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Denis Poore

Nov 24, 2021
United States
Thank you for an interesting forum.
I have been researching my ancestors reaching the period of 1100ce. By everything I can find, my ancestor ruled England as a Viceroy, Lord Chancellor, and Bishop. Actually it was more than one but quite few ancestors. This was for King Henry and king Stephen, Wierd eh? It sure has been interesting. I guess I likely have dna of William the Conqueror. Coming across new things such as tally sticks and the exchequer system. Roger Le Poer in Caen Fr. is as far back I can go with my searches. Found a few good books such as the Poore Poor family gathering back in 1881. Our baronet in the family wrote back much of the history by Major Ben Perly Poore.
Looks like the bishop owned 3 castles. Roger of Salisbury book is a good one also.
Anywho, if ya got anything interesting feel free to respond.
Denis Poore, pauper non in spe
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Bonjour, Denis Poore! It is marvelous to have an ancestor in such a high position as Viceroy and Lord Chancellor.
It seems I may of had an ancestor in AlanII, Count of Britany. He was a foster child of King Aethelstan. This gets my searches back to yr 960.
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