Diana, Princess of Wales: Australian and Canadian Tours and Visits

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Aug 23, 2006
My notes are really a mess refering to those trips.
I will be very greatful if you could help me to put my photos in order (places they visit, date and what dress what diana wearing). I know this could be hard work!!! Thanks.;)
The tour to Australia/New Zealand was a really long one (almost one & a half months) so there should be lots of fun pictures!

I guess this is the start of the Down Under tour. On the evening of March 18 1983, Charles & Diana leave Heathrow airport.

Photo: Photographers International

thanks! I knew about this photos but I hadn't seen this one
Edmonton, Alberta -Canada in June 21, 1983

From majesty, point de vue, corbis
Beautiful pics, gfg02! I'd never seen some of them before.
Do you know if they started canadian tour this day?
This Australian and New Zealand tour was one of those old fashioned royal tours which takes forever. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for such a young family to be away from home. I love that picture though, it is a nice trip down memory lane.
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I agree Christo's Girl - the Australian/New Zealand tour must have been a big challenge, especially to Diana. It was her first major tour & it was basically a 'baptism by fire'. A month & a half is a long time to be always "on show". We haven't seen a tour like this since from the younger members of the British RF, I don't think. They are probably a thing of the past.

Pilar, the dates for the Canadian tour are from June 14 to July 1 1983 - much shorter than the Australian/NZ tour.
March 20 1983 Arriving in Alice Springs for the start of the Australian trip

According to the London Times, after stepping off the plane, Diana spent four hours lounging by the pool at the home of a local businessman. She then went back to her hotel for a nap. Then she & Charles visited areas of flood damage in Alice Springs. Finally they attended a press reception. (I don't think we'll see pics from any of these events?).

March 21 1983 Alice Springs

... later that evening they watched the sunset on Ayers Rock

All photos: Tim Graham
Those were wonderful pictures that I doubt many have seen before, I know I haven't. Thank you.

Thanks for those pics, the boys and Diana looked so relaxed.
Thank you very much for the pictures. It is so poignant to see the wonderful moments she shares with her boys. I wonder if they remember this day. She would be very proud of the way they have turned out.
I remember that Canadian visit. I believe it was the last time Diana ever visited Canada. Atleast it was full of good memories with her children.
you're right christo...she only visited canada twice. the first visit was early in the marriage although i'm not sure of the dates.
Diana visited Canada 3 times.
1983, 1986, and 1991.
We have a thread "Australian and Canadian Tour 1983", with just 8 posts. The Niagara Falls thread has 11 posts, 5 of which are "thanks for the pics" posts.
To bring the common material together I'll merge the two threads, and rename it "Australian & Canadian Tours".

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Merging is very nice, Warren, but you should drop the "1983," since the Niagara Falls visit was during the 1991 Canadian tour. Harry of course hadn't even been born in 1983.;)
Done. Thanks. :)

A note to posters: could the date, or at least the year, be included in links, pics etc so we have the correct context. I've edited the Niagara Falls posts to include the year.
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Sammy said:
Diana visited Canada 3 times.
1983, 1986, and 1991.

sorry about that. forgot about the expo visit.
Does anyone have pictures of Diana in a white, one sleeved gown on her 1983 Australian tour? I can't remeber whether this is where she wore it, but I think its the same one she wore to a flim premier also. Any help would be appreciated!!
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