Friends of King Juan Carlos

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Feb 18, 2006
I read that José Cusi is the best friend of the King. Does somebody know something about him? I just know that he is the owner of the Bribón. What is his profession?
He's a shipowner, has a shipyard in Spain; it's kinda like Onassis in Greece:rolleyes: ;)
Does he also live in Madrid?It was said that he is also involved in Public Relations. Is it trueß
Manuel Prado y Colón de Carvajal and King Juan Carlos

Manuel Prado y Colón de Carvajal is a spanish businessman that was one of King's closest friend duraing aproximately twenty-two years (1972 - 1994). Shortly, He will publish his memories and it's expect that on this He will explain his friendship with Juan Carlos I and the missions that He made for Spanish Crown.​

What opinion do you have about Manuel Prado y Colón de Carvajal? What missions he has made for Spanish Crown? Why He and Juan Carlos I broke off their relationship in 1994? What is their relationship actually?​

Thank you!​

Pablo Díez​
Death of the Count of Latores 1918-2009

The Count of Latores - Telegraph

Sabino Fernández Campo, Count of Latores, who has died aged 91, was a close confidant of King Juan Carlos.
As head of the royal household he helped the King thwart a coup attempt in 1981.

The abortive coup d'état happened on the evening of February 23 1981, when 200 armed Guardia Civil agents stormed into Spain's Congress of Deputies during the election of a new prime minister. On the advice of Fernández Campo, the king went on national television in full dress uniform to denounce the coup and to urge the upholding of the law and the democratically-elected government. After holding the parliament and cabinet hostage for 18 hours, the conspirators surrendered the next morning.

The dramatic events of that night transformed Fernández Campo from king's shadow into faithful guardian of the monarchy, a role he discharged until his death. He was not only the king's right-hand man but also played a central role in the education of Crown Prince Felipe.

In 1990 Fernández Campo became palace protocol chief, a post he held until 1993, when the king made him his private adviser. Spanish royal watchers suggested that the king had a particular regard for Fernández Campo for standing by him during the failed coup, and, in 1992, Juan Carlos created him Count of Latores. Last year the King attended a surprise party for the Count to celebrate his 90th birthday.
following the decision of felipe to use la mareta residence for touristic promotion purposes, el mundo publishes an article on the residence, which was a present by the jordanian king hussein to the king of spain, and of other 'presents' by foreign royalty to the spanish royals. among these are 2 identical ferraris in black and silver given to the king and allegedly his then 'friend' corinna.

the cars went on auction recently but weren't bought. there's a link to an older article, mentioning corinna's 'exile' from spain following JC's accident in botswana and the shooting of the elephant, where she went with him. before that point, she was leaving in a residence on the grounds of el pardo, belonging to the national patrimony, which has a private access road to the palace of zarzuela.

El Rey 'se deshace' de un palacio que los reyes jordanos regalaron a Juan Carlos I | loc | EL MUNDO
El Ferrari negro que la princesa Corinna nunca pudo estrenar | loc | EL MUNDO
Diez curiosidades de la casa de Corinna en El Pardo. Noticias de Casas Reales
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