Earl and Countess of Wessex: Visit to the Czech Republic - March 12-14, 2013

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Thanks to Ducii for the original information;

In March they will visit also Czech republic. For Sophie it will be the first visit of this country. Edward already has visited Czech republic. I think it was in 2005.

The Earl and Countess of Wessex to visit the Czech Republic

The Prince and his wife were invited by the Czech branch of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Foundation and the British Embassy in Prague. The full itinerary of the Royal couple is yet to be confirmed, but some engagements will include presenting international certificates from the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Foundation and the promotion of British goods and products sold in the country.
Another little trip for the Wessex's. March is a busy month for them, but of course the Duke of Edinburgh's Award requires a lot of travel. It's nice that Sophie goes along too, as it shows her support for the award and makes it nicer when she is Duchess of Edinburgh.
The date is set. The visit will take place on 12th March. No official program published...
The Countess of Wessex look beautiful.
That dress that Sophie is wearing is simply awful - has she actually put it on properly - it looks like it is caught up in her panties and needs to be pulled down at the front.
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I think it's a sort of flared riding jacket with pants underneath. I agree- it's a little odd.
It's not a dress. It's a suit with a skirt attached to the suit jacket. Making it look almost like a coatdress but shorter at the front. If it wasn't matchy matchy material and the same length all the way around she probably could have pulled it off. I'm trying to find the designer.

Here's a front on picture - http://25.media.tumblr.com/de6b8220639ccfdf37c3d2e55c578a13/tumblr_mjk6aihaBi1ryoyrho1_1280.jpg

It's by McQueen. And btw it's a ruffle coat.

in black: http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/334185
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God I hate that coat. Edward burn it for your wife, along with her white pant suit.

Lovely images though, nice to see a few images of their visit so far. Unusual of Getty to publish photos, this makes me happy :D

:O That is an expensive coat! Edward's had the same suits for years, however his wife has 7 wardrobes! :D
MOlly I love this look!!! And her white pansuit by Wickstead also, maybe not from the back, but from the front it looks good on her :)
MOlly I love this look!!! And her white pansuit by Wickstead also, maybe not from the back, but from the front it looks good on her :)

:D Anna, I am not a fan of either outfits. They just don't win me over! I do love her shoes though and I love that her hair is down.

I am glad there are some videos, though I wish I knew what they were saying in some of them.

I just found out both women were born in 1965 (First Lady is a bit younger than Sophie) but look at the difference. I did read Ivana is quite shy and reserved, but Sophie does look a bit younger. I want her genetics...
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Couple of articles of Edward and Sophie in Czech. Not sure what the article is about.... Anna, could you maybe help?

Article and Article 2 and Article 3

Nice image of the couple in the first one.

Edward/Sophie + Edward/Sophie

They all talk about Edward and Sophie's visit to the Theatre and Edward presenting DOE certificates.
Main Info; Prince Edward in Prague praises the student as he goes to the theatre. It was a production of The King's Speech. In the morning the prince gave the Czernin Palace certificates 35 Czech students who have successfully completed the program Foundation International Award Duke of Edinburgh.
1 article with Prince Edward pics from today
Princ Edward ocenil studenty. Za jazyky, sport i pomoc senior

On Wednesday, Edward will take part in the presentation of international certificates from the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Foundation, which is a prestigious educational programme that has involved over eight million youths from more than 140 countries.
On Wednesday, Prince Edward and Countess Sophie will go to the Divadlo pod Palmovkou theatre to see a rehearsal of the drama King's Speech about Edward's grandfather, King George VI.
Countess Sophie will visit the Jedlicka Institute for children with disabilities and the Czech-British Sue Ryder home for elderly people, inspired by and named after Margaret Susan Ryder, a British baroness.

"Countess Sophie visited the Czech-British Sue Ryder Home for seniors in Prague this morning."
Here is link to their site, they have gallery with pics from diff events, so there is hope they will share pics from Countess visit as well:

Countess Sophie will visit the Jedlicka Institute for children with disabilities:

Two articles in English:
British Prince Edward presents Czech students with certificates -
Czech President Zeman receives British Prince Edward -

Molly posted this article but in mobile version, here is site version, with slightly bigger pictures:

"The Earl and Countess of Wessex this morning departed from Heathrow Airport, London, for the Czech Republic and were received upon arrival this afternoon at Václav Havel Airport Prague by Her Majesty's Ambassador to the Czech Republic (Her Excellency Miss Sian MacLeod). Their Royal Highnesses later called upon The President of the Czech Republic at Prague Castle.
The Earl and Countess of Wessex subsequently visited Lobkowicz Palace Museum, Lobkowicz Palace, Prague.
Their Royal Highnesses this evening this evening attended a Dinner given by Her Majesty's Ambassador to the Czech Republic at the Residence in Prague.
Brigadier John Smedley and Mrs. Philippa Southgate-Sands are in attendance."
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Thanks Anna. Lovely images of the Wessex's today. Love that they attended a Fashion Show. I love Sophie's black dress and jacket and her shoes! :)
A gala is being held in honour of the Royal couple's visit:

Royal Gala Dinner
Do we hope for pics from this gala?? I so would love to see Sophie in some evening outfit..
As for today's look, her black suit (jacket and dress) looks very Wickstead to me. And Sophie is wearing new blue dress to the fashion show, also beautiful!
Perhaps by Wakeley.
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I hope we get some Gala pictures. :D

I think the blue dress looks very Roland Mouret, I am sure you will use your great skills and hunt down the designer. :D

I love that each time Sophie accompanies Edward on his DoE trips she makes time to visit things that also interest her.
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I thought it was a Roland Mouret. My designer skills are getting better!

I wonder if we will see images from the Gala or if it will be private. I am really surprised that we have even had images of their visit. Of course it's the Czech media who are publishing the images, but it's still better than what I was expected.
I think they are really happy from that visit, and that's why they cover it quite well, though could be better. I just cannot understand British press... They write about every stupid nonsense, and another royal visit isn't covered at all... Weird.
It is annoying but unless you're William or Catherine, the British press really don't care.
It is annoying but unless you're William or Catherine, the British press really don't care.

Charles and Camilla are getting coverage on their Middle East tour at the minute. But yes, Sophie and Edward don't attract that much attention. Andrew gets coverage because he's Airmiles Andy, Anne for her horses and hardworking, Zara, Beatrice and Eugenie get pictured at events, parties etc they're young and likely to slip up somewhere.
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