Infanta Cristina of Spain's Visit to Jordan: June 1, 2007

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thank you fanletizia!!!!

Cristina is beautiful
thanx for the updating, princess Alia looks good as usual .
crisiñaki said:

I really like how involved Crisitina is with the international cooperation and how close she and her family are to the Jordanian Royal Family, keeping the legacy her father and King Hussein built:flowers:

I'm not sure what it is, but she looks exceptionally beautiful in this pic. Thanks for the pics guys.:flowers:
Thanks fr the photos! I love Cristina's necklace!
Nice Pictures. I also like the necklace.... Princess Ali looks great. It looks like she lost weight....
Thanks for the great pics of Cristina's visit to Jordan, she looked great in white and I also loved her
jewellery :) She's definetely one of the best representatives for her country..:flowers:
fanletizia said:
Jordanian-Spanish Cultural Week concluded in Amman

Daily News

Thank´s all for pictures and info. It´s nice see Alia and Cristina together.:flowers:
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