It's a boy and a girl: Prince Jacques & Princess Gabriella, December 10, 2014

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Jacques I was Prince in the XVIII century so it's kind of a family name, Honoré as well. Love Gabriella.
Congrats to mum and dad!
It is official the canons will begin this evening

Gabriella Therese Marie is born 17 H 04 and Jacques, Honoré , Rainier is born at 17h06

Lovely names.It is prince Jacques who will be the hereditary prince.

So Gabriella is older, but male preference primogeniture applies !
Now that they have one of each, I doubt they'll have any more children. I'm sure they are so thrilled to have a boy and a girl at the same very time! It must be a precious moment.
aww, congrats to the happy family!!

(and the possibility, maybe, for the law to be changed?)
Congratulation to the happy family! And welcome to the world Gabriella and Jacques!
@palaismonaco: Le Couple Princier ont l’immense bonheur d’annoncer la naissance de Leurs enfants : Gabriella, Thérèse, Marie et Jacques, Honoré, Rainier.
Congratulations to the whole family!
Very, very happy news. Good health and many years to the proud parents and new babies!
I like the names, but why Gabriella instead of Gabrielle?
Isn't Gabriella the Italian version?
Does anyone knows here what will be the process from now on? I mean, official presentation of the babies, official pictures, some info about baptism, etc.
It seems aunt Stephanie has just arrived at the hospital

Brilliant news, congratulations to the happy couple, their families and the people of Monaco. :):ROFLMAO:;):angel::clap::monacoflag::baby::cheers::champagne::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:
Im glad all is well.
A boy and a girl, shame that they havent changed the law since the girl was born first.

Since Frederik was in Monaco for the IOC meetings I wonder if he gave some advice to Albert on twins, lol : D
Congratulations! Love the names.. My daughter's name is Gabrielle..:)
Congratulations to the happy parents and whole family!
That's great news - to have at once babies of different gender!
Congratulations to the couple. I'm pleasantly surprised by the little princes names, what a lovely surprise. I wish all the best to them.
I have a book by Isabele Bricard about reigning dynasty in Europe with detailed family tree which I'm updating constantly. So its' with a great pleasure that I have added princes Jacques and Gabrielle.
These children are "beautiful Christmas gift" for Monaco people!
I guess Princess Grace and Prince Rainier would have been very proud of their new grandchildren.
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