Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna and other claimants to the Throne 2: Oct '06-Jun '08

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Guestlist for the religious wedding of Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia and Prince Franz-Wilhelm of Prussia which occured in Madrid on 22 Sep 1976.

H.M. Queen Mother Geraldine of Albania
H.M. King Leka of Albania
H.M. Queen Suzani of Albania

H.I.R.H. Archduke Andreas Salvator of Austria, Prince of Tuscany

Princess Elena Bagration-Moukhransky (bride's grandmother)
Prince Irakly Bagration-Moukhransky
Prince Bagrat Bagration-Moukhransky and his fiancee, Doña Maria del Carmen Ulloa y Suelves

H.R.H. Dom Duarte, Duque de Bragança

H.M. Queen Mother Giovanna of Bulgaria
H.M. King Simeon of Bulgaria
H.M. Queen Margarita of Bulgaria

T.R.H. The Duque and Duquesa de Cadiz

H.M. Queen Farida of Egypt

The Duquesa de Franco and the Marquis de Villaverde

H.M. King Umberto of Italy

H.S.H. Fürstin Eilika zu Leiningen

T.S.H. Prince and Princess Aloys-Konstantin zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg

H.R.H. Duke Christian of Oldenburg
H.H. Duke Friedrich-August of Oldenburg

H.I.R.H. Prince Louis-Ferdinand of Prussia
H.R.H. Princess Karl Franz of Prussia (groom's stepmother)
H.R.H. Princess Alexandra of Prussia
H.R.H. Princess Désirée of Prussia

H.I.H. Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich of Russia (bride's father)
H.I.H. Grand Duchess Leonida Georgievna of Russia (bride's mother)

H.M. King Juan Carlos of Spain
H.M. Queen Sofia of Spain
H.R.H. Infanta Maria del Pilar, Duquesa de Badajoz and her husband
H.R.H. Infanta Margarita, Duquesa de Soria y Hernani and her husband

Other guests:
H.E. M. Jean-François Deniau and Mme. Deniau
Helene Kirby
H.E. Prince Nicolas Makaeff
H.E. Don Alberto de Mestas and his wife
The Count and Countess de Roany
H.E. Prince Nicolas Tchkotoua

Source: Point de Vue
Here are some links to articles about Georgiy's father, Franz Wilhelm.

¡Un príncipe en Panamá!
Si decidió ir hoy a la playa, preste mucha atención a su alrededor, podría toparse con un verdadero príncipe. ¡En serio! Es que la monarquía...full article
Source: El Panamá América (13-10-2002)
Príncipe de Prusia anuncia interés de invertir en Panamá
Un grupo de inversionistas de Europa se ha fijado en Panamá y durante los próximos meses visitará el país con el fin de iniciar las...full article
Source: La Prensa (13-10-2002)
Both articles are about FW's business trip to Panama in 2002.
They each contain a picture of the prince.
Statement from the Head of the Russian Imperial House, H.I.H. Grand Duchess Maria Wladimirovna on the Death of Her Serene Highness, Princess Ekaterina Ivanovna (3/15/2007)

International Herald Tribune
Russian press review: March 15, 2007

IMPERIAL AFFAIRS: Exactly 90 years after Nicholas II, Russia's last czar, abdicated the throne, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, the head of the Russian Imperial House, said that the royal family hoped to be useful to Russia and its people, and to help the president remake the country into a strong and stable state. While acknowledging that 90 years of "anti-monarchy" propaganda had taken its toll, she said that, in principle, "a monarchy in the modern world has no less right to existence than a republic." She insisted, however, that the royal family chose not participate in politics on principle; the historic dynasty, she said, "should unite and not divide."

Moscow Patriarchate: Russia may some day become Orthodox monarchy

Moscow, March 28, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church believes contemporary Russian society does not feel any special piety toward the government, but cannot rule out the future emergence of an Orthodox monarchy in Russia...
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Jo of Palatine said:
I wonder what the British Royal family thinks about all this? After all, Grand Duchess Maria is the great-great-granddaughter of queen Victoria, a granddaughter of a British princess, thus they should have an offcial opinion about it. Does the UK accept the claim of Grand Duchess Maria? She after all had married equally.
The GD Maria and her mother have been to tea with the Queen at Buckingham Palace; and QEII recognizes Maria as Head of the Imperial House and the legitimate claimant to the Russian Throne--most reigning Houses do.

The Russian government accords her the Head of House honor as well.
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Grand Duchess Maria continuing saga to rehabilitate the name of Czar Nicholas and his family:

Moscow court delays hearing on tsar family exoneration

MOSCOW, April 20 (RIA Novosti) - A Moscow court postponed until May 11 hearings of an appeal by a descendant of the Romanov family requesting that the murder of the last Russian tsar and his family be declared political repression...
...Both the Prosecutor General's Office and lawyers for Grand Duchess Maria have appealed against a November ruling of the Tverskoy Court, which ordered prosecutors to revise Maria Romanov's request to rehabilitate the tsar and his family, killed in 1918, as victims of political repressions rather than murder victims...
Very interesting! I just happen to visit this subforum just to see what was up and I find myself with this. I previously loved to research everything I could about the last Tsar and Tsarina. About this topic I would like to add that I know very little about this GD but it would be nice to see a tsarina in Russia. However it is very unlikely in my opinion. There are so many factors I would think that might impede this. From what branch does she come from? Her claims are highly valueable but I am doubtful about "suggesting" (if this is the correct word to use) to the court to make her the monarch of Russia. I mean you don't see the exiled king of greece making such a request.
Kelly said:
From what branch does she come from?
Here's one way of showing it:

Alexander II > Alexander III > Nicholas II
Alexander II > Vladimir > Kirill > Vladimir > Maria > Georgi
From what I've read Maria has the most legit claim.
Baliff orders prosecutors to study request to rehabilitate royal family
26 Jun 2007
The bailiff service has ordered the Russian Prosecutor General's Office to study a petition from Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna seeking the rehabilitation of Tsar Nicholas II and his family...
Tsars' descendant to attend Russian Church's unity act
16 May 2007
MOSCOW-Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, regarded by many as head of the Russian imperial family, is arriving in Moscow on Wednesday to attend the signing ceremony of a key unity pact between the Moscow-based Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia...
Does anybody knows how old Dynasty is Bagrationi? and does anybody know who really they are?

And also who was Peter I? There's many stories about it and official historians always hide that stories.

The Bagrationi dynasty is 1400 years old, I meant when they became Kings of Georgia. And from 6th century no other family was ruled Georgian Kingdom, only Bagrationi Dynasty and on 1801 Russia annexed Georgia and abandoned Royal house, Georgian Orthodox Church - was Independence Apostolic Church from 6th century.

Does anybody has answers about it? What Russian Royal house and government did in Georgia?

I'm so sorry but before 20th century The Romanow's only Royal Blood was from Bagrationi Dynasty and if someone interesting it I will tell who was Peter I real father and who are Bagrationi Dynasty.
Dear Branchg,

I have seen your post on first thread:

The Bagrations ruled the Kingdom of Georgia as Princes.

I think this is little wrong because Bagratoni ruled Georgian Kingdom like King of Kings from 11th century and Bagrationi dynasty ruled Georgia from 6th century. From 9th century they became Georgian Kings. After that since 1801 when Russia annexed Georgia, Bagrationi Dynasty ruled Georgian Kingdom as king of Kings not as Princes. :)
Russian Imperial Order

Greetings to the readers of this forum.

The oldest Russian Imperial organisation still thriving today, is the Russian Imperial Union Order.

In Australia we are celebrating 200 years of the Russian presence in this country, as part of the celebrations the HIH Grand Duchess Maria will be in Australia on invitation of his Grace Archbishop Hilarion of Australia and NewZealend and the Russian Imperial Order Australia.

if you would care to look at our web site you can see many updated photos, in the link section you will see links to our international site and the HIH GD Maria web address.

Should any one want a very deep and well presented analysis of the claims l can supply our most recent pdf file updated this year as well.

In the Order we have decendants of the Imperial family, one a direct in line from Alexander l second marriage, whom is a Doctor of history [ Russian Studies]

I am willing to share imformation that is current and interesting. the Australian site is

Russian Imperial Order Austraila

contact me direct

Thankyou for reading my blurb, l look forward to interacting with interested people.
l have a well researched document available at

l have a pdf file that is to big to upload onto the forum, its updated this year and completed by the fore most authorities on the succession question such as

Edited under the supervision of
the Most Reverend Antony, Archbishop of Los Angeles and South California

Monarchy, if it is true monarchy and not a caricature, is inseparable from Legitimacy. Legitimacy, in turn, means
Legality, the faithful observance of both the spirit and the letter of the Law. Law, finally, is above and independent of
human practice. Thus, Monarchical Legitimism must survive historical adversities, and the inalienable rights of a dynasty
must continue to exist irrespective of whether that dynasty actually rules or has been forcibly prevented by historical cir
cumstances from holding power.
The present volume contains the principal legal texts, as well as legal and historical arguments derived from them,
relative to the position of the present Head of the Imperial House of Russia and to the rightful succession. This compila
tion is timely. At present when everything monarchist and traditional is under attack we are not surprised to find that
there are those who dare to question and dispute the principle of legitimate succession and the right of the Head of
Russia's Imperial House. This attack, like all such attacks on the obvious and the absolute, wields primarily the weapon
of quotation out of context. When faced, however, with the full context, i.e. all the texts taken together and in light of the
ascertainable intentions of the lawgivers, this weapon is revealed as totally deficient.
As a corollary to the principal thesis presented in this volume, the reader will find a penetrating and historically
essential discussion of the position of the eldest surviving line of the Royal House of the Bagratids. This dynasty reigned
in the Kingdom of Georgia and Imeretia prior to its incorporation into the Russian Empire at the dawn of the nineteenth
century. Here a telling parallel is drawn between the House of Bagration and that of the Two Sicilies which reigned in an
Italian kingdom prior to its annexation by the House of Savoy. Today both this royal Dynasty of Italy and the Bourbons of
the Two Sicilies hold a similar status, in that they are both formerly reigning houses.
One hopes to see this study translated into other European languages.

Prince Cyril Toumanoff,

Professor of History,
Emeritus Georgetown University
Washington, D.C.
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document deals withall of the Imperial Family, but you will see the full and wider cl


*Numbers correspond to seniority of succession.
*1. His Imperial Majesty the Lord Emperor NIKOLAY ALEKSANDROVICH (NICHOLAS II), Sovereign Lord of All the Russias, born on 6th May 1868.
2. Her Imperial Majesty the Lady Empress MARIYA FEODOROVNA (MARIE), born on 14th November 1847.
3. Her Imperial Majesty the Lady Empress ALEKSANDRA FEODOROVNA (ALEXANDRA), born on 25th May
4. His Imperial Highness the Heir Caesarevich and Grand Duke ALEKSEY NIKOLAYEVICH (ALEXIS), born on 30th
July 1904.
5. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Mikhail Aleksandrovich (Michael), born on 22nd November 1878.
6. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Mariya (Marie) Pavlovna, born on 2nd May 1854. (Translator's
Note: widow of the Grand Duke Vladimir Aleksandrovich.)
7. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Kirill (Kirill) Vladimirovich, born on 30th September 1876.
8. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Viktoriya (Victoria) Feodorovna, born on 12th November 1876.
9. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich, born on 12th November 1877.
10. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Andrey (Andrew) Vladimirovich, born on 2nd May 1879.
11. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Yelisaveta (Elizabeth) Feodorovna, born on 20th October 1864.
(Translator's note: widow of the Grand Duke Sergey Aleksandrovich).
12. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Pavel (Paul) Aleksandrovich, born on 21st Septemberl860.
13. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Dimitriy (Dimitry) Pavlovich, born on 6th September 1861.
14. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duque Nikolay (Nicholas) Konstantinovich, born on 2nd February 1850.
15. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Yelisaveta (Elizabeth) Mavrikiyevna, born on 12th January 1865.
(Translator's Note: widow of the Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich).
16. His Highness Prince Ioann (John) Konstantinovich, born on 23rd June 1886.
17. Her Royal Highness Princess Yelena (Helen) Petrovna, born on 23rd October 1884.
18. His Highness Prince Vsevolod Ioannovich, born on 7th January 1914.
19. His Highness Prince Gavriil (Gabriel) Konstantinovich, born on 3rd July 1887.
20. His Highness Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich, born on 20th December 1890.
21. His Highness Prince Igor Konstantinovich, born on 29th May 1894.
22. His Highness Prince Georgiy (George) Konstantinovich, born on 23rd April 1903.
23. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Dimitriy Konstantinovich, born on 1st June 1860.
24. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Nikolay (Nicholas) Nikolayevich, born on 6th November 1856.
25. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Anastasiya Nikolayevna, born on 23rd December 1867.
26. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Petr (Peter) Nikolayevich, born on 10th January 1864.
27. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Militsa Nikolayevna, born on 13th July 1866.
28. His Highness Prince Roman Petrovich, born on 5th October 1896.
29. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Nikolay (Nicholas) Mikhaylovich, born on 14th April 1859.
30. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Mikhail (Michael) Mikhailovich, born on 4th October 1861.
31. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Georgiy Mikhailovich, born on 11th August 1863.
32. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Mariya Georgiyevna, born on 20th February 1876.
33. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Aleksandr (Alexander) Mikhailovich, born on 1st April 1866.
34. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Kseniya (Xenia) Aleksandrovna, born on 25th March 1865.
35. His Highness Prince Andrey (Andrew) Aleksandrovich, born on 12th January 1897.
36. His Highness Prince Feodor (Theodore) Aleksandrovich, born on 11th December 1898.
37. His Highness Prince Nikita Aleksandrovich, born on 4th January 1900.
38. His Highness Prince Dimitriy (Dimitry) Aleksandrovich, born on 2nd August 1901.
39. His Highness Prince Rostislav Aleksandrovich, born on 11th November 1902.
40. His Highness Prince Vasiliy (Vasily) Aleksandrovich, born on 24th June 1907.
41. His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Sergiy (Serge) Mikhailovich, born on 25th September 1869.
42. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Olga Nikolayevna, born on 3rd November 1895.
43. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolayevna, born on 29th May 1897.
44. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Mariya Nikolayevna, born on 14th June 1899.
45. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Anastasiya Nikolayevna, born on 5th June 1901.
46. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Olga Aleksandrovna, born on 1st June 1882.
47. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Mariya Pavlovna Junior, born on 6th April 1890.
48. Her Highness Princess Mariya Kirillovna, born on 20th January 1907.
49. Her Highness Princess Kira Kirillovna, born on 26th April 1909.
50. Her Highness Princess Vera Konstantinovna, born on 11th April 1906.
51. Her Highness Princess Marina Petrovna, born on 28th February 1892.
52. Her Highness Princess Nadezhda Petrovna, born on 3rd March 1898.
53. Her Highness Princess Nina Georgiyevna, born on 7th June 1901.
54. Her Highness Princess Kseniya Georgiyevna, born on 9th August 1903.
55. Her Serene Highness Princess Yekaterina (Catherine) Ioannovna, born on 12th July 1915.
56. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Mariya Aleksandrovna, born on 5th October 1853; was married
to Alfred Ernest Albert, Prince of Great Britain, Duke of SaxeCoburg and Gotha.
57. Her Royal Majesty Olga Konstantinovna, Dowager Queen of the Hellenes, born on 22nd August 1851; was
married to George I, King of the Hellenes.
58. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Anastasiya Mikhailovna, born on 16th June I860; was married to
FriederichFranz, Grand Duke of MecklemburgSchwerin.
59. Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Yelena (Helen) Vladimirovna. born on 17th January 1882; was
married to Nikolay Georgiyevich (Nicholas), Prince of Greece.
60. Her Highness Princess Tatiana Konstantinovna, born on 11th January 1890; was married to Prince Bagration
of Mukhrani.
61. Her Highness Princess Irina Aleksandrovna, born on 3rd July 1895; is married to Prince Yusupov,
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The document belongs to the Russian Imperial Union Order and is available through myself as president of the Order in Australia

Imperial Regards to all

Wow. Thankyou for those video links Benjamin. Amazing, especially nice to hear Maria talking.
You're very welcome, BeatrixFan. I thought Maria came across as a very friendly, down-to-earth woman. Which can be rare in royals these days...

A photo of the Grand Duchess when she attended the reunification of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow, May 2007.
She seems to be warm ...But what is Russian people's opinion about Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna? And I don't except a real answer, for all accounts we have from Russia are spotted with political opinions from a gang or another. There are groups who saids that Russians hates Monarchy, others would affirm the contrary, and even among the Monarchist there is people not liking María and others adoring her.

I, myself, must admit that I never liked the Vladimirovichi that much. But maybe the Grand Duchess is nice...Who knows? Russia is beyond what I can imagine. Thigs that are told about this country are contradictory.:neutral:

She seems to be warm ...But what is Russian people's opinion about Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna? And I don't except a real answer, for all accounts we have from Russia are spotted with political opinions from a gang or another. There are groups who saids that Russians hates Monarchy, others would affirm the contrary, and even among the Monarchist there is people not liking María and others adoring her.

I, myself, must admit that I never liked the Vladimirovichi that much. But maybe the Grand Duchess is nice...Who knows? Russia is beyond what I can imagine. Thigs that are told about this country are contradictory.:neutral:

AdmiralSteven gave the interesting link
(in other topic at this Forum [Reburial of Empress Marie Feodorovna: 23-28 September 2006]):

Radio Free Europe\Radio Liberty, Oktouber 2, 2006
Russia: Monarchist Nostalgia Remains Powerful “
by Victor Yasmann

One quotation:
“Over the last 10 years, the number of Russians supporting monarchist ideas has risen threefold. A September poll by the All-RussiaCenter for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) indicated that 19 percent of Russians agreed with restoring the monarchy, but only if an acceptable candidate can be found. Support is higher in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
But only 6 percent of those who favor the monarchy wanted the future guardian of the realm to be a Romanov. The majority thought a monarch should be a prominent public figure chosen in a referendum. In this way, the poll reveals less the prevalence of monarchist ideas than a traditional Russian desire for strong leadership”.

Thus, only about 1% of Russians agreed with restoring the monarchy with Romanov’s Dynasty. I think, this insignificant-sad percent in significant and even in the main degree is caused by the 74-years defamation (1917-1991) images of Nicholas II by Soviet historians.
I think in really much more than 1% of Russians would agree with the restoring of the monarchy with Romanov’s Dynasty, but the percents most probably are not more 3-4% now. Nevertheless, I can remind that Yeltsin began the second presidential company from 1996 with a rating of 2-3 % (and he has won); also Putin began the first presidential company from August 1999 with a rating of 3-5 % and he has won too. Russia is an unpredictable country till now.
Alas, Russia has “an unpredictable past” till now - too turned black (by the Soviet historians) till 1917 (Tsar's Russia) and too turned white (by the Kremlin at last two-three years) after 1917 (USSR) - and “this unpredictable past” can induce an unpredictable bad future for Russia :(

I do not know, whether the monarchy with Romanov's dynasty will be restored in Russia, but the truth about Nicholas II should be restored.
I think, that modern Russian and foreign authors of books about Nicholas II should relate to "the Soviet stamps" about him with big caution.
I think, many at this forum will agree that Nicholas II has been defamed (by "an irreconcilable opposition") else at time of his life and that false myths about him have been hundredfold increased by the Soviet historians and that many of these wrong stamps are alive even till now.
I think the following five theses are most needing in objective consideration:
__1. Nicholas II was a man of weak will.
__2. Positive achievements of Russia in 1894-1914 have been made by famous clever ministers of his government (by Vitte and Stolypin) - and Nicholas II has prevented from their reforms more likely, than helped them.
__3. Nicholas II aspired to «small victorious war» against Japan.
__4. Nicholas II is guilty of awful events of "Bloody Sunday» on January, 9, 1905.
__5. Nicholas II has made a mistake, having headed Russian army in August, 1915 owing to what Russia has ostensibly lost the war by 1917 and revolution began.
__6. Nicholas II has not undertaken sufficient efforts for prevention and suppression of revolt in Petrograd in February, 1917.
__7. Rasputin has strongly and negatively influenced on an acceptance of political decisions in Imperial family through empress Alexandra.
I think, these seven are the main false myths about Nicholas II. There are still other wrong stamps, but these seven are main, I think.
Certainly, I don’t think that Nicholas II was «the ideal ruler» of Russia. He made mistakes and had some wrong ideas (for example, he was the anti-semite always; and other things), but I am going to expose these seven main false myths here.
Whether you count these seven theses the truth, or false myths? I would like to find out your opinion at first. See the topic:
“Does Russia really need monarchy? “
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