It's a boy! Emmanuel Léopold Guillaume François Marie

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Sep 27, 2003
It´s a boy



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HRH Prince Emanuel Leopold Guillaume Francois Marie
has been born today.

What did i say!! My feeling was rigth!:eek:

Congratulations to Mathilde, Philipe, Elisabeth and the totaly adorable Gabriel with a littlebrother!!!:)
Prins Filip en prinses Mathilde, Hertog en Hertogin van Brabant, zijn verheugd de geboorte te kunnen aankondigen van een broertje voor prinses Elisabeth en prins Gabriël op dinsdag 4 oktober 2005 om 13.06 uur in het Erasmusziekenhuis in Anderlecht. Dat meldt de persdienst van het paleis.

Hij zal de voornamen Emmanuel, Leopold, Guillaume, François, Marie dragen. De prinses en haar zoon stellen het goed. Het kindje weegt 3,900 kg en is 50 cm groot.

Meter van Emmanuel wordt gravin Elisabeth d'Udekem d'Acoz. Peter wordt prins Guillaume, erfgroothertog van Luxemburg.
how cool! lots of congratulations for the family. really was looking forward to mathilde giving birth!
hope both mum and emanuel are good and relaxing.

when did she go into labour? any more details about the birth?
So is HGD Guillaume of Luxembourg a godparent?
The boy was born 13.06 in Erasmus hospital in Anderlecht.

Godmother: Countess Elisabeth D´Udekem d´Acoz
Godfather: Prince Guillaume of Luxemburg
how nice... good election of godparents :)
Thanks Liv!!:) And is Elisabeth a sister of Mathilde?
Gosh, I dreamed that he will be named Leopold :D Strange.
Yes,Elisabeth is mathilde´s sister!:)
Just wonder how long time after the birth was it pictures of Elisabeth and Gabriel? I can't wait to se little Emanuel(I Love his name!)
Princess Elisabeth´s godparents:

Prince Amedeo of Belgium (her cousin)
Countess Helene d´Udekem d´Acoz( her maternal aunt)

Prince Gabriel´s godparents:
Countess Hans-Ulrich von Freyberg ( cousin of Philippe)
Count Charles-Henri d´Udekem d´Acoz (his maternal uncle)

Prince Emmanuel´s godparents:
Countess Elisabeth D´Udekem d´Acoz ( his maternal aunt)
Prince Guillaume of Luxemburg( son of Philippe´s cousin)
Great news, congratulations to the happy parents, the Royal Family and the people of Belgium! Welcome to the world Prince Emanuel!
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Yay! Many congratulations to the Crown Princely Couple! :) :)
:) When Elisabeth was born the first pictures were published three days after her birthday (caesarian section).

In Gabriel´s case it was 2 days after the birth so we can expect the first pictures from tomorrow on...:)
What a great name for the little prince!
Congratulations to Philippe and Mathilde! :)
Great news indeed. Congratulations to Philippe, Mathilde, Elisabeth, Gabriel, the rest of their families, and to Belgium.:) I saw the news from RTBF (Belgian channel), and in the end of the news was something about Mathilde and the hospital. I don't understand French but thought it meant she was in hospital, because there were a lot of reporters, other than the ones who were filming and making interviews. So I thought I would check out the royal websites to find out if I was right. Turns out I was.:) I'm not sure if I'm too fond of the name Emanuel, but I think it's nice they chose a biblical name like they did with Gabriel. But I'm sure within long the name will grow on me.:) Can't wait to see the first pictures.
Congratulations to the couple!!! And what a lovely name it is! Very biblical (like Gabriel and Elisabeth).
Which Guillaume of Luxembourg is godfather? The hereditairy Grand Duke or his uncle (I assume his uncle).
It's Emmanuel, double M. Beautiful name, goes very well together with Elisabeth and Gabriel too.
No, it is the hereditairy Grand Duke Guillaume.
I am mistaken, I read on the glittering royal events MB that is is the hereditairy grand duke indeed!
I cant wait for pictures of Emmanuel!!
All the best wishes and congratulations to this great family! Welcome Emmanuel!
Great news:) Congratulations to them all!! :)

P.S. Next should be a girl ;)
Congratulations to the adorable family!

Welcome to this crazy world, Emmanuel! :)
Gongratulations, Belgium! :D

You know, I actually thought about the baby being named Emmanuel, just recently, but then I thought 'Nah!'

Turns out I was right after all. :p

P.S. Next should be a girl ;)
You mean in Denmark? Yup, that's my wish, too. ;)
Proficiat with your son prince Filip and princess Mathilde, I hope that they stop now 3 is much! 1 little girl and than stop!
How common is the name Emmanuel in Belgium, or even in Europe? Just curious. It is a beautiful name but very uncommon in the United States.
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