Family Of Crown Princess Mette-Marit

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If you ask me he just looked really sad. His face was swollen because he cried. You can see it clearly in some pics. Pretty normal.

Haakon looked quite annoyed by the press. I really can understand that. It's normal that they show interest in their Royals.. but IMO they should just leave them alone during such an personal event.

It's really heartbreaking to see Marius that sad, nearly at the end of his
tether, I've also lost my first beloved person at that age, so I especially
empathise with him. It's different for little Ingrid at her age, but it's been
a good idea to bring her with, there I agree with some of you.

I've also noticed that both Haakon and Mette-Marit looked annoyed by
the press on some pics, Haakon even covered Ingrid's face. Of course
it would have been much more respectful to leave them alone, but
it's the way it always is: The world is with it's royal families in good
times and in bad times..
The whole family looks truly heartbroken. I don't think any of us are in a position to judge Haakon and Mette-Marit for bringing Ingrid to the funeral. We don't know how much Ingrid understands of the situation at this age, but Haakon and Mette-Marit obviously felt that it was best for her to be there. It may help her with any questions she has.
I feel sorry for the entire family for their loss. Mette-Marit and Haakon look annoyed at the photographers, Marius looks annoyed, cold, scared, and uncomfortable, and I really don't think Ingrid knows much of what is going on. I don't think the photographers should be here taking pictures unless Haakon or Mette-Marit or someone else invited them.
My heart really goes out to them. Marius looks distraught I felt like I was intruding looking at the pictures
I really feel bad even looking at the pictures. Marius looked terrible, sad and cold. Both parents looks really annoyed, which I think they had every right to be. This was a private family matter and as much I crave pictures of the children, I think making the decision to not photograph the children would be the right one for the photogs.
Poor Marius, he looks really broken. I felt like I was intruding just looking at the photos, and feel the photographers could have showed more respect. I understand why they were there, but they could have chosen to keep some more distance.

I don't think Princess Ingrid Alexandra is too young to attend a funeral. As others have stated that might be a cultural thing, but I think the tradition on that has changed in Norway as well. I remember I was not allowed to attend my grandfather's funeral when I was Ingrid's age and I was really upset about it, but when my other grandfather passed two years ago both my sisters young children attended with us. As someone else posted it is not usual with an open coffin in Norway, but one can choose to have a veiwing, however I do feel that there as well, it is quite regular for children to attend. I know they did in my own family. After the funeral there is aslo usually a family/friend gathering which children aslo attend.

Sorry, it got so long.
Marius looked like he cried a lot...

Ingrid looked so cute hugging her new doll :wub: I just wish they put a ribbon or tied her hair so it won't be covering her cute little face......:ermm:
Was Rolf Berntsen more a father for Mette-Marit as her own father Sven?
Magazine Se og Hor is reporting that there is a conflict going on between Mette-Marit's mother and her step-sons regarding some paintings that belonged to her now-deceased husband, Rolf Berntsen. They have been arguing about the things he left behind after his death, and now the step-sons have reported MM's mother for theft of the paintings. They claim that she has stolen 6 works of art from the family home. MM's mother denies this, and the fight over the inheritance continues. She has not been arrested, and formal charges from a court have not been made. mor anmeldt.aspx
Is MM's mother rich? Where does she live now? In Skaugum?
Is MM's mother rich? Where does she live now? In Skaugum?

I do not believe she lives at Skaugum. I believe she lives in Kristiansand.
Her husband was quite rich, she may have recieved a certain amount in his will. :)
That is just a summer house (summer cabins) that a lot of norwegians have so it does not mean is is rich :flowers:
Marit Tjessem have her home in Kristiansand.
It's a bit strange thinking of Mette-Marit as a great-aunt.
Sorry for my ignorance, but how old is Espen Høiby?
It's a bit strange thinking of Mette-Marit as a great-aunt.
Sorry for my ignorance, but how old is Espen Høiby?

He is 52 (MM is 38). Espen Høiby became father himself again only few months ago, so his little daughter will become aunt of the yet unborn baby then. And Espen Høiby will be grandfather.

With his first wife he has 3 children: Christian (26), Ina (25) and Tuva (15).
With his current wife he now also has 3 children: Nicolai (6), Julia (4) and Emma (4 months).
Nice to read, if it could bring to her mind that she can have another baby herself... not too late !!!
What a handsome grandpa! Congrats!

As for another baby for Mette-Marit...It would be lovely, especially that she and her sister-in-law are in the same age.
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