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Lady Kelly

Mar 1, 2015
United States
I just joined the forums and wanted to say hello as I begin exploring! I've been interested in the history of the British royals since I was a kid. I loved reading about the Tudors and the Plantagenets. My interest in the modern royals emerged while Prince William and Catherine were dating, and it's only intensified since.

I've been enjoying learning more about the other royal houses in the last couple of years, as well. I just discovered that Willem Alexander and Maxima are scheduled to visit Canada at the end of May, and I'm wondering if a road trip may be in order...
It's great that you joined TRF! I hope that you will find much interesting information and discussions here. And in case you'll really make the trip to see the Dutch King and Queen in Canada... we'd love to know about your experience! Don't hesitate to tell us about it:flowers:.
Hello and welcome to TRF, Lady Kelly! :flowers:

I hope you enjoy the boards and let us know if you get a chance to go on that road trip.
Welcome to the Royal Forums, Lady Kelly! Enjoy your time exploring - there is so much to see and find out!
Hello and welcome Lady Kelly :flowers:

I'm sure you'll enjoy.
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