Engagement of Princess Iman and Zaid Mirza: December 20, 2012

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Does he have an occupation?
According to an article posted by Rossina, he is CEO & Chairman of Desert Force (First Arabian Professional MMA Organization), and Founder of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Federation in Jordan.
He trains Hashim and Hamzah for Jiu Jitsu and is friends with Hashim, too. :flowers: Also he is a distant relative to Iman, he is her niece ( Hussein Mirza) paternal cousin.

Yes he’s Princess Iman relatives ,, But far relative ,,, but they are lovely ,, congratulation for the Couple :flowers:

Another pics of Zaid Mirza


Video of Zaid Mirza ADCC Superfight ,,, Zaid Mirza Vs Hassen Mousa ,,,,,, Zaid Mirza in Blue suit
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Congratulations to Princess Iman and Zaid Mirza! :flowers:

I just only read this thread today, so this is the first time I've heard about it ;)
thank you for the additional photos Zaid looks like a strong man.
i am sure they'll make a lovely couple.
love Queen Noor Tweet:D
Congratulations to Princess Iman and Zaid Mirza. May God grant them both a long and happy life together:flowers:
Pcs Iman has some of her mother's beauty but she has also Hashemite genes. She has a strong ressablence to Pcs Haya.
Thanks you for the picture, Salma.
Mr Mirza looks very proud of his bride. :)
But he is not so handsome, imho.
Oh, i am so happy for princess iman... i wish that she 'll have a good life with mirza, his face is very familiar to me because we can see him in a lot of pics with prince hashem...i am sure that he is a nice person marouk to the couple and all the hashemite family!
Thanks for someonessa and salma for posting the photos,
the couple look very happy!! great!!
she is sooooo happy am glad for her !!! frankly they look the best couple perhaps the most perfect in the family !
:previous: wedding or just the Nikah contract?

Wow, George Mason University is a very good school. Congrats to the couple!

What a beautiful couple. They both look happy! Her hair and her make-up is so simple!
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she is great, i like her hairstyle
wish all the best for them
1 week? Good grief. Is there some kind of emergency?
Maybe like Prince Hamzah!

Sorry dear friends, Mistaken about the wedding. :flowers:
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1 week? Good grief. Is there some kind of emergency?

It is normal for some Arab families to have a very brief engagement period before signing the marriage contract (not the actual wedding), so it is not necessarily some kind of emergency !!
Thanks Burzg for the update.
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I don't see anything wrong with a speedy marriage. Im sure the two families have planned it all and it seems that they are not fond of long engagement periods.

Are there any pictures of the King & Queen attending the ceremony that took place?
thank ou for posting those photos.
as expected the couple looks lovelyand Princess Iman seemsso happy good for her.
As you all can see in the pictures Princess Iman was comfortable. I believe they knew each other long time ago. It seems to me that this marriage was not arranged!!
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