard and almost all live tight dificult lives. BUT i would not want to have the same responsability this child carries, serving a whole country is a hell of responsability and its scary!!! not to mention the massive media attention and no private life, where everybody sees your moves, ways of speak, what you dress and even who you date. her fate is decided on the moment shes born, no other oportunities or dreams.
i guess its a payback!
i mean, most of us are not wealthy but we have OUR OWN life and dreams.
Estelle and heirs have no financial issues but are born to serve their country, not until 65 years old, but until death!
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Daniel's mother Ewa Westling had called to magazine "S" and ordered the special edition of "S", the whole magazine of Estelle.
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And when Staffan Erfors from "S" met queen Silvia at the Silvia home event, and Silvia got to know that Ewa had ordered the special edition. "What is that? A whole magazine of Estelle? Of course I would also like to have that", said Silvia.
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Queen Silvia was going to see Estelle after the event in Silvia home.
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