It's a boy! Emmanuel Léopold Guillaume François Marie

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I heard that they received about 35 000 cards with the birth of Elisabeth. And their are also people who are writing with personal problems, like asking for amnestie to the king or people who are in a desperate administratif situation. It's all the same secretariat who has to read and answer. So patience is a good virtue.
How wonderful!! Everything seems to be going great for the princely family!! I can't wait to see pictures of the entire Royal Family together! :)
Nothing has been announced yet but I could imagine a christening around christmas:)
I've just discovered this thread, and the baby is absolutely gorgeous! How lucky Phillipe and Mathilde are to have such healthy and beautiful children!:)
Images from the interview with Mathilde & Philippe when they left hospital with Emmanuel (VTM)

1. "I'm a jealous father"
2. "Everything in due time. Three children is already quite a bunch"
3. "He looks like Elisabeth. He has her eyes"
4. "Gabriel and Elisabeth are overjoyed with Emmanuel"
5. "He eats very well and he's slept 7 hours last night"
6. "As you can see he's gorgeous"

Thank you very much Cathérine for all the pictures taken from tv.:) They're great and some of them are very different from the once already posted here. Like the one of Philippe raising his finger while saying he's a jealous father, or the one from the first presentation of Emmanuel where it seems Mathilde is whispering something to Philippe. It's great there are still new pictures.:)
From dpa/fotomarkplatz.

Emmanuel on the day he left the hospital.


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On the Belgian news today there was a reportage about Alexia's baptism . Then they told that Prince Emmnual will be baptized half december
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I can't wait to see him on his baptism!!! He's the cutest newborn I've ever seen:p
photofan said:
I can't wait to see him on his baptism!!! He's the cutest newborn I've ever seen:p

I know what you mean Photofan, I can't wait for the baptism either.:) I look forward to seeing adorable Emmanuel again, and his equally adorable sister and brother. If it's true that the baptism will take place in the middle of December, then luckily it won't be long until we get to see him again.
Cutest I Dunno lol Im thinking Baby Denmark is quite the Sweetie but Emmanual is right behild him with Leonor and Alexia

Lady Louise Windsor is quit the Cutie as well although shes no longer a baby :)
when will we expect Philippe & Mathilde to announce Prince Emmanuel's baptism? it's now early december, and if they're going to have it mid-december, why haven't they announced it?

i'm sorry i'm getting anxious, i just want to see little emmanuel again, also with elisabeth & gabriel..
Can we please start a current events and pictures thread for Emmanuel? He's to be baptized soon...
I received this Thank You Card today :) :)


It's always so nice to find new pictures of this family. I haven't read any royal magazines for years, but there are lots of wonderful pictures and news items here. Thanks to everyone who contributes. Magazines come and go, and sometimes are tossed in the trash, but the internet is here forever.
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