Greeting from South america!

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Sep 3, 2008
Viña del Mar
Hello! My name is Catherina (Aka Ekaterina, Katenka or just Katyusha),im 25 yrs old, i live in chile and im glad to find this place! :)

Currently i spend my time recoloring pictures of my favorite royals, in special of Nicholas II ( for obvious reasons..:wub:)

Now, answering the default questions...

1)How did you find TRF? : I was looking for some info about Heinrich (Henry) of prussia and the Von Preussen in general

2)What's your favourite ice cream flavour?: Mint with chocolate syrup and Chips

3)How long have you been interested in royals?: From my childhood, since i saw The Sleeping Beauty

4) What aspects of royalty interests you?: Victorian (and edwardian) Royals, in special the Romanovs, Queen Victoria Legacy , Von Preussen and Danish Royalty

Greetings and i hope to learn a lot with you all!
Welcome to the Forums Catherina! :flowers:
I've created a new picture thread for Nicholas and Alexandra so feel free to add more of your pictures. :)
Welcome aboard Ekaterina.......Wow...quite a project you have there. Good luck!
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