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lol - well you can't actually buy titles. All you do is buy a very expensive name change and legally you can call yourself anything you like as long as you don't use a name for fraudulent purposes but obviously that's what he was doing.
The ABC television network is doing a story on him on "Primetime" tonight at 9PM. I am going to try to catch it. Should be interesting. This morning on TV someone commented that unlike a lot of these "fakers" he never tried to scam anyone for money.
This guy sounds like my Ex husband, except he came from England over here and after we got married, he started telling me that he was a very "important" man in England, with titles and land, that he had an uncle that was a judge over there and another uncle who was a doctor to the royal family. Unfortunetly for him, he had no idea that I had some small kind of clue about royal titles and geneologies (sp) and that I'm very good at doing footwork to uncover the truth. He wanted me to leave the U.S. so that we could move over to the UK and live happliy ever after and live off an allowance from his mother's side of the family. Once I found out that he was a cocaine addicted, delusional, chronic,pathological liar, I left him, divorced him and will be very happy never to see that face again as long as I live.
These kind of people have some serious mental problems and literally should be locked up in the closest looney bin.
It was a very interesting & complex tale. Apparently this guy just started living in his fantasy world & never gave it up. They investigated whether or not he was some kind of spy for US, East Germany & Russia. He's not. They also did DNA tests because the real Christopher Buckingham's mother thought he might be a long lost nephew. He's not. Just a very confused guy. At least his kids were able to come over here and meet their grandparents & relatives that they never knew existed. Wow, 8 aunts & uncles plus their spouses & 23 cousins!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
Royal Imposter or Not? Carlo Von Zeitschel (“CVZ”)

As many of you may know, in Jaime Johnson’s documentary Born Rich, CVZ claimed to be a great-grandson of Kaiser William II and an Italian Baron?

Has this been confirmed?

In the same documentary, Cody Franchetti (“CF”) also claimed that his great-grandfather (maybe another great) married a Rothschild from whom he directly descends. I believe I confirmed this in a book on the Rothchilds that had a genealogical chart.

CF also claims to descend from a line of the Holsteins.

Can anyone confirm any or all of this?
I compiled this list of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s great grandchildren from http://www3.dcs.hull.ac.uk/genealogy/royal/. He had a lot of great grandchildren but I don't see Carlo Von Zeitschel among them. Also see this link which lists the descendants of Wilhelm. Those with a 4 next to their names are his great grandchildren: http://www.genealogics.org/descend.php?personID=I00004431&tree=LEO

von der Osten, Friederike Thyra Marion, b. 14 JUL 1959
von der Osten, Dinnies Wilhelm Karl, b. 15 FEB 1962
von der Osten, Hubertus Christoph, b. 5 MAY 1964
von der Osten, Cecilie Felicitas, b. 12 MAR 1967
von Nostitz-Wallwitz, Diana Renata, b. 7 OCT 1974
Prinz von Preussen, Philip Kirill, b. 23 APR 1968
Prinz von Preussen, Friedrich Wilhelm, b. 16 AUG 1979
Prinzessin von Preussen, Viktoria Luise, b. 2 MAY 1982
Prinz von Preussen, Joachim Albrecht, b. 26 JUN 1984
Prinzessin von Preussen, Micaela Maria, b. 5 MAR 1967
Prinzessin von Preussen, Nataly, b. 13 JAN 1970
von Oldenburg, Paul-Wladimir Nikolaus, Duke, b. 16 AUG 1969
von Oldenburg, Rixa Marie-Alix Kira, Duchess, b. 17 SEP 1970
von Oldenburg, Bibiane Maria, Duchess, b. 24 JUN 1974
Liepsner, Kira-Marina, b. 22 JAN 1977
Hohenzollern, Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, b. 10 JUN 1976
Hohenzollern, Corneilie-Cecilé, Princess of Prussia, b. 30 JAN 1978
Hohenzollern, Christian Ludwig, Prince of Prussia, b. 16 MAY 1986
Hohenzollern, Irina Maria Nina Kira, Princess of Prussia, b. 4 JUL 1988
Lithander, Patrick Edvard Christian, b. 25 JUN 1973
Lithander, Wilhelm Sebastian, b. 21 NOV 1974
Hohenzollern, Anastasia Victoria Cecile, Princess of Prussia, b. 14 FEB 1944
Hohenzollern, Marie-Christine, Princess, b. 18 JUL 1947
Mansfield, Frederick Nicholas, Prince of Prussia, b. 3 MAY 1946
Mansfield, William Andrew, Prince of Prussia, b. 14 NOV 1947
Mansfield, Victoria Marina Cecilie, Princess of Prussia, b. 22 FEB 1952
Mansfield, Rupert Alexander Friedrick, Prince of Prussia, b. 28 APR 1955
Mansfield, Antonia Elizabeth Brigid, Princess of Prussia, b. 28 APR 1955
Harris, Kira Alexandrine Brigid Cecilie, b. 20 OCT 1954
Patterson, Berengar Orin Bernhard Kirby, b. 21 AUG 1948
Patterson, Marina-Adelaide Emily, b. 21 AUG 1948
Patterson, Dohna Maria, b. 7 AUG 1954
Hohenzollern, Marie Louise Marina, Princess of Prussia, b. 18 SEP 1945
Hohenzollern, Adalbert Adelhart Alexander, Count Lingen, b. 4 MAR 1948
Prinz von Preussen, Stephen Alexander, b. 30 SEP 1939
von Curland, Victoria Benigna Ina Marie, Princess, b. 2 JUL 1939
von Curland, Ernest-John Charles Oscar, Prince, b. 6 AUG 1940
von Curland, Michael Charles Augustus, Prince, b. 20 JAN 1944
Hohenzollern, Donata Victoria Ina Maria, Prince of Prussia, b. 24 DEC 1952
Hohenzollern, Wilhelm Karl Oskar F, Prince of Prussia, b. 26 AUG 1955
Hohenzollern, Oskar Michael Hans Karl, Prince of Prussia, b. 6 MAY 1959
Hohenzollern, Franz Wilhelm, Prince of Prussia, b. 3 SEP 1943
Hohenzollern, Franz Joseph Frederick, Prince of Prussia, b. 3 SEP 1943
Hohenzollern, Franz Frederick Christian, Prince of Prussia, b. 17 OCT 1944
Prinzessin von Preussen, Alexandra, b. 29 APR 1960
Prinzessin von Preussen, Desiree, b. 13 JUL 1961
von Hanover, Marie, Princess, b. 26 NOV 1952
von Hanover, Ernest Augustus, Prince of Hanover, b. 26 FEB 1954
von Hanover, Ludwig Rudolph, Prince, b. 28 NOV 1955
von Hanover, Olga, Princess, b. 17 FEB 1958
von Hanover, Alexandra, Princess, b. 18 FEB 1959
von Hanover, Heinrich Julius, Prince, b. 29 APR 1961
von Hanover, Guelph Ernest Augustus, Prince, b. 25 JAN 1947
von Hanover, George Paul Christian, Prince, b. 9 DEC 1949
von Hanover, Fredericka Elizabeth, Princess, b. 15 OCT 1954
Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg, Sophia, Princess, b. 2 NOV 1938
Schleswig-Holstein, Constantine II, King of Greece, b. 2 JUN 1940
Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg, Irene, Crown Princess, b. 11 MAY 1942
Prinzessin von Hanover, Caroline Louise, b. 3 MAY 1965
Prinzessin von Hanover, Mireille, b. 3 JUN 1971
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Susan, that's quite a great job you did there! Thanks for the links.

In this day and age people that pass as royals can be easily verified. Maybe in other times before the internet it was much easier since the information was difficult to compile. These days the truth is just a few clicks away from anyone in the planet.

About the Von Zeitschels, I found this: http://www.thepeerage.com/p16317.htm#i163167 but so far the only mentions of him are about that tv show. Not much on his family or his claims to celebritydom. He reminds me of the embarrasment with another celebrity, Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend Paris. Over here in the USA he was 'sold' for the public as a rich Greek heir and latter, after she got rid of him (or his family got rid of her?) he was unmasked as just another kid of that extended family and not the sole heir of the family fortune. It's all in what the TV wants to say to sell a character for ratings. Sometimes they lie, sometimes they stretch the importance of these people beyond their reality.

Speaking of fasle claimants, here is a link from Guy Stair Santy's site related to usurpers, false claimants and royal imposters. It's quite a great reading and will sure help to realize some royal people on TV are not all they claim to be, or as Stair Santy put's it "...of yet another freshly minted genealogy..." :rolleyes: Scroll down to see the tactics some fantasy royals used in the past.
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To this day I have not found a reliable link on this guy. Not even a name listed on any genealogy trees and in most searches the name only appears listed as 'actor' whose only claim to fame is that tv show or movie he made. I can't even find a date of birth on him but he appears also listed as owner of a gallery in Soho, NY city. I also found another mention of him in this school named Aiglon College he appears as number seven under the names column, I believe a student in 1999. Here is more on that school: http://www.aiglon.ch/info/whyaiglon.shtm and in case you have a kid that must be sent away to the Swiss Alps that will later end up in a reality show, here are the prices so you can start saving: http://www.aiglon.ch/info/fees.shtm

This is very interesting for someone to appear in a TV show claiming to be part of a the last German imperial family and still, no traceable information to support his claims. We have access to so many family trees that are placed online not only by royal watchers like many of us, but by historians and families themselves. Yet, Mr. Carlo Von Zeitschel's claims evades our search.
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SE & T:

Must say I am quite impressed with the responses. I suspect CVZ is from some lesser noble Italian descent, but not a descendant of KW II.

Any comments on Cody Franchetti’s lineage?
Quin said:
Must say I am quite impressed with the responses. I suspect CVZ is from some lesser noble Italian descent, but not a descendant of KW II.

Any comments on Cody Franchetti’s lineage?

Thanks on behalf of everyone, we are also as curious as you are. By the way, welcome to the Forum. :)

On that question about Cody Franchetti, he claims to be a Baron but I just saw he is better known for his arrogant remarks and in-your-face prejudice against other people that are not of his Elite. Word to the wise, those who really have a past and come from a provileged background normally do not brag about it. Much less use it to make others insignificant. Those are the signs of people with low self esteem who claim to be more than what their actual background is.

I found this notable quotes from this clown on this article:
Do not get near Cody Franchetti
January 25, 2006
and here are some of those gems from him:

• "I am an elitist. I believe in an elite, I believe that people want an elite ... because there s always been one, whether it be an oligarchy or a dictatorship."
• On Lisa Loeb: "She is very how should I put it? petit bourgeois."
• On pursuing his own reality show: "Yes, absolutely, [it s] cheap, trashy I m well aware of that. But we live in the age of Paris Hilton, my dear, so what am I going to do a show where I discuss Flaubert with people that call in? No, I don t think so."

As someone who did live in a dictatorship (Franco's) the remarks of this self proclaimed Baron are quite offensive and moronic. again, typical of a no-body celebrity trying to flash comments for pure shock value.

Now, I could not find any genealogy on that so-called Baron Cody Franchetti but there are Counts Franchetti, one of the members was married to actor Henry Fonda (Jane and Peter Fonda's dad): Countess Afdera Franchetti
But there is nothing to explain the title being downgraded from Count to Baron that can also give us a hint on who is this guy using that title. Maybe we have to realize that the so called aristocratic guests in that reality show are nothing but peripheral people as close to actual history making royalty as the planet Pluto is close to us. So, lesson learned here, don't believe everything you see on TV!
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Thank you for the welcome and I was aware of the information you provided. If I find any other information, I will advise. Please do the same.

I have a book entitled “The Rothschilds: A Family Portrait” by Frederic Morton. There is an excellent genealogical chart that shows that CF’s great great grandfather (could be another great) Baron Raymondo Franchetti married Sarah Louise Rothschild (1858), the daughter of Anselm, son of Salomon, son of Mayer the dynasty founder. I read from some other source that the Franchetti’s hale from an old Italian Jewish family. So it makes further sense that CF’s ggggf would have been a suitor for a Rothschild debutante. The chart does not list further information of the descendants from the female lines. But I am almost certain this is his family.

As for his arrogance and elitism, I must agree he does wear it on his sleeve and it is no doubt a product of his insecurity. I have to say however I am not surprised. I think it is something with Italian Aristocrats on virtually all levels. In my early to mid 20s I lived in Italy and I encountered more than a few people the likes CF, but not as bad. And yes they were wealthy, but certainly not Billionaires. Although he says otherwise, he is supercilious, but he appears to be well educated. In a way I can’t blame him. And not to be an apologist, he’s simply a product of his environment.
A british woman named Mary Baker fooled people from her city for sometime. She claimed that her name was Princess Caraboo and she was from The Island Of Javasu.
Toledo said:
...Now, I could not find any genealogy on that so-called Baron Cody Franchetti but there are Counts Franchetti, one of the members was married to actor Henry Fonda (Jane and Peter Fonda's dad): Countess Afdera Franchetti
But there is nothing to explain the title being downgraded from Count to Baron that can also give us a hint on who is this guy using that title. Maybe we have to realize that the so called aristocratic guests in that reality show are nothing but peripheral people as close to actual history making royalty as the planet Pluto is close to us. So, lesson learned here, don't believe everything you see on TV!

Cody Franchetti's father, Andrea, is a legitimate baron, but Cody is not a baron because his parents never married.

To my knowledge, the legitimate Franchettis are all barons. The wikipedia entry about Afdera is incorrect, as a daughter of a baron cannot be a countess.:ermm:
Cody Franchetti's father, Andrea, is a legitimate baron, but Cody is not a baron because his parents never married.

As a self proclaimed elitist among other things, I wonder what Cody has to say about his illegitimate birth?
In fairness to Cody Franchetti, what he says about his lineage appears to be true. He is a Rothschild and von Hornstein descendant. And but for his birth out of wedlock, he would have been a baron.

I wonder if Cody’s father Giorgio Andrea could make him a baron if he were recognized/legitimized.

In the Grimaldi family (Royal House of Monaco), recognition of an illegitimate daughter allowed the family to continue in its present form. This may have already been done unbeknownst to the public. Cody may be arrogant, but I want to say he would not parade himself around Manhattan without reconciling his past with his present persona.

I found this Franchetti tree on an Italian website. Cody’s line is in bold large font. Cody has other modern day notable family members. See next posts.



GIUSEPPE FRANCHETTI, era di famiglia originaria della Francia Meridionale, commerciante ed eminente membro della Comunità Ebraica di Livorno
= ………………

A2. RAIMONDO (+1828)
= Isabella Coen

B1. ABRAMO, creato Barone (per maschi primogeniti) dal Re di Sardegna con Regio Decreto del 17-X-1858, banchiere, tra i principali artefici della bonifica della Maremma e della zona di Caorle, finanziatore della costruzione delle prime ferrovie in Italia (*Livorno 1805, +1867)
= 25-XI-1827 Allegra Levi-Sonnino, figlia di Abram Samuel Levi-Sonnino

C1. BARONE (DAL 1867) RAIMONDO AUGUSTO, nominato Cavaliere al Merito del Lavoro (per meriti di Agricoltura nel settore della bonifica) con regio Decreto del 2-VII-1903, Commendatore dell’Ordine della Corona d’Italia, Grande Ufficiale dell’Ordine della Corona d’Italia, Cavaliere dell’Ordine dei Santi Maurizio e Lazzaro(*Livorno 25-X-1829, +Reggio Emilia 30-X-1905)
= 17-XI-1858 la Baronessa Louise (Sarah) von Rothschild, figlia del Barone Anselm Salomon von Rothschild e della Baronessa Charlotte de Rothschild (*Vienna 8-XII-1834, +Francoforte 23-XI-1924)

D3. GIORGIO GIOVACCHINO, pianista, mecenate e collezionista d’arte, acquistò nel 1894 la Ca’ d’Oro di Venezia e nel 1916 la donò allo Stato Italiano assieme alle opere d’arte che vi aveva raccolto, restaurò personalmente i mosaici della Ca’ d’Oro, finanziò il restauro del Castel Vecchio di Verona e quello dei mosaici della Basilica di San Marco di Venezia (*Torino 18-I-1865, +17-XII-1922)
= (div. 19...) la Baronessa Marion von Hornstein zu den drei Hohenstoffeln u. Binningen

E2. CARLO, creato Barone con Regio Decreto del 5-XII-1932 (Regie Lettere Patenti di autorizzazione all’uso del titolo datate 11-VIII-1933), Commendatore dell’Ordine Pontificio del Santo Sepolcro, decorato della Croce di Guerra al Valor Militare, decorato della Military Cross del Regno Unito, decorato della Cittadinanza Onoraria di Capraia e Limite l’8-VI-1930, decorato della Cittadinanza Onoraria di Selva di Val Gardena il 31-VIII-1930, Socio del Club Alpino Italiano, Fondatore del Centro Speleologico Romano nel 1934, celebre speleologo ed alpinista, autore del fondamentale Manuale dell’Arrampicatore (1924), fu pubblico benefattore, contribuì economicamente alla costruzione di un ponte sull’Arno tra Capraia e Montelupo e alla realizzazione di una teleferica tra Cortina d’Ampezzo ed il Pocol, costruì a sue spese un rifugio alpino (a lui intitolato) presso Ovindoli negli Abruzzi (*Vienna 15-I-1896, +Vittorio Veneto 28-IX-1955)
= Falconara 30-X-1918 Virginia dei Marchesi Mereghi, Nobile di Jesi

F1. BARONE (DAL 1955) MARIO(*Merano 16-XI-1919, +11-VII-1976)
= Roma 11-VII-1945 Anna Milliken

G1. BARONE (DAL 1976) GIORGIO ANDREA(*New York 15-VI-1949)
= 29-VIII-1989 Maria Fiora Pirri Ardizzone, figlia di Piero Pirri Ardizzone e di Donna Maria Felice Monroy dei Principi di Pandolfina (v. Monroy)

(Tree presumably does not include illegitmate children)

H1. Mario Alberto Benjamin (*Parigi 4-IX-1987)
H2. Giordano (*Roma 20-IV-1989)
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Maybe a Prussian order? I Googled, but got nothing.
Probably of the order of the "Ritterschaft Herzogtum Anhalt e.V." which he invented himself and sold it for 6.000 EUR to people who wanted to have such an order....
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Ah I see. 6,000 Euro eh? Not bad. :lol:
With all the talk of the von Anhalts, I thought people may be interested to see these two shots of the 'Prince and Princess'. Zsa Zsa has never used her Princessly rank even though her hubby does.

Ofcourse Zsa Zsa has never used 'Princessly' rank, because she has none, nor does her husband have princely rank as you're very well aware BeatrixFan ;)

The man paid Princess Marie Auguste von Anhalt to adopt him (keeping in mind she was 82 when she did so), however German law relating to the styles and titles of the former ruling royal and noble families only recognises the adoption of blood relatives within the same family. In addition, the Ducal House of Anhalt does not recognise Hans Lichtenburg as a member of their family. Thus Zsa Zsa is no more entitled to a Princely style than my left shoe!
It's been a long time between drinks Von Schlesian. Welcome back. :flowers:
even though zsa zsa and her husband aren't authentic royalty - we won't hear them saying otherwise. amazing what some people will do!

Notice that Zsa Zsa is wearing her order ribbon on the left in one picture and on the right in the other.
All orders have a strict ruling as to how the ribbon is worn, so I would surmise that it's a made up thing.
Probably the Order of Gabor!!! :ohmy:

Larry :whistling:
Some people with ancient and legal titles, both inter alia and territorial never use their titles. Some former German ruling houses who governed a few square miles have like up to 60 members of the immediate and extended family using (titles are not legal in Germany and Austria, only the Austrians have been sensible and honest enough to abide by the law) princely and comital titles.

I was asked by someone who is a lawyer and politician how he should address and treat an ex king. An ex king is treated like a king period.
"Lady Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg"

Has anyone heard of this woman, Elizabeth Windsor Cragg?! She says she's the illegit child of Edward VIII. Edward VIII and whom? Wallis?!

Is she who she says she is -- I somehow got acquainted with her through a blog and had no idea who she was until she revealed herself to me. She has all this proof and what not and has a very convincing story -- and in some ways I can believe it but in other ways -- no. Like the whole abdication crises and how Elizabeth II eventually ended up as Queen. In actuality, Elizabeth was never supposed to become Queen -- I get that -- but it's just strange that the British would go through all of the explanations this woman has given me just to have a certain person as King/Queen. :ermm:
I have heard of her. I think she even posted here at one time (certainly she has posted on a number of boards and on most she is seen as a crackpot).

She claims that Edward had a weekend trip to some post in the US where her mother was a nurse and that Edward and her mother did the deed and she is the result. Then many years later her mother told her who her father was.

I don't believe her but others might.

The reason why Edward was forced to abdicate on the surface are that he wanted to marry a twice divorced woman but there is far more to it than that.
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