Infanta Leonor's First Birthday: October 31, 2006

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Jul 18, 2004
Im really looking forward to Leonor's 1st birthday. I hope the family will release pictures with their daughter just like the CP Frederik and Cp Mary did.
I think they definitely will give us some pictures of Leonor's first birthday. Or maybe they will take her outsite to chat witht he press for a while, like with Juan Valentin's birhtday and Miguels. I just can't wait to see that georgeous little princess :wub:
I hope they will give some pictures of Leonor. But if they don't we must understand them. She's a baby and very young to be on teh first page of magazines !
Wiat and see !!!
When is Leonor Birthday?
Infanta Leonor's First Birthday: October 31st, 2006

This thread is reserved for the first birthday of the little Infanta and will be opened on that day.:flowers:
I hope they realise new pics of the infanta.... (credit to Asturiana_)


NEXT 31st Leonor she expires her first year. Her health is perfect in opposition to the divulged slanders. Overcome the obsession for the speck, the parents have now a doubt: to what child-care will they take her in order that she is in touch with others small? Probably to that of the Royal Guard

In a few days, October 31, Leonor de Borbón will expire her first year of life. And, as affirms a member of the circle of the Princes, has had of her mother the best gift that she could do to her: the brother or sister who is in way.

Not only because the fact of living in Zarzuela surrounded with the Mount of El Pardo, does not facilitate the contact to the small one with other children. Especially because the enormous media expectation that has generated her short existence, has provoked in the Princess Letizia enough tension, specially in her first six months of life. " Letizia, who is mad with her daughter, as the Prince, is a too protective mother. Unlike Felipe, that knowing that the baby is nice, is more relaxed, she gives excessive importance to everything related to the girl ", it aims at the above mentioned source, which explains: " It is possible that the reason is the great pressure that the Princess has felt on having had to bring together her official role with her new facet of inexperienced mother. She knows that her daughter is also in the point of view. In an understandable zeal to protect her from the slanders that on her have been spilt, she has put a wall of silence, turning almost privately of State everything related to the girl ". Certain it is that on Dona Letizia they have circulated all kinds of dimes and diretes, as anorexia, abortions, binds of horns, or in vitro fertilization. That, far from stopping when Leonor was born, arrecieron, managing to steady that mother and daughter were at the edge of the death in the childbirth. Later, the artillery went to the girl, passing to speak of a rosary of supposed tares, being more insistent that she could be deaf and dumb.
Something that nothing has to see with the reality. Recently, the Prince Felipe, who takes in his portfolio photos of his daughter who proves to be proudly, was commenting: " she sleeps very well, she eats marvellously and she has had a cold ".

The words of the progenitor corroborate medical nearby sources consulted by CHRONICLE. " She is a calm girl, rarely she cries, not at least when one submits it to the punctual paediatric review, in which the majority of the babies start to cry. She has had throughout this year a height, a weight and a development according to the usual parameters. Also her nourishment has developed well, and in consequence it is neither baby nor fat nor thin. In short, she is a healthy girl ".

Something of what they have been witnesses the doctors who attend to the small one, habitually in a saloncito of the house of the Prince. The pediatrician of the Infanta is Fernando Mar, chief of the service of neonatalogy of the Clinical Ruber Internacional, where the girl was born, and also chief of the UCI of neonatos of the hospital Doce de Octubre. A prestigious professional that, as his companion reveals, is quarrelling to leave his cargo in this hospital, which one would allow him to dedicate full steals to the service of the Princes. Mar has been helped in Leonor's attention by Miguel Tapia, a military member of the medical equipment of Zarzuela, which exercises as family doctor of the Queen and the Princess Letizia. To know that her daughter was growing up well did not contribute that Letizia was relaxing completely. The test is that the Leonor's only stain, which was this angioma that went out for her in her nose to the month of her birth, brought of head. According to the medical mentioned sources, " it is a benign and very current speck, goes out for one of every seven babies. She doesn´t need neither surgical intervention, nor even treatment with laser, because in two or three years it disappears for if alone ".

Letizia gave an enormous importance not to the spot, but to what could be said on it. Especially when was published in a magazine of the heart that Leonor was going to be operated on, uncertain thing. " She was obsessed by the discretion, did not want that it was known at all ", they say. It looks like that in Zarzuela, to silence slanders, was valued to do a communique denying the news of the operation, but the Princess rejected it. The dread to which sobredimensionara this question contributed to that in her first months, Leonor was turning out to be photographed in few occasions. Neither anything, nor official has been known not semiofficially, of her short existence: how it is her room, who was taking care of it or where she was walking. The secretismo untied the rumors, which culminated with the false rumour of the deaf-muteness.

They were not easy moments those. Often, the doctors who visit the small one were gathered in their houses in cars of Zarzuela by the smoked crystals. Nobody, this way, could know if doctors were going to seeing the girl.

In vacations, taking advantage that in Majorca the Royal Family is more accessible, the strategy changed radically, turning the small Leonor into the summer queen. She monopolized many front pages( and the King placed as the most popular tenth personage in this country, above even of her grandfather.

Today the Infanta is giving her first steps. Letizia deals with her all the time that her official commitments make her free. Her relatives assure that " the girl is for her as a refuge that liberates him of all her tensions ". It is not strange that she takes her taken in arms. Often she her walks along the surroundings of her residence in Zarzuela, raises it to the palace in order that the Queen sees her and even, the ride to the administrative building, Magnolias, to show her to the personnel of the Royal Household.


Recently, in one of the offices, a civil servant gave a toy to the girl. When in jest, one wanted to take it, Leonor began to give stentorian shouts of protest. The civil servant exclaimed: " Caray with the shed! ".

She does not have contact too much with other children, except sporadically with her cousins, children of the Infantas Elenas and Cristina, with her cousin Carla, daughter of Erica Ortiz, and with children of friends of the Princes. Something that they think her parents solve, taking her the year that comes to a child-care. They shuffle the one that has the RoyalGuard near the palace, in El Pardo. It and the future brother or sister who will come in May are going to give one I overturn to Leonor's existence. Also to that of her mother. According to the mentioned member of her circle, " the better thing that could have happened to Letizia to relax with Leonor is the second pregnancy. Even without being princesses, the inexperienced ones always they fall down in the sin of superprotecting her children ".
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There the translation is. Personally, it looks like to me a cruel article. It is curious, how the press, it dares to judge Letizia, and they are capable of realizing that they are the culprits of many, and to be judged to if same as human beings.

I am person, and if terrifies me to read the things that on Letizia and her health the press is capable of inventing; to think that they do the same thing on a baby from the moment of her birth terrifies me.

What mother does not want to protect her baby? Which is the feeling of a mother who sees how they invent all kinds of diseases to her baby? How there can think a mother who is going to be the future of her baby if with less than one year already they have wanted to damage her so much?
If I was Letizia, my desire would be of fleeing with my daughter and to remove it from everything in order that they were not damaging her.

Indeed that Letizia has to be a very strong person, because to bear every week, every month, a new rumor, a new critique ... and not to finish sinking or turning mad, you have to be very strong. Now the yellow programs were dedicating hours to speaking on this topic, and who knows the barbarities that they will say. And she in house feeling badly, waiting her second baby .. without being able to speak.

And the King hunting bears without nobody judges, do not even say anything...
The magazine Hola has the complete special one on the birthday of the Infanta Leonor, with photos, videos and articles compiled in her first year of life.


When the infanta Leonor expired her first eight months of life she was her mother, the Princess of Asturias, which during an official act celebrated in the General Academy of the Air in San Javier (Murcia) did one of the first familiar confidences telling that " the infanta Leonor sleeps very well and has not given us a bad night ".
Two months after discovering for the own dona Letizia that her first-born one was behaving herself as an angel when it was having to rest, he was don Juan Carlos the fact that, infected by the spirit of the children who had met him in the palace of the Zarzuela to celebrate the edition XXV of the contest " what is a King for you? ", he added some details more on the existence of his granddaughter telling some of the small ones that " Leonor is very nice: She eats, sleeps, grows... " The King, who as grandfather cannot avoid appear as such - to him also changes the face when they bring him over, they establish themselves in his arms or give him a kiss-, he stopped this day his look in the drawing that one of the small winning authors painted for him while Urdangarín was telling a story to his two granddaughters more pequeñas:Irene and to the infanta Leonor.

The lies

Unlike other Royal Houses where from the birth of the new inheritors one has been giving information about the life of the smallest of the house, the Princes of Asturias have avoided in the measurement of the possible thing to facilitate details or images on their life in family and have limited themselves to commenting on the strictly necessary thing on the development of the small one in some of their public appearances. An attitude that, according to sources near to the couple, was provoked to a great extent by the perverse rumors that have run on the Infanta and her supposed diseases and deficiencies. Quite lie. Since the time puts it (almost always) everything in its place and this one is a phrase in which also the Princes and the Princesses believe, don Felipe de Borbón and dona Letizia have gone really close and silently the weight of knowing what in the street was said of their small one. Commentaries that have hurt them terribly because, and the parents know alone this, nothing hurts any more in the world that the fact that one damages to a daughter.

Nevertheless, and assuming at all time their role as Inheritors to the throne of Spain, the Princes have not been left to win for the possible misadventures and have faced, shoulder with shoulder, to information (as we were indicating in previous lines) about the health of their small one - even of the own Princess for extremely thin this one was-; to certain private performances - the freezing of the cells of the embryo of the infanta Leonor in a hospital of THE USA - that had an enormous repercussion in the mass media; to the critiques and commentaries that arose immediately after the organization of dona Leonor's baptism in the palace of the Zarzuela. (An act of family character that did not stop being compared with the "official" that there received the children of other inheritors of Europa). As well as to the invention of news on the family of the Princess of Asturias that they try to damage, somehow, to come from this one.

Now, with pregnant dona Letizia of her second baby and being parents of a healthy infanta who drags an immense curiosity after her blue eyes, not only they have eliminated the news on " the evil " of the Infanta but the family seems to have gained something of peace and tranquility. Probably for it and when a few days in order that the Infanta celebrates with a great tart of chocolate her first year of life, he has been the Prince the one that has told that " Leonor already travels gathering of the hand, with help ". This way said it to a group of children of the Public College Salvador Vega Berros, of Sariego (Asturias, which he visited during his stay in the capital of the council, but also to some of the journalists invited to the receipt offered by the Kings in the Royal Palace of Madrid on the occasion of the celebration of the National Day.


A meeting in which don Felipe - the Princess of Asturias had asked the King for permission to be able to stay away before the continuous inconveniences that she suffers in this second pregnancy - said that his daughter not only " sleeps and eats of marvel, but she has had neither in all this time nor an alone cold ". A meeting in which the Prince commented also that they have not decided still to what child-care the infanta Leonor will go and that the small one has learned to say "dad" and "water", without forgetting to refer, certainly, to the brother or sister who is in way. A baby for the one that will prepare itself with all caress - as like there happened before the birth of the infanta Leonor - a room near that of the small one, that it is in the second floor of the residence of the Princes, closely together of the principal bedroom. A space, with big large windows to the gardens, which it was decorated in its moment by the infantile furniture that the Princes of Asturias entrusted in VTV, the same shop that dealt with the decoration of the rooms of the children of the infantas dona Elena and dona Cristina.

Don Felipe and dona Letizia agreed in not recovering old relics of family for very sentimental that could be for both and to furnish the room of the Infanta with a modern and happy, more identical touch to the new times. The Princes ended up by choosing for the small one a room similar to the one that dona Elena put in its moment initially to her daughter, Victoria Federica.
In the circle of the Duchess of Lugo, it was commented by certain grace, after the birth of dona Leonor, the Princes of Asturias entrusted in blue and beige the furniture and accessories for the room of the infanta Leonor. A possible explanation to this decision might be that dona Letizia and don Felipe, that they have bet from their official commitment for a large family, want to take advantage, independently of the sex of their future children, of the whole furniture that a newborn child needs and that, since all the parents know, it has expiry date and always it ends up by occupying space in the lumber room.

The same treatment and education In fact, Leonor, whose bedroom relies on all series of accessories that habitually they are in the rooms of a-year-old baby of age, sleeps, according to friends of the Princes of Asturias - the nest of white color that occupied for her first months of life her brother or sister will inherit it - in a cradle lacada of the same color. Though the Princes of Asturias count, since it is logical, with help - from the first day they contracted the services of a salus - the two practise as parents of the 21st century and deal personally with many of the needs with the small one. In fact, is very commented between the friends of the couple the circumstance of which, in any occasions, when they visit other houses with children, the Princess of Asturias not only does not take help but she proves to be absolutely happy dealing all the time of her daughter.

Leonor grows up well - an image costs more than thousand words and this summer the Infanta has been the queen of the instantaneous ones - and, though in her first year of life she has had to face to a " very complete agenda of commitments ", if she could speak surely she would say that it is very satisfied to be able to celebrate her first anniversary with a golden clasp: the arrival to palace of a brother and of a companion of games. A baby who, as she, will receive treatment of Royal Highness, as well as the same education during the first years of life.
:flowers: It seems to be that on Monday the Royal House will provide some photos on the occasion of the birthday of the Infanta Leonor.:flowers:
lula said:
:flowers: It seems to be that on Monday the Royal House will provide some photos on the occasion of the birthday of the Infanta Leonor.:flowers:

How do you know it ?:w00t2:
Paty said:
How do you know it ?:w00t2:

They have commented on it in a program of television. Photos had to be, and it seems that finally they will be photos done by the Royal House. The idea of the photosession with the press, personally it was looking like to myself a madness, they have done the most logical thing.;)
I agree with you, but I personally prefer that the Principes take the photos, Surely that they are photos more spontaneous and sweet.
They always do a photosession with the press!hope they do something different this time.
I Can't wait to see the pictures. I'm sure they'll be wonderful :lol:
I also prefer a family photo.

To have lots of reporters around her calling for her attention would scare the little one and would somehow remove spontaneaousty from her.

mtbcm said:
I also prefer a family photo.

To have lots of reporters around her calling for her attention would scare the little one and would somehow remove spontaneaousty from her.

Agree. They would start shouting "Leonor, say >Aqua!!! Aqua!!!!!!!<" and want to see her walking on her own legs. We had the photosession in Lanzarote and in Mallorca, now it will be sth different and that's great.:):rolleyes:
Mine too. She looks like a beautiful doll. I can't wait to see pictures of her walking. This family makes me proud t be Spanish.
On Monday we will see the photos there will be necessary to wait and to see what they have done.:lol:
Maybe they show her... any photosession out/in of home, with family or smth? Or her first steps?

The first year of Dona Leonor, in Antena 3

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the first-born one of the Princes of Asturias, Antena 3 emits today (23.45 hours) the special one. It is a question of a wide article in which there are gathered the best moments of the life of the Infanta, who celebrates her first birthday on October 31, as well as the debate on the possible constitutional reform in order that Dona Leonor could reign.
LaChicaMadrilena said:
Hey lula, but why on Monday, not Tuesday?

As has said the journalist who has commented on it, they will give them on Monday in order that the newspapers could publish them on Tuesday, day of the birthday.

I hope that it is true and give them on Monday. Wednesday is festive in Spain, and there are autonomic elections in Catalonia. So it is better than them give on Monday and Tuesday let's be able enjoy them, because if they give them on Tuesday, Wednesday we are not going to enjoy them.
lula said:
As has said the journalist who has commented on it, they will give them on Monday in order that the newspapers could publish them on Tuesday, day of the birthday.

I hope that it is true and give them on Monday. Wednesday is festive in Spain, and there are autonomic elections in Catalonia. So it is better than them give on Monday and Tuesday let's be able enjoy them, because if they give them on Tuesday, Wednesday we are not going to enjoy them.
Oh I see, thanks for explaination, that makes sence. Anyway, the earlier have we pics of the cutie pie, the better!!!:lol::ROFLMAO::lol:
captures from "Leonor cumple un año" (Antena3 tv)

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