General News about the Danish Royal Family Part 3: November 2015 - August 2021

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:previous: Fascinating history. Glad to hear the Soviets behaved themselves (after initial bombing). The picture of the Russians presenting arms to, at the time, Crown Prince and Princess Frederik and Ingrid is precious!
Interesting Denmark now has a strategic listening post located on Bornholm.
The Crown Prince and the Queen in a new DR series 'The Royal House in the Faroe Islands'

Looks wonderful!

Another article on this documentary with more pics.

"The program is part of a miniseries with two documentaries about the royal family's ties to the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

The recordings in the Faroe Islands were made before the corona pandemic.*Filming in Greenland has been postponed until 2022."

More info on Frederik diving
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Then there is something to look forward to next year as well.

The Faroe Islands has history, nature and culture enough to easily merit a long series in itself.
Hopefully those of us outside Denmark will eventually have access to "The Royal House in the Faroe Islands" series.
Being aired on DR1 I'm sure you will. And I expect to at least write a summary.
Being aired on DR1 I'm sure you will. And I expect to at least write a summary.

Thank you, Muhler. This looks to be a most delightful plus educational program.
I'm sure it will be.
QMII as the storyteller and Frederik as the explorer. What can possibly go wrong with that concept? ?

Here are two videos by Americans who have settled in DK.
None of them knew about the DRF beforehand, so it's what they have learned by immersion. Contra the members here on TRF who based on an interest all have an above knowledge about royals in general.

It is, I think, interesting to learn how things are perceived by new eyes - even if they get things wrong, as you will no doubt notice.
Being (Anglo)Americans, it's only natural they hardly knew anything about other royal families than the British. Which is why there are references to the BRF - that are admittedly less than flattering and I think a little unfair.
The videos also explains why the DRF has such an appeal to immigrants here. Mary, our Marie and Alexandra faced similar problems when settling here as those in the videos.

First we have a very American and likable couple (don't know if they are married) who have a considerable fondness for Mary in particular.

The second video is from an American woman who have settled in central Jutland. I suspect she must be a distant relative to Roskilde and Polyesco, she has certainly developed a fondness for Frederik! ;)?
While the Gentlemen above have clearly educated themselves om the subject, this lady has learned by watching, listening and reading.
It's a long, but very charming video.
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:previous: Once again, thanks to Muhler. Both videos were highly enjoyable!! And, from the perspective of Americans living in Denmark all seemingly quite smitten with the Danish royals.
These were very enjoyable videos and they both highlight alot of the reasons why I enjoy following the Danish Royal Family. Thanks Muhler!
I have to say I agree with alot of the videos, especially the top 6 from this lady on Frederik.
And that both videos highlighted the Royal Run really shows the impact.
More info on the new series: The Crown Prince and the Queen in a new DR series 'The Royal House in the Faroe Islands'

"I thought I knew myself well and had undergone a demanding education," remembers the Crown Prince, who had not expected to encounter sides of himself that he did not know.
But as he says in the program:
“Up there, you depend on yourself.*Only you.*You can not ask for help.*It was an experience to be so far away and so alone - and to know that it was important that you maintained your own existence. "
The first of two segments has just been aired.

It was filmed in August 2019, because there is a reference to Mary not being there, because it was the first day at school after the summer holiday.

Anyway, it was a three-angled documentary/presentation.
1) QMII talking about the history and historical interaction between the DRF and the Faeroe Islands, most of it taking place in her lifetime and her reign.
- For someone deeply interested in history, that's what I found the most interesting.
2) A portrait of the islanders, their life, their industry, their interests, their culture, music and so on, with and through the eyes of Frederik. He is not talking to the camera but we are with him and looking over his shoulder.
That is Frederik doing what he does best, and is most comfortable with: Being folksy and winning people over face to face.
At the same time it's also Frederik getting to know his future subjects. Something we have seen him do in other documentaries back in DK as well.
3) It's a positive presentation of the Faeroese people, culture and islands to the Danes. - The islanders don't have a universal good press in Denmark.
Sometimes being perceived as ungrateful, despite having a very high living standard, mainly paid for by the Danish taxpayers. As well as being quite intolerant towards people standing out - not least homosexuals. (The small village mentality.)

- I'm not entirely sure how big an interest this will have to people living outside the Danish realm though.
I think it will divided into those, who like me, are interested in QMII's take on the islands, based on her personal fondness of the culture there as well as her being head of state.
And those who are fascinated by seeing Frederik at work and how he has the knack of being able to interact positively with almost everyone.
- I'm not entirely sure how big an interest this will have to people living outside the Danish realm though.
I think it will divided into those, who like me, are interested in QMII's take on the islands, based on her personal fondness of the culture there as well as her being head of state.
And those who are fascinated by seeing Frederik at work and how he has the knack of being able to interact positively with almost everyone.

I am not Danish and I enjoyed it, without any division. ;):
The history and culture and Crown Prince Frederik out there, being great at interacting with people.
I enjoyed it as well without understand a word but the images tell you so much.

First the views! What a beautiful place, the Faroe Islands.
Seeing the Queen speak with such a warm smile tells you she has fond memories.
And of course Frederik with the people. Doing what he does best, interacting and making them feel at ease.

Great article
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Glad to hear. ?

It's actually a tricky programme to write about! And I have been thinking about how to go about it, if I do write about it.

The segments with QMII are easy, that's pretty much just writing a little bit about what she says or refers to, with an explanatory note or two.

The segments with Frederik are tricky!
Because how do you explain the nuances of a conversation, without translating every sentence, which would be a quite time consuming task!
Tonight is Sankthans Aften - The Evening of Saint Hans = John the Baptist.

It's marked with communal bonfires and communal singing all over the country.
The Midsummer-song being a must.
Traditionally the weather is rainy, windy and cold - but tonight is almost ideal for bonfires.

It's actually a summer solstice ritual, no doubt pre-Christian, but very much adopted by the Christian church. - If you can't eradicate a heathen custom, adopt it...
Beforehand, in medieval times it was a celebration that involved a lot of drinking! (Those of you who have read about the Danish Christmas ritual won't be surprised!) It was also a magic night where all sort of strange things happened and all sorts of omens may be seen.
And for young women there was a particular risk: If you got bitten by the Sankt Hans snake, you became pregnant!

Even today we have a somewhat macabre ritual in connection with the bonfire. A doll depicting a witch is placed on top of the fire, usually sitting astride of broom. (Witches actually flew the broom with the sweeping part in front.) And often a few howling firecrackers are placed inside the witch, so when the crackers howl, off she goes to Bloksbjerg = Mount Brocken in Germany where witches gather, especially on Walpurgisnacht, but Danish witches are apparently late-arrivals.
A reminiscence of the witch-burnings of in particular the 1600's.

Sankt Hans in it's present form started around the 1730's and really took off in the decades after the traumatic Second Schleswigan War, where Denmark withdrew into itself and celebrated nationalism.
In the late evening, you can from vantage points see several bonfires in the horizon.
At this time of year dusk starts around 22.30. And it's really only dark for about 4 hours or so.

Here are a few bonfires:
And a video with the midsummer song:

I mention this here, because it is such an old Danish custom, that the DRF members are also familiar with and no doubt - quietly - have attended several times.
I recall that PH, with Frederik and Joachim once made a surprise visit to such a bonfire.
And each year I hope we will see the DRF make another appearance somewhere.
And since M&F and family now reside at Fredensborg I think it's not unlikely we may see them this year - or next year.
Not least because the locals around Fredensborg are pretty protective in regards to the DRF, they leave them alone.
While the figures are regrettable for Joachim and our Marie, they are good for the monarchy and the succession, when it takes place.
It would be problematic if the CP couple were not that popular, or just one of them wasn't that popular.
New survey on the DRF, how good or bad do Danes think of members?

78, 75, and 73 percent are favorable to Frederik, Mary, and the Queen.
Noticeably all 3 have less then 6% each negatively.

Thank you, polyesco. :flowers: The figures from the article are:


Queen Margrethe 73%
Crown Prince Frederik 78%
Crown Princess Mary 75%
Princess Benedikte 43%
Prince Joachim 37%
Princess Marie 42%
Prince Nikolai 34%
Prince Felix 32%


Queen Margrethe 6%
Crown Prince Frederik 5%
Crown Princess Mary 5%
Princess Benedikte 6%
Prince Joachim 24%
Princess Marie 10%
Prince Nikolai 6%
Prince Felix 6%

Neither favorable nor unfavorable

Queen Margrethe 16%
Crown Prince Frederik 13%
Crown Princess Mary 14%
Princess Benedikte 33%
Prince Joachim 32%
Princess Marie 36%
Prince Nikolai 39%
Prince Felix 39%

Don’t know

Queen Margrethe 5%
Crown Prince Frederik 5%
Crown Princess Mary 6%
Princess Benedikte 18%
Princess Marie 13%
Prince Joachim 8%
Prince Nikolai 22%
Prince Felix 23%

YouGov conducted the survey employing a representative sample.

Net score (pos - neg) for each:
Crown Prince Frederik 78% - 5% = 73%
Crown Princess Mary 75% - 5% = 70%
Queen Margrethe 73% - 6% = 67%

Princess Benedikte 43% - 6% = 37%
Princess Marie 42% - 10% = 32%
Prince Nikolai 34% - 6% = 28%
Prince Felix 32% - 6% = 26%

Prince Joachim 37% - 24% = 13%

It's interesting to see that Joachim is the only one with a substantial group thinking negatively about him. Only Marie is also in the dubble digits.
Nothing new, really, except that Benedikte, Nikolai and Felix are on the list now.

In former days it used to be the very popular A-Team Margrethe, Frederik and Mary ,then a big gap and then the not so popular B-Team Henrik, Joachim and Marie. And in the B-Team it was either Henrik or Joachim who had the worst figures.
Today is special for most of the children in the DRF.

It's the first day at school after the summer holiday for Isabella, Josephine and Vincent.

Christian will start today at his first day in high school - at Herlufsholm. It's likely he arrived yesterday afternoon, being a boarder.

Felix will start his first day at the military academy of what is going to be a hectic year!
Boot camp. NCO training and then training as an officer, graduating as second lieutenant.
That's going to take place in the town of Slagelse, about an hour from Copenhagen.
Then he's going to serve for one year in a regiment. Before graduating as first lieutenant. - And after graduation he will meet his farmor Margrethe with all the other graduates of his class. She will congratulate the new officers.
And then his army career, if he wish to have one, will start in earnest.

As for Henrik and Athena, I don't know when they start in school again.
Christian will start on 11 August, I think. So still a couple of days left.

Following the French school year, I assume Henrik and Athena won't start school again till September as the French summer holiday run through July and August – presumably why Joachim and Marie seem to have an extended stay in Denmark for the moment.
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Ah, I see. ?

As for J&M, yes I think they will stay for the rest of this month as our Marie has engagements later this month.

It will be interesting to see whether some of especially M&F's children will opt for an "efterskole" = continuation school, before starting in high school or after high school.
I can easily imagine Isabella spending a year at a school focusing on sport.
Or Isabella, being the little that ham she is, attending a school focusing on drama.
Most who opt for continuation school have fond memories of that year and they would get to know very different people an a very different way than at an expensive boarding school as Herlufsholm.

We dropped off our daughter at a sports-continuation school yesterday, where she will stay until Christmas. Then she will return home for about a month before leaving the nest - as the last one. :cry::verysad: ?
⁣New photo of Queen Margrethe II, Prince Joachim, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena at the Château de Cayx, has now been shared by the Royal House of Denmark.

This week, the Queen Margrethe II has been on her annual summer stay in the south of France, and the spends the weekend with her youngest son and two of her grandchildren, before the Queen returns home to Denmark tomorrow.
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