HSH Prince Albert Current Events 2 : May 2004 - Nov.2004

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Supposedly new portraits of Albert taken in 2003???



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He'll make some lady very lucky someday.
now be nice,
yes he is not the cutiest, or the most built or seems able to stay in a long term relationship but he has a title and to most people that makes him a hottie-yummie
I would say "AMEN" if the words of Araciela will come true.
Araciela, is it anybody' prediction or what?
I do believe that Albert deserves the woman who should be if not brighter, but much deeper and sophisticated than majority of all present down-to-earth princesses. Albert is a very uncommon person and his choice should be equal. I say about a personality. And also I guess that he is not the same person he appears in the social life - I see that inside he is a pretty shy, dreamy, reticent, receptive and sensitive person. It's really difficult, almost impossible, to find a woman who could complete such rich personality and loved him just because "he is" :) ...Amen...
Do you think Albert has a girlfriend and is keeping the relationship quiet. He might be extra cautious if he's found 'the one.'

I bring this up b/c news about him and dating has been very light lately. What do you think?
ennyllorac said:
I think he is gay and that is why he hasn't gotten married. I hope no one is offended by this comment because I don't mean to offend.
No one one knows if Alberta is gay or not and that his business really. Just because he hasn't married doesn't mean he is gay. There a number of heterosexual men who just can't seem to settle down. Personally, I think if Albert were gay he probably would have married by now to try and stop gay rumours. It's certainly an old trick that sadly is still popular today. Many hollywood stars who are "in the closet", for example, marry in order to keep rumours of their sexual orientation at bay. Gay royals have always married for two reasons: one, to produce heirs and two, to keep the rumours away.

This doesn't really prove that Albert is gay or straight as there is no real way to know. I think it's almost certain Albert will never marry and his sister or her children will take over the throne when he dies. Even if Alberta does marry, he's going to need to find a women that at least in her early 30s since having a child after 35 is much harder on both the woman and the child.
I think what you are saying is true. Although some of his behavior is suspect to being homosexual, Albert is the only one who truly knows. Being royal does not put in a good position to find someone who is not after his money or position. He probably wants someone who will not overshadow him in the press, knows when to keep quiet but who can be a good speaker and has a good kind heart.

You usually don't find that in a model or in someone who is already in the spotlight, not that it is impossible but they are used to the spotlight and can grab it from him. He may never have an heir but only time will tell.
Such is Life... We dream to find those people who will never cross our road...
A lot of people miss the right place and the right time and all these wonderlul and long-awaited meetings do not happen and they either are forced to do the wrong choice or prefer undertake nothing and remain alone, than to be with a wrong person.
I guess, the men of such special mould as Albert should look for Love of their Life as much as possible farther and under the incognito mask so that to be appreciated at their true value, but not for all those "additions", which sooner impede then help.
As to me, I don't know whether he has somebody now or not and any supossitions would be ridiculous and looked as an iddle talk. Nobody knows about his dreams, secret thoughts and intentions better than himself. And what we all see&read in mass media absolutely does not mean that we know real Albert ;)
There are new photos of Albert on Brainpix..he and father were on football mach..
Pic from Liverpool

The photo is taken this evening..
Prince Albert of Monaco watches Monaco play against Liverpool in their Champions League Group A at Anfield, Liverpool.

Source; Corbis


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Surfing in the Internet I suddenly found this site:http://www.heraldica.org/topics/national/monaco.htm and was surprised to read some interesting words there. It seems the history is always repeated and all Alberts of this family are doomed to be unmarried...The same names...the similar situations...

" The Succession Crisis
One of the motivations for the treaty was an impending succession crisis.

In 1918 the reigning prince was Albert I, only child of Charles III. Albert's only child Louis (1870-1949) remained unmarried, and the next of kin was Albert's first cousin Wilhelm duke of Urach (1864-1928), a German national (although born and raised in Monaco), son of Albert's aunt Florestine. It seemed possible that Monaco would pass into German hands, and France could not accept that. Already, steps had been taken in Monaco. Louis, while serving in the French army in Algeria, befriended the laundress of his regiment, who later asked him to look after her daughter in Paris, Marie Juliette Louvet. He looked so closely after her that he sired a daughter, Charlotte-Louise-Juliette (30 Sep 1898-15 Nov 1977), and had recognized her as his child in 1900 in Constantine. An ordinance of May 15, 1911 acknowledged and approved her recognition as child of Louis, and admitted her in the sovereign family, but in violation of the statutes of 1882; the ordinance was invalid, as the National Council pointed out to the prince in 1918. As a consequence, an ordinance of October 30, 1918 modified the Statutes to allow the Prince or, with the Prince's consent, the Hereditary Prince, in the absence of legitimate issue of his own, to adopt a child in or outside of the family. The adopted child fully inherits all the rights, titles and prerogatives of the Prince who adopted him or her, including succession rights to the crown. Should the prince have legitimate issue after the adoption, the adopted child takes rank after the legitimate issue. Another ordinance of October 31 stated the conditions for an adoption, including that the child be 18 years of age; and that adoption took effect immediately.

Subsequently Charlotte, was adopted by Louis in Paris, at the Monegasque embassy, on May 16, 1919, in the presence of the French president and foreign affairs minister, Albert, Louis, the president of the Monegasque national council and the mayor of Monaco. There is a shadow of a doubt on the legality of the adoption. The Monegasque civil code (arts. 240 and 243) require that the adopting party be at least 50 and the adoptee 21. The 1918 ordinance changed the age limit to 18 (Charlotte was 20 at the time of adoption) but not the other age limit, and Louis was 48 at the time.

Charlotte was titled duchesse de Valentinois by Albert I on May 20, 1919 and heir apparent on August 1, 1922 after Louis II's accession on June 22. On March 19, 1920 she married the comte Pierre de Polignac (1895-1964, divorced 1933), a member of a junior branch of the Polignac family. An ordinance of February 29 had given him Monegasque nationality, and an ordinance of March 18 had changed his name and arms to those of Grimaldi; on March 20, he was allowed to take the title of duc de Valentinois. Charlotte and Pierre Grimaldi had a daughter Antoinette, baronne de Massy (b. 28 Dec 1920) and a son Rainier (b. 31 May 1923). By a declaration of May 30, 1944 in Paris, Charlotte ceded her rights to Rainier (with a reservation if he should predecease), and Rainier accepted in Paris on June 1. An ordinance of June 2 1944 acknowledged and confirmed the Prince's assent to those declarations, and Rainier was made Hereditary Prince. When to the Journal de Monaco published the ordinance on 22 June 1944, it added: "His Excellency the comte de Maleville, minister of Monaco in France, has been asked to inform the French government of this event, pursuant to the clauses of the treaty of 17 July 1918."

Louis II died on May 9, 1949. In the absence of any male heir to the Goyon-Matignon family, the titles of Valentinois and Estouteville became extinct in French law. The principality of Monaco passed to Rainier III. Before Rainier married Grace Kelly in April 1956, he notified the French government of his plans; the French ministry of Foreign affairs replied with a message of congratulations, thus establishing the requisite "prior understanding". (Cited in Gallois 1964, 107)."
A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

Hi Jenn;

I don't have tons of info for you, but I hope what I do have helps.

A great site about the Princely Family of Monaco is: http://www.geocities.com/henrivanoene/royalmonaco.html
Henri has compiled an excellent genealogy section and has also a listing of other relevant sites that might offer you more in the way of pics, data, etc.

You can find pictures - both current and those of a historical nature by searching for 'prince albert of monaco' at: http://pro.corbis.com
They have wonderful pics of Princess Grace there as well.

There is a limited number of pictures available at: www.seegerpress-online.de

For information about the Principality (Gov't, culture, economy) you can visit the official site at: http://www.monaco.gouv.mc/PortGb

Further pics of the Principality: http://www.bildungsservice.at/faecher/geo/Staaten und Landschaften/Monaco/photogalerie monaco 01.htm (Wonderful stuff - the photographer is very talented).

More historical data can be found at: http://www.monaco.mc/monaco/700ans/

Hope this helps you out. Good luck with that paper! :)

Bunky :)
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Polfoto 02-10-2004 French chef Alain Ducasse, right, shows his "International Star Diamond Award " with SAS Prince Albert of Monaco during the International Star Diamond Award ceremony in Monaco, Saturday, Oct. 2, 2004. Ducasse received the award for his restaurant the "Louis XV" in Monaco. The academy, based in New York, is renowned worldwide for awarding excellence in the global travel and luxury services sector.The Star Diamond Awards are bestowed upon outstanding personalities, quality hotels, resort, airlines, cruise lines, restaurants and chefs. (AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau)


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STRASBOURG, FRANCE: Prince Albert of Monaco speaks to the Council of Europe after becoming a new member in Strasbourg, 05 October 2004. The principality formally joined Tuesday after 6 yeras of negoitiations and a series of reforms to bring the principality into conformity with European democratic norms.


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Did you guys know that Albert was in a film? He played James in the movie- One Man's Hero

I think it was a war movie
Australian said:
Did you guys know that Albert was in a film? He played James in the movie- One Man's Hero

I think it was a war movie
Yes, he appeared in that film a few years ago. Well done! The person who is active, curious and has zest for Life deserves only unreserved admiration. Albert has a lot of possibilities to try all interesting things which this Life can offer today. I think this is sonner merit, than demerit.


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He is in New York City for a few days to attend the Princess Grace Awards. In a few days, he'll be at the Monaco World Summit or something like that. Usually pretty busy these days.
Photos From NY Gala

Look at photos with Sharon Stone! Aren't they a sweet couple?
She is absolutely stunning..

..from East News..


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I'd hate to sound insensitive, and if I offend anyone, it wasn't my intention, but since Prince Rainier is in pretty frail health and the possibility of him being incapacitated is rising, what exactly would happen with Albert? I know he's the heir, but should he become the head Prince of Monaco, who would be Albert's heir?
Princess Caroline and her children are his heirs until such time as he has a child or legally adopts one.
Polfoto 29-10-2004 Aruba Gov. Fredys Refunjol, left, escorts Monaco's Prince Albert arrives at the international airport in Oranjested, Aruba Friday Oct. 29, 2004.

(does anyone know what Albie is doing in Aruba?)


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Few more from the Princess Grace Awards..

Prince Albert of Monaco poses with host and actress Sharon Stone, Wednesday night, Oct. 27, 2004, during the Princess Grace Awards at Cipriani's 42nd Street in New York. The awards, created in memory of Princess Grace of Monaco, are awarded by the Princess Grace Foundation to performing artists to help them continue their careers in the arts. (AP Photo/Princess Grace Awards,Andrew H. Walker)


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LadyMacAlpine said:
Princess Caroline and her children are his heirs until such time as he has a child or legally adopts one.
I thought Albert would rule after his father's death or abdication. If Albert does not produce an heir and he dies then the throne would go to Caroline or one of her children.
I think the reason why Raineer is still on the throne is he is trying to make Albert pick one of the women he is with all the time. He wants there to be a princess, a woman by his side.
Whoever he does pick though would have to be no older than 37ish because that is when a lot of women lose their ability to conceive but that is just my opinion and my reasoning I guess.
I'm sorry I looked back to see what I posted. Prince Albert is his fathers heir as the first born male, then if he doesn't have a legitimate heir meaning within the boundaries of marriage performed within the Catholic Church or blessed by the church if the marriage occurred outside of it in another church or through civil authorities his sister Caroline is next in line after Albert and will remain so and passing to her offspring. The throne passes to a male heir before female. There are exceptions to that rule. The Crown Princess I am thinking of her name has escaped me at the moment. She is the one at the top of the page to William's left. I hope that came out right.
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