Guess the name and sex of the new baby...

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Will Ingrid Alexandra and Marius get a sister or a brother?

  • A sister

    Votes: 53 30.6%
  • A brother

    Votes: 120 69.4%

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I really hope it would be a boy, since we have so many little princesses in the recent years. But for me it's hard to choose a name since I am not used to norwegian royal names, but I like Mathias and Sverre. And Olav would be a nice choose too.
I vote for girl, but I'm not sure.
Last time I was sure that Letizia gave birth to babygirl and Mary babyboy.
I was very sure that Ingrid Alexandra would be a girl - after the birth of King Olav, every firstborn in the Norwegian royal family has been a girl, but I'm not sure about this one.
I still say a boy, but totally unsure of the name!:D
I'm hoping it will be a boy.

But I think it is going to be a girl. Popular mythology has it that pregnant women with a wide-ish 'bump' will give birth to girls. Mette Marit's fits that description.....But then again, based on that kind of mythology, everyone expected Letizia to get a boy! And we all know what happened there! :)

As for names..I love some of the ones you all put out there, like Magnus, Ida etc.
Like the name Thalia too.
Or, how about Olga? ;)
OK, maybe that's too Russian-sounding...
It seems, I´ve voted for a girl...I wonder why :confused: Now I would rather go for a boy.
For some reason I feel like it is a boy. And I agree on Magnus and Olaf for great names although Thor or Odin would be great too ;) There are some great norwegian old male names, so there would be lots of choices!
I think it will be a girl but.. I hope for a little Prins av Norge!:rolleyes:
I want to see a little Princess and call her Sonja-Astrid. I think that would be lovely.
Carl Folke Magnus Edvard Bertil Olav Frederik Victor Harald Haakon
if its a girl
Maud Elizabeth Alexandra Louise
If you haven't voted yet--- it seems you still have.... more time *sighs*
lol I Thought the kid would be here by now I Said by Monday where I Live its already 2:30 pm itll be a shy baby Ill bet hehe
Royal Fan said:
lol I Thought the kid would be here by now I Said by Monday where I Live its already 2:30 pm itll be a shy baby Ill bet hehe
The baby still has 2 1/2 hours in making your time limit. ;) It'll come when it comes, I suppose. I'm just getting so impatient. I expect I was spoiled by the quick delivery of Mary, Letizia, and Märtha Louise this year.

But it was rather quick the last time Mette-Marit gave birth, so I keep expecting to blink for a second and miss the babywatch ;)
I hope, as always, for a little girl. Perhaps she will be called Ingeborg, which was the name of Harald's Swedish grandmother. It is, or was, a very old name in Scandinavia. Not, that I like the name, but I am sure, no one of the Norway royals will ask my opinion conserning that matter.
Okay. Here goes. I swore I wouldn't do this, but since the baby hasn't been born yet...
It will be a boy and they will call him Harald.
I will also make a bet, I think a boy and they will call him Erik or Eirik, that goes well with Ingrid also I think and there are plenty of the old Norse Kings that was named E(i)rik , amongst others one with the additional name blood-axe:D
Maybe a little Prince Christoffer Magnus/August or perhaps a Princess Charlotte Louise? I voted a girl.. I do think its a girl.. but kinda hope for a boy!:eek:
Someone said Karl August :) thats what I Hope they name the Danish baby:)
or for a girl Fredrika Maud Christine Elizabeth Marie
perhaps Tiffany is to modern lol its my friends name
As Mette-Marit was admitted to the hospital this morning - it's probably your last chance to guess the sex of the child in the next hours.
The 121 people who voted for a brother for Ingrid and Marius were the ones proved right.

And now - what will he be called?
In the Norwegian press, Olav is toted as the most likely name.

Personally I'm kind of wishing for Magnus, or Sverre.
Yes, majority got it right!!!

A name?

Prince Olav? but i guess Haakon & MM would choose something historic yet modern.
I was right in this one (i failled all the others :p ). But congrats to Haakon and Mette-Marit for their baby boy :)

A name, maybe Olav or Edvard (i like this one).
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