Infanta Cristina, Iñaki & Family, News & Events, Part 15 (March 2011 - Sep. 2017)

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She is a total package, in my opinion. I wouldn't say she has a classic beauty, or that she has a particular feature that stands out. It is the sum of all her parts. She has a look of joy (which her sister does not abundantly possess) and that sense of authenticity (a trait her sister-in-law does not have in my humble opinion) that make her so vibrant and fascinating. She is very regal but also seems down-to-earth and practical.
I have read that the Urdangarin family is in Victoria with Iñaki´s parents.
I hope we can see the Infnata and her family this summer.

Infanta Cristina with D. Jorge Dezcallar, Ambassador of Spain to the United States and Earl A. Powell
III, Director of the National Gallery of Art at the opening of 'The Invention Of Glory: Afonso V And The
Pastrana Tapestries' exhibition at the National Gallery of Art on September 13, 2011 in Washington, DC.

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Great to see them. Christina is looking really good lately and it's nice to see them both attending events in Washington just like they would in Spain.
Great pics. Thanks! Great to see them with Justice Sotomayor and the Obamas.
She is so effortlessly elegant and regal, a rather underrated Royal beauty.
Christina has gotten better with age. And it seems her hair and makeup are better since she's been living in DC, she must have found a good salon.
Cristina looks good. I guess she will stay at least until National Day, Oct 12th.
Cristina looks good. I guess she will stay at least until National Day, Oct 12th.

Hope so,she spent her wedding anniversary in Spain,I wonder if Don Inaki will travel to Spain this weekend?
Its been a rather busy week for the Infanta,I wonder if she misses her royal duties since moving to the USA.
I admire the stamina of the Infanta, for she is always ready to do her royal duties, besides being a mother of four children and also be constantly back and forth in airplanes, and mind you it´s not exactly a short trip between Washington and Spain.
Let's not exaggerate. :ermm:

Up to this week the Infanta only had had 15 official acts this year... Every year she has more acts in October because she travels for the National Day, and this year she travelled before to be present at the wedding of the son of her chief in La Caixa. Really in Washington she does not have work, so if she travels once every several months to Spain the normal thing is that she has official activity and work for La Caixa.
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