Earl and Countess of Wessex Current Events 10: March-August 2006

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March 7, 2006; Carriage ride to Buckingham Palace to have lunch for Brazilian State visit. Getty Images

March 9, 2006; Sophie, Countess of Wessex attending Memorial Service for Lord Lichfield with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; Princess Michael of Kent; Prince Michael of Kent. pics by Getty Images

Royal Ladies

Isn't it wonderful to see the royal ladies getting along so well. It must make the Queen so happy to finally have peace in her family.
Beautiful!!!! Great pictures, Thanks. She looks lovely!
She has GOT to find another hat style! That thing looks like someone whacked it with a cleaver. I think she has worn several hats of similar style and they're not at all flattering. Nice color, though, but a terrible shape.
I agree the colour is extremely lovely but I am not about the shape of those hats. However it's nice to see her in something new.
Cheltenham Festival

Could someone please tell me what the Cheltenham Festival is? I'm from the states so I'm unfamiliar with the Festival. Also isn't that Sophie's father there to greet her in one of the pictures? I think Sophie look's great having fun from time to time with your hat style, well what's wrong with that? When you think how many formal occasion when she required to be a little more formal well I say have fun and don't take yourself so serious. At least she's not a slave to fashion.
I'm afriad that those horrible hats are very much in fashion, but that really isn't a good reason to still wear them.

Here is a pic of Edward and the Queen. From Royal Insight.


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March 15, 2006 at the Cheltenham Races; The Countess of Wessex with her father Christopher; with Lord Vestey and her father Christopher; (4) with Conservative Leader Michael Howard; with a member of the Cheltenham Races Course. Tim Graham/Getty Images

*Prince Edward is in Australia with the Queen for the Commonwealth Games
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sophie looks fantastic but the hat...well i guess if that's her only fashion fault then i can live it.
So nice to see Sophie and her father together enjoying a day out.
March 12, 2006; Prince Edward attending church service in Melbourne, Australia
photo by Janine Eastgate, Herald Sun


March 13, 2006; At church with the Queen and Prince Philip in Sydney, Australia
for Commonwealth Games. Photo: AP

I had the pleaseure of meeting HRH The Earl of Wessex on Wednesday morning, His Royal Highness was a model of charm and grace, taking genuine interest in all those presented to him.
Laviollette said:
March 15, 2006 at the Cheltenham Races; The Countess of Wessex with her father Christopher; with Lord Vestey and her father Christopher; (4) with Conservative Leader Michael Howard; with a member of the Cheltenham Races Course. Tim Graham/Getty Images
I love the Countess of Wessex's outfit at Cheltenham, it's very stylish! Nice to see Sophie with her father, I hope they are finding good support and friendship in each other after the passing of Mary last year.
I really like Sophie's coat. The high empire waistline and the overall fit are very flattering. And nice matching boots.

Don't love the hat style, but the color is very nice.
the hat is the same og beatrice in christmas?
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 18: Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex speaks to course officials during the Triathlon Women's Race at the St Kilda Foreshore and Beach Road during day three of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games March 18, 2006 in Melbourne, Australia

from getty


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March 18, 2006; Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex at Synchronised Swimming event in Melbourne, Australia for Commonwealth Games; with Olympian Susie O'Neil at 200m women's freestyle swimming; shaking hands with bronze medal winner Joanne Jackson. Getty Images

several more from Corbis of Sophie at the Cheltenham

and also with her father, Christopher Rhys-Jones
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I dont know what the problem is about the hat but i actually like it
I'm not normally a fan of this style of hat on Sophie but I don't know whether it's the colour or what but it's starting to grow on me
I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but how long did Sophie and Edward date before their wedding?
I would guess that they were dating by November 1993. Possibly even before that in late October 1993, after meeting earlier that month. Not further back as both were seeing other people.
So that will make it about six years and and roughly eight months. It was actually not as bad as it sounds they were probably engaged from 1994. If it wasn't for the divorces of The Prince of Wales and Duke of York and the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. They would have married sooner. Perhaps they did, I recently read an article about their trip in America and a close friend of the couple told the media that she had attended their wedding in 1998 down in New Zealand. :)
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