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Anyone know if this is true?

Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit's embarrassing appearance on a TV dating show will never be aired.
The 35-year-old royal, who participated in the programme before she met and married Crown Prince Haakon in 2001, tried to find love on Norway's hit TV series 'Lysthuset' in 1996.
In the episode, contestants had to answer questions about their sex life and bark like a dog.
The show's production team had planned to broadcast clips from the show to celebrate the station's 20th anniversary - but TV Norge has now decided it would be inappropriate to air the recording.
Eivind Landsverk, programme director for TV Norge, said: "Prior to the engagement between Crown Prince Haakon and Mette-Marit we had a lot of requests from international press wanting to buy the footage. As a result, the TV Norge editors at the time decided never again to use the recordings commercially.
"I made a decision as editor and resolved that we would not do a rerun of that particular programme."
The images of Mette-Marit trying to find a date were originally used in the promotion of the anniversary episode, but they have now been censored.

Princess Mette-Marit's TV no
never heard of this story :rolleyes:
Anyone know if this is true?
Princess Mette-Marit's TV no

Let me just way this: I would not blame ANYONE for turning down the "opportunity" to appear on what looks to be such an embarrassing show! Also, I can't imagine MM having problems finding a date, either, but as this gets into the realm of speculating what her life might have been like before meeting her loving husband, I won't go there, here.
Only recently developed an interest in this couple and this woman in particular and whatever else you say about her this lady has incredible courage and an incredible love for her husband. She walked up to the stake knowing she would be burned/roasted for her past yet she stepped up anyway and Im pretty sure she realised it would be dragged up and thrown at her again and again. Hope the love they have makes up for it. Frankly dont know that many people that would put themselves through the same.
anymore little surprise of mette marit past? i wonder what did harald and sonja think especially harald who's grandfather haakon vii was a man know of his fear for scandal and with reluctant agree to let his granddaughter ragnhild marry. as of right now i dont think anyone will be surprise when another controversial fact come up regarding mette marit pas
I dont care for her past, everybody is free to do what they want IMO. Nobody is born perfect and nobody knows what their future is.
She lived her life and feel in love with the crown prince. She has come along way and proved herslef as a crown princess, so whatever her past is, I think its time to forget it because she is no longer that person.
I dont understand why bring the past up when it cant be/nor will be changed.
So Mette-Marit has a past?
It doesn't matter one bit, Norway seems happy with their Crown Princess.
Haakon seems very happy with his wife, and Sonja and Harald have a beautiful daughter-in-law.
Everyone has a past, but this should not stop you falling in love, even if it was with a prince.
Past is past. Unfortunately, nobody is perfect. I am not interested in her past and I don't care about it.
She changed a lot and she does her work very well now.
She hasn't put a foot wrong since her marriage nearly ten years ago.
I think Mette Marit has done a wonderful job as Crown Princess since her marriage.

Most of us have things in our past we would not want splashed all over the media and thankfully most of us will never have to suffer that. What matters is how someone moves on with their life and the person they become as they get older and I believe that MM has done this superbly. She is obviously very much in love with her husband and children and also represents Norway wonderfully in her public role.
Well said Kathl29 ! It is more than 10 years old now !
I agree. Everyone deserves a second chance in life. Mette-Marit took the chance to the positive. It is wonderful to see how she has grown into her role. She definitely had the most fights to win compared to the other married crown princesses. She proved to be a worthy representative of her country. Well done, crown princess. I hope she and Hakoon will throw a big anniversary wedding party next year and let us be part of it with lots of official events and pictures.
The past is the past. She is lovely and does a good job. You know the saying ,"He who is without sin.......". I am glad she was able to turn her life around.
I admit that I don't like her past a bit. Being a traditionalist myself, I would have liked another CRwonprincesse for Prince Haakon. But of course I don't have any right to deny her all the possibilities to undertake a new life. If we doesn't let her try...How could she do it? I also admit that I've nothing to say about her since she married Haakon. It's easy to say that she loves her husband and children and that's perfect. :)

Of course, I have some complains about Royal's lifes and interest and jobs these last 15 years. But I now think it is not their fault. At least, not completely. They does what they can. No more , no less. No one ignores that there are strong international phynancial powers what are commanding even politicians, who are supposed to have some little power to undertake their job as presidents, deputies, etc...And they are not allowed to. So, just imagine what happens to Royals that doesn't have any political power, either! If things are not going like we should likes them to, are not entirely by Royals or politicians faults. So, our criticizing wouldn't be adressed to them.

But this is another issue and Mette Marit has nothing to do to with it. She is a good Crownprincesse for the times we are living in. ;)

I think she's great! She always comes across as so genuine. They are evidently a couple in love and have adorable, happy children. So she went to parties, took some drugs and had some sex.... Me too! But now I've grown out of that, just as she did, and MILLIONS of other people (lawyers, journalists, firefighters, nurses) are the same. It's called growing up. Yes. she has a child, but he appears to be a mature, clever, balanced young man.... so where's the problem? The past is the past. Leave it there!

Or shall we return to trading 13 year old virgins and gold?
Monarchy in general is suposse to has special rules, but is no true. Mette Marit is a clear example. She had very many activities in the past, and now She is a Crown Princess.All is right.
We ALL make mistakes some worse than others, and she, like any of us, deserves a second chance. I admire her, and didn't before, but I see how she is with her children and how much she loves her husband. The past is in the past--you can't change it, but you can learn from your mistakes and try to never make the same mistake...
May I remind you how LONG her "past" is ago?! This discussion is totally outdated and the CP has proven over and over again the past 10 years, that she´s a great and proper royal (even more than some born royals that cross my mind...)!
Im glad she worked hard for Nowary's respect.The past does not define who she is.
I have loved her since day one so I am delighted that she has become so popular !
Ten years on and this is still a topic for articles and discussion?

Im not going to bother reading it. It is her current work and contribution that matters.
I totally agree Cepe. Why dig up an old thread to discuss the past of a oerson who has now been happily married for 12 years and does her job well as CP of Norway? What is the point? It is not new or news.
You shouldn't discuss, read and hear it, but this is her past and will be remain it forever. I didn't post it to insult you or your feelings (or Mette-Marit's), but I think there are many peolpe who are interested on Mette-Marit with her past, present and future. Because of her past is she today, who she is, how we know her.
Its not like you are adding anything new to a discussion that was out of date even when this thread was started so I guess I just do not see what point you are trying to make.
Nothing special, I found an article and I posted it. I think this is the sense of this forum.
Seems like this ex-boyfriend is doing this for montetary gain or maybe he is jealous of Mette-Marit life. Maybe he wants some attention. Who really cares that Mette-Marit dated so and so years ago.

You never hear about ex-girlfriends or their family members writing books about male royals nor do you hear about family members of the ex-girlfriend writing a book about the relationship that their family member had with male royal A or B. I never seen or heard of such a book and I doubt it exists. Seems to be some unwritten rule that you don't do this. No one crosses this or they have enough respect for this person that they don't do this.

The same is not true about non-royals (females) who marry into royalty.
It is just that, her "past". Let it go. She is lovely and doing a great job. She wasn't Haakon mistress when he was married to someone else, she is, always, trying to improve herself and a hard worker. Leave her alone.
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