Hello from the dark side.

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I think republics derisive dismissal of this forum betrays his refusal to engage monarchism on an intellectual level. Let me give you a few reasons why monarchism is inherently better than republicanism.

1) the monarch is representative of the common man in a way that no politician ever can be. The politician needs to be elected, and it's always the same kind of person (usually educated, white, male, straight, extremely competitive and driven, etc). The monarch is unique in being selected by the randomness of birth, and thus can be ANY type of person, not just the narrow percentage of people who become politicians.

2) the monarch is trained for the job since birth and this highly qualified./prepared.

3) the monarch doesn't have to sell his vote to lobbyists in order to be elected or compromise his values.

I can go on, but for a more in depth analysis of this check out royaltymonarchy.com It's a great site!!

Regardless of this, I hope you learn to deal with people who disagree with you better and more politely.

You're probably a troll, but I chose to respond because I think this is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and hopefully grow as intellectuals and political theorists!

Good luck to you, and I hope you allow yourself to consider the other side of an argument!
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