Infanta Cristina and Family, Current Events Part 10: July - November 2007

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Nov 21, 2005
Welcome to the new thread for the
Current Events of Infanta Cristina and Family

Part XI can be found here.

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Have fun! :flowers:
thanks lula, I hope to see photos of Cristina in the party.
Great pictures! They get together with Alexia's family fairly often, don't they?
Yes, they hang together a lot
Alexia is Pablo's godmother, Cristina is Arrieta's godmother I think
Their kids have grown up together as well
I might be crazy. But I swear I saw Iñaki this morning, arriving in Buenos Aires International Airport (Ezeiza), around 9 am. I was waiting for my boyfriend and there was a flight coming from Barcelona-Madrid from which many passengers were coming out. Is this possible?

I am not a follower of this family, thus I am not up-to-date with his activities. And I see he was at Sofia's christening yesterday...but I SWEAR it was HIM! (and Lord he's good looking!) :wub:
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some pics:
(Face to Face)

Thanks a lot for posting these lovely pics, dear Cris! :flowers:
Irene in daddy's backpack is too cute and it looks like she called her mommy, the thing she
holds in her hands in pic four looks like a mobile phone :)
Thanks for the pics crisiñaki. The kids look great, especially Pablo.
Thanks sis, the children urdangarin are sooo very very beautifuls.
Fantastic pics Paty! When were they taken?
Are those Alexia's kids with them? I can't tell. Or are they just normal people who happen to be at the beach, or other friends?
Are those Alexia's kids with them? I can't tell. Or are they just normal people who happen to be at the beach, or other friends?

They look like Alexia's kids to me. I think in the third picture, Carlos is the little boy with his face blurred out, Ana Maria is the little girl with her face blurred out, and Arrietta is the girl next to Ana Maria.:flowers:
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Fantastic pics Paty! When were they taken?

Thanks a lot for the additional pics, Paty!! The kids are too cute and Irene
looked like an angel again.
Ladejesus, they were taken on 14 July on the island Lanzerote, Crisinaki had
already posted some agency pics from that day :)
Thanks Iceflower. I realized later that I recognized Irene's dress from that day.
:)Yes rchainho, but I would rather say handsomer and handsomer...
Dubrovnik, Croatia/August 07

Here are some pics of Infanta Cristina & Inaki walking down the Stradun in Dubrovnik, Croatia..:flowers: They went almost un-noticed in crowd of tourists in Dubrovnik, untill some Spanish tourist(s) spotted them and started yelling their names. Infanta Cristina smiled on that and waved them back.:)


Infanta smiling and waving

Fashionable in white


The camera man Inaki

In this photo you can see Infanta Elena and Cristina de Borbon Dos Sicilias

Sorry for my ignorance, lula! I was focused on Infanta Cristina and Inaki (as most of Croatian reporters) and didn't noticed Infanta Elena. Hope they had great beautiful town they've visited.:)
those pics are near Pile Square and under the fortess. i was there too. :)
Thanks a lot for the pics and info Ianna, that sounds such a pretty place to go on holidays:flowers:
Thanks for the great pics, Ianna :flowers: It's so nice to see them as normal tourists in that
wonderful and very special town. But I have to say they looked much better than many other
tourists do who are sightseeing ;) I hope they had many more unnoticed moments :)
Dukes of Palma de Mallorca, Princess Cristina and her husband Mr. Urdangarin took their children to their fist school day in Barcelona.

PPE Agency Barcelona
Thanks lula for the link! I have always found awesome the fact that they could go to a royal gathering in a weekend and the next day they can be taking their kids to school, the ability to do a lot of things and all of them right:flowers:

The pics are in here: 5/school1.jpg 5/school2.jpg 5/school3.jpg 5/07090403.jpg


This pic is very, very funny. The three urdangarin boys for one girl! Who is most seductor of this team ? May be Juan is using not very fair means to obtain some sucess. The "ainesse" position looks be good for him....

It's absolutly astonishing to see this three boys so diffrent the ones for the others but all very handsome.
One thing is cactching my eye, Pablo Nicolas who was the most taller at the birth - very far away of the others- is now quiet the smaller, Miguel the last one is quiet taller that Pablo Nicolas! The mysteres of the nature!:angel:
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