HGD Guillaume, HGD Stéphanie and Family, General News, Part 1: June 2020 -

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A lovely new photo to mark the 3rd birthday of the little Prince :flowers:
The last one where Charles is dressed in the black rompers next to the statue is adorable!
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:previous: He must have had some sort of accident recently. He is too young to be losing his baby teeth, right?
A new cute family photo has been released today:

** Pic **
We can look forward to some wonderful new family photos again, HGD Guillaume, HGD Stéphanie and the boys have posed for French magazine Point de Vue, out this week.

Click through the preview gallery of the issue, I'm sure we'll see all in bigger size soon:

** instagram gallery **
How adorable they are! I love this family and the baby boys are so cute!
The newest photos of Guillaume, Stéphanie and the boys have already been posted here. Reposts have been removed.
The one with Francois is beautiful!
I don’t like the middle one simply because it looks like she hasn’t put trousers on! The colour of the trousers plus the cut of the photo is not ideal.
The tour of accommodation structures for the elderly continued at CIPA Blannenheem located in Rollingen – Mersch. The Hereditary Couple and Prince François, accompanied by Minister Max Hahn, were warmly welcomed by residents and multidisciplinary staff.

Today's visitors thus participated in an intergenerational activity between the residents and the children of the “Naturcrèche Bieschbech”, an approach as empathetic as it was enriching, much appreciated by the Hereditary Couple and reflecting their wishes with the tour of visits which began in April 2021.

The staff also presented the specificity of their structure: the care of blind and visually impaired people through adapted support and structure.

Lovely new photos have been released today to mark Prince François' first birthday tomorrow, March 27:

** monarchie: Le Prince François fête son premier anniversaire ! **

I can't believe he's one already, I'm still getting used to the fact that Charles is no longer a baby!

What a remarkably beautiful, sweet family these four are. God bless them.
Two cute little boys. And Francois is actually practicing waving.
Cute little Charles turns 4 today, May 10!

** monarchie: Le Prince Charles fête quatre ans ! **

I can't believe Charles is four now! I really hope the Cour Grand Ducal will release some new photos...the ones on the IG are from François first birthday. I have become spoiled!😊
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