Haakon and Mette-Marit and HIV/AIDS

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Ten community-based organizations receive prestigious Red Ribbon Award for innovative response to AIDS

...Crown Princess Mette-Marit presented the award to the winners and said, “I am proud to give the awards to these outstanding organizations, whose actions in the communities they serve truly make a difference to people affected by HIV. The community response to HIV is at the heart of the AIDS response.”...
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July 26, 2012 Program

What: Meeting with the DC Center
Role: Engaging in dialogue with people having lived with HIV for decades

What: Where is the data? Youth funding (Caitlin Chandler) (Press opportunity)
Role: VIP Guest

What: Working Luncheon – Youth in the AIDS response – where next?
Role: Facilitating dialogue between different groups of young leaders
Purpose: Building continuity and bridging gaps in times of transition (from Oslo meeting to new strategy)

What: Interview with JAMES CHAU CCTV studios

What: Roundtable discussion on moving young positive leadership forward in UNAIDS youth strategy
Organized by: Y+
Location: Young positive lounge
Purpose: To gather strategic intelligence on behalf of UNAIDS on how to best accelerate the leadership of young people living with HIV (within UNAIDS’ New Generation Leadership strategy,) to inform the operational plan.
Format: Roundtable with HRH Crown Princess and selected leaders among the young positive community. A set of focused discussion questions asked by HRH to the young positive leaders will be developed. Guide the discussion.
Expected output: A summary report with key issues discussed, including action points, and a list of participants with contact details to ensure follow up.
Role: Active role – “interviewing young people” – gathering strategic input, facts and emotions

What: Launch of the Robert Carr Fund
Funding mechanism for community networks and community response where UNAIDS has been a facilitator
Role: VIP Guest
I have no idea but i don't think it is. It'a a CNN link.
I dont want to sound sarcastic but I think MM has only flying issues when it suits her.

If she was working a lot in Norway, I wouldnt mind. But MM basically jets out either to these high profile events (or when she is "finding herself" or going on holiday) that have become more and more celebrity-ish (its a good cause AND with to-be-seen guarantee), walking around with her expensive bag and shoes, doing her speech (yes, this is what all of them do), but I dont see her putting in any hard work elsewhere.

If there is one CP who I find really disappointing its MM.
I fully agree with you. I too noticed the case of a selective flight phobia.
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