Is the Morocco Monarchy in Trouble?

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Morocco protests fail to take hold
CASABLANCA, MOROCCO - Efforts to kindle a protest movement in Morocco have met with only limited success, evidence of support for King Mohammed VI and of the effectiveness of tight security around the country....Source
Future of the Monarchy of Morocco

Alright, North Africa's only monarchy, how popular is the Alaouite Dynasty? Is Morocco's monarchy going to become increasingly ceremonial in the future? Could Morocco become a republic in the future? What is your opinion?

-Frozen Royalist
I think we should ask these question again in the light of what us happening in region.
Is the monarchy very popular in Morocco?
Is the monarchy very popular in Morocco?

I don't know it there is even any reliable way to know that. There hardly is possible make such polls or critise royal family like European royal families. But my guess is that it is respected altough probably there is lot of anit-monarchist movements.
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