Favourite Photos Of Favourite Princesses

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May 16, 2004
Hey guys,

I hope there isn't a thread like this, but I thought it would be nice to have a collection of everyone's favourite photos of their only favourite princess. I think there should be a limit just because I'm sure there are so many lovely photos of all the princesses, so I would say limit it to 3.

My favourite princess: Crown Princess Mary

1. At her wedding, a woman always looks her best at her own wedding and in this photo, I feel it captures Mary in a moment of pure joy.


Credit: Polfoto

2. At Christian's christening, the love that she has for Christian is captured in this photo, and there is nothing greater than a mother's love.


Credit: Danish Royal Watchers Blog

Good idea! Just the other day I was wondering if we had a thread like this.

Well, my favourite Princess is Maxima and so here is my *current* favourite photo of her, taken at the New years reception just last week:

The following pics are just ones that I've always liked:

I love this one. It shows how proud she is of her husband :flowers:
Maxima and Willem Alexander

I have to add this simply because it shows how comfortable she is with herself. People always moan about her 'unruly' hair, but I think she takes this in good grace and as always, manages a smile!
Windy day!

Finally. A picture of Maxima, her lovely husband and her 2 beautiful little Princesses. One of the many reasons she is my favourite is because she is always happy and smiling, as shown here:
Family :wub:
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