Haakon and Mette-Marit Current Events Part 2: January 2013 - December 2015

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Yesterday, CP Haakon and CP Mette-Marit attended the premiere of their close friend's Bård Tufte Johansen stand-up show "Man (44) talking about... ", February 5, 2014.
video of their arrival Her sniker kronprinsparet seg inn på stand up-show* - TV2.no
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Other article about the friendship between Bård Tufte Johansen and the CP-couple, with an older picture about them at the birthsdayfestivities of Ari Behn:
kronprinsesse mette-marit: Han kom med bikkje - hun tok bakveien - Se og hør
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On Friday, March 28, CP Haakon and CP Mette-Marit were at Uroens Book Shop in Oslo. The Shop is quite unique, it has only one title for sale ("Uroens book" written by the late Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa).
CP Mette-Marit stood in the back of the queue. The Crown Prince stood outside with bodyguards and talked to people. When CP Mette-Marit wanted to pay the card machine ran out of paper so CP Haakon had to help out with cash :lol:

article with picture Åpnet bokhandel med kun én bok - NRK – Østlandssendingen
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another picture https://twitter.com/PetMej/status/449687691203211264/photo/1/large
Yes, it is a very important event, and also I find it super, what they make. I don't remember to see often royals to make such works... This CP-couple hasn't got fear to make their hands dirty... I think they are a very good role model for the youth (and for all people of course).
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