Infanta Elena of Spain & Don Jaime de Marichalar 1995

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Nov 8, 2002
it would be great to see some pictures from the wedding
Elena & Jaime

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This was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. So regal and elegant. Elena just shinned. She was such a wonderful bride. Stunning. I don't know of any bride who can really surpass her for a recent wedding or future...

The only brides that hold a candle the the Duchess of Lugo are:

Infanta Cristina
Princess Maxima
Princess Mathildhe
Princess Sofia
and a few others.

I have yet to see (I dont think so) wether or not Mary (maybe) or Litizia :( will make it up there on my list..... LOL!

Chanel - Sevilla, Spain. 18 March 1995. Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar. Siblings of Jaime: Alvaro, Amalio, Ignacio and Luis de Marichalar. Erste Reihe: Ana de Marichalar, Prince Felipe, Kingg Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.


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here are from corbis


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From Corbis


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and what about these


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More photos, from Cover:


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Thanks for the pics Elsa! I wonder why Elena didn't wear a mantilla like Cristina and Letizia did.
A mantilla? I thought a mantilla was the type of hat like Queen Sophia wore at her son's wedding, and recently at the Pope's funeral?:confused:

(No offence, marezdote!)
ladybelline said:
A mantilla? I thought a mantilla was the type of hat like Queen Sophia wore at her son's wedding, and recently at the Pope's funeral?:confused:
I guess you are referring to the peineta. At the Pope's funeral, Queen Sofia wore a mantilla (i.e. a little mantle) with a peineta (that high thing that is on top of the head).

Elena used a more conventional veil (covering the face of the bride), while Cristina chose to be a bit more "modern", letting her face visible. I also remember that Jaime Penafiel (yeah, this guy is tiring...) criticised Cristina's gown, for showing her shoulders... But I particularly liked much more Cristina's gown and mantilla ;)
Fashionable Ladies

Hola has proposed some elegant women that represent famous designers to vote in the most elegant Lady at Infanta Elena’s wedding.

The Jury

At the party held the day before in Villamanrique

The style of Infantas and Queen Sofia

Infanta Doña Cristina outfit was designed by Lorenzo Caprile, Infanta Doña Elena chooses the same designer of her wedding gown – Petro Valverde and the Queen was dressed by Valentino.

1 2 3 4 5
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Here are the votes and below the pictures of winners.

At the Wedding Ceremony

1 2 3 4
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6 7 8 9 10

(Pictures scanned from Hola magazine and posted through and Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting)
(I will return later:eek: to post some more pictures from this wedding)
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The day before the wedding

The day before the wedding there was at “Real Maestranza de Sevilla” an Equestrian Show under the title “How does Spanish Horses Dance”, in homage to Elena’s biggest love to this art. Everyone, King included, paid to assist the show and the money was given to two charity institutions “Las Hermanitas de los Pobres” and “Las Hermanitas de la Cruz”.

Party at Villamanrique Palace which is propriety of Dona Esperanza de Borbón and her husband Don Pedro de Orleáns who received and greeted the Kings.

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(I am not such a big fan of Elena’s outfit in the party, but seeing her in this picture without the jacket makes me like a little bit more than with the jacket)

1. Brothers of the groom
2. Queen Noor of Jordan and Princess Ghida Al Talal

Dukes of Wurtemberg with their sons: from right – Matilde de Wurtemberg with husband Erich Zu Waldburg-Zeil, Princess Diana of France and husband Duke Carl Wurtemberg, Fleur de Wurtengerg and Eberhard de Wurtenberg.
Princess Benedict of Denmark and husband
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Queen Sofia arriving with Prince Felipe.

Here comes the Bride.

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Dom Jaime de Marichalar arriving with his mother, Countess of Ripalda.

Countess of Barcelona arriving. The Countess has fulfilled in this day her biggest dream. To see a granddaughter marrying in her favorite town and walking thorough the streets in an horse carriage.

Infant Don Carlos and wife Princess Anne of France. Behind, Infanta Dona Margarita and husband Dr. Carlos Zurita. Infanta Dona Pilar with her son, Bruno. Infanta Dona Cristina and cousin, Juan Gómez Acebo.

Infanta Dona Pilar with her son, Bruno; Infanta Dona Margarita and husband Dr. Carlos Zurita

Queen entering the temple by arm of Prince Felipe
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The King is greeted by Monseñor Carlos Amigo Vallejo, Archbishop of Seville

During ceremony

Behind Countess of Ripalda the witnesses: Princess Alexia, Viscount de la Torre, Alfonso Zurita, Siméon of Habsbourg, Amalio and Ana de Marichalar. In red, Maria Jurita, daughter of Infanta Margarita who helped the bride with the dress in her way to the church.

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1. Las arras / Coins exchanged during Spanish weddings symbolizing the wealth they will share during their marriage.
2. The Rings
3. Removing the veil (Elena said, at this moment, to Jaime “So good! Now I can breath!”)

1. Bride’s communion
2. Giving the peace

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Infanta Doña Cristina de Borbón (Dom Juan Carlos' aunt), Dukes of Soria and Doña Pilar de Borbón Duchess of Barcelona. Before them the Countess of Barcelona.

Here are some pictures taken during the ceremony. Rosario Nadal, Princess of Preslav felt sick and his comforted by her husband with all the discretion.

Saluting the couple

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1 & 2 - Here we see the Countess of Ripalda curtsying Infanta Dona Elena who rises her to kiss her in the chick.
3 & 4 - Infanta Cristina

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Infanta Doña Elena offered her wedding bouquet in Salvador Church were a small ceremony took place. Infanta Elena became very emotional with a singing “Salve Rociera” and start crying.

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Leaving the Sevilla Cathedral

1. Countess of Ripalda by the arm of Prince Felipe
2. Infanta Cristina and Viscount de la Torre
3. Princess Irene with Prince Nicolás

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