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Archduchess Margherita of Austria-Este, nee Princess of Savoy-Aosta died on 10 January.

She was born in Capodimonte (Italy) on 7 April 1930 as the elder of two daughters of Amedeo, Duke of Aosta (1898- imprisoned by English in Nairobi 1942) & his wife Princess Anne of Orleans (1906-1986); she had one sister Maria Cristina (b.12 September 1933, later wife of Prince Casimir of Bourbon-Two Sicillies).
She married civilly in Bourg-en-Bresse on 28 December and religiously in Brou on 29 December 1953 Robert, Archduke of Austria-Este (1915-1996) [third of eight children of Karl I, last Emperor of Austria (1887-1922) & his wife Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma (1892-1989)] by whom she had five children: Maria Beatrix (b.1954), Lorenz (b.1955, created Prince of Belgium in 1995), Gerhard (b.1957), Martin (b.1959) & Isabella (b.1963).
Apart from her children she left nineteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren as well as her only sister and her family.

Sources: (Thanks, eya!)
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Dinnies Friedrich Karl von der Osten, first husband of Princess Felicitas of Prussia died in Bad Godesberg on 5 January.

He was born in Köslin on 21 May 1929.
He married in Bonn on 12 September 1958 Princess Felicitas of Prussia (1934-2009) [elder of two daughters of Prince Wilhelm of Prussia (1906-killed in action in Nivelles 1940; renounced his rights in 1933 before marrying) {himself eldest child of Wilhelm, Crown Prince of the German Empire and of Prussia (1882-1951) & his wife Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg (1886-1954)}} & his morganatic wife Dorothea von Salviati (1907-1972) but they divorced in 1972.
They had four children together: Friederike (b.1959), Dinnies jr. (1962-1989), Hubertus (b.1964) & Cecilie (b.1967).
Apart from three living children he left three granddaughters: Felicitas (b.1986), Victoria (b.1989) & Dinata (b.1992) [daughters of his eldest daughter Friederike & her husband Bernhard von Reiche (b.1956)], two grandsons: Julius (b.1998) & Victor (b.2002) [sons of his youngest daughter Cecilie and her first husband Ole Marxen (b.1964)] and two great-grandsons: Caspar (b.2019) 7 Jonathan (b.2021) [sons of his eldest granddaughter Felicitas & her husband Alexander Georg von Heinz].

Sources: Descendants of German Emperor Wilhelm I
Princess Elisabeth of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duchess of Württemberg died on 29 January

She was born in Stuttgart on 2 February 1933 as the second daughter and third child of Duke Philipp Albrecht of Württemberg (1893-1975) & Archduchess Rosa of Austria-Tuscany (1906-1983). She had one half-sister Duchess Marie Christine (1924), and five full siblings: Duchess Helene (1929-2021), Duke Ludwig Albrecht (1930-2019), Duchess Marie-Thérèse (1934), Duke Carl (1936, current head of the House of Württemberg), and Duchess Marie Antoinette (1937-2004).

She married on 18 July 1958 to Prince Antonio of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (1929-2019) {the only child of Prince Gabriele of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (1897-1975) and Princess Malgorzata Czartoryska (1902-1929)}. They had four children together: Prince Francesco (1960), Princess Maria Carolina (1962), Prince Gennaro (1966), and Princess Annunziata (1973).


Sources: https://eurohistoryjournal.blogspot...EsGrXLRUNH1_oeOutbBPIV9_jajuWsJlXJJEqqxv2LYc8
Alfred, Count of Solms-Sonnenwalde died on Feb 1 at the age of 89.

He was born in 1932 as the fourth and youngest child of Wilhelm, Count of Solms-Sonnenwalde (1886-1981) and Countess Isabelle von Bentinck (1889-1981). In 1992, he married Christine Hüsmert (*1964). They had three daughters: Charlotte (*1993), Caroline (*1994), and Isabelle (*1996).

He was the last head of the Solms-Sonnenwalde branch.

Source: Descendants of Willem Bentinck and Charlotte Sophie of Aldenburg
Baroness Ricarda von dem Bussche-Ippenburg has died this year at the age of 43.

She was the eldest child of Duchess Elisabeth Christine of Mecklenburg (*1947) and her former husband Alhard, Count von dem Bussche-Ippenburg gennant von Kessell (*1947). She was married firstly to Werner von Bergen (*1955) from 2001 to 2019. She married her second husband, Mervyn Bienek (*~1990) in 2020. Their son, Theodor von dem Bussche, was born in 2019.

In addition to her husband, son, and parents, she is survived by her siblings Josina (*1979) and Gabriel (*1983), and Gabriel's children Otilia (*2017) and Alvo.

Source: Descendants of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria
Very sad news!

What happened to her? Why did she die so young?
On 12 May last year Princess Osterlind zu Wied finished her mundane journey - and on 3 January this year her widiwer, Werner von Klitzing (born in Hannover on 3 August 1934) did the same.

He and Princess Osterlind zu Wied (born in Stuttgart on 8 April 1939) [youngest of three children of Hereditary Prince Hermann of Wied (1899-killed in action in Poland 1941) & his wife Countess Marie Antonie of Stolberg-Wernigerode (1909-2003)] married in Neuwied on 7 September 1964 and had four children Sophie (b.1965), Franziska (b.1966), Valeska (b.1970) & Kaspar (b.1973) and eleven grandchildren.

Descendants of King Willem I of the Netherlands
Prince Rüdiger of Saxony died on March 29 at the age of 68, following a heart attack.

He was born on December 29, 1953 to Prince Timo of Saxony (1923-1982) and his first wife Margit Lukas (1932-1957). In 1974, he married Astrid Linke (1949-1989) and had three sons: Daniel (*1975), Arne (*1977), and Moritz (*1978). He married Diana Dorndorf (*1958) in 2004, and divorced in 2006.

In addition to his sons, he is survived by his three daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren.

Source: Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau
The Honourable Barbara Ormrod [nee FitzRoy] who died on 24 March aged 93, was a scion of the Viscounts Daventry, and a direct descendant of the Merrie Monarch King Charles II.

She was born on 19 December 1928, as fourth of five daughters of Robert Oliver FitzRoy, 2nd Viscount Daventry (1893-1986) & his wife Grace Zoë, nee Guinness (1893-1978), scion of the eponymous brewing dynasty.

She married on 18 April 1952 Colonel Peter Charles Ormrod, MC (1922-2007) [son of Major James Ormrod (1883-1945) & his wife Winifred Selina, nee Bulkeley (1886-1973, scion of the Bulkeley landed gentry family] by whom she had two daughters, Emma and Alice.

She was widowed on 2 September 2007.

King Charles II > 1st Duke of Grafton > 2nd Duke of Grafton > Lord Augustus FitzRoy > Charles, 1st Baron Southampton > George, 2nd Baron Southampton > Charles, 3rd Baron Southampton > Edward Algernon FitzRoy, MP > Robert FitzRoy, 2nd Viscount Daventry > Barbara FitzRoy [1928-2022]

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Archduchess Maria Immaculata of Austria-Tuscany died on April 2nd age 88.

She was born on December 7, 1933, as the third child and second daughter of Archduke Theodor Salvator (1899-1978) [grandson of Emperor Franz Joseph I. (1830-1916)] & Countess Maria Theresa von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg (1901-1967).

She married on May 14, 1959 to Count Reinhart von und zu Hoensbroech (1926-2005), together they had seven children.

She was widowed on June 8th, 2005.

Source: https://eurohistoryjournal.blogspot...zSVuRQow7yd9ycNpSsWTpU3NbpZKO2U2q2hvzUPP2cG28
Princess Donata Reuss died on April 24 at the age of 89.

Elisabeth Donata Regina Emma Clementine was born in Vienna on June 8, 1932 as youngest of six children of Heinrich XXXIX, Prince Reuss (1891-1946) and Countess Antonia of Castell-Castell (1896-1971).

In 1960 she married Peter Coleman, Bishop Suffragan of Crediton (1928-2001). They had four children: Antonia (*1961), Basil (*1963), Benedict (*1965), and Elena (*1969). She is survived by them, her six grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews.

Descendants of Prince Heinrich XIII Reuss of Greiz
Countess Veronique d'Alcantara de Querrieu died in Ramilies (Belgium) on 4 May, twenty-three days before her 62nd birthday.

She was born in Uccle (Belgium) on 27 May as the youngest of three children and younger daughter of Alvar, Count d'Alcantara de Querrieu (1935-2019) {himself firstborn son (and only child together) of Princess Stephanie of Windisch-Graetz (1909-2005) & her first husband Pierre, Count d'Alcantara de Querrieu (1907- in Oranienburg concentration camp on 14 October 1944)} & his first wife Anita-Kristina Damstin (1936-1980).
She married firstly in 1985 Franзois Lebrun (b.1958) and secondly in 1999 Pierre van Hoof (b.1953); both this marriages ended in divorces and were childless.
She is survived by her sister Patricia (b.1957, married to Serge de Backer), her brother Frederic (b.1958, widower of Marie-Agnes Toby), six nephews, one niece, four grand-nieces and three grand-nephews.

Descendants of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria
Princess Sixtina of Waldeck and Pyrmont, nee Princess of Stolberg-Stolberg, died on 18 May.

She was born in Stolberg on 5 November 1933 as the eldest of four children of Wolff-Heinrich, Prince and Count of Stolberg-Stolberg (1903-1972) & his wife Irma, nee Erfert (1910-1994).
She married in Arolsen civilly on 29 August and religiously on 30 August 1961 Prince Georg-Friedrich of Waldeck and Pyrmont (1936-2020) [second of seven children of Prince Georg of Waldeck and Pyrmont (1902-1971) & his wife Countess Ingeborg of Platen Hallermund (1902-1991)].
They had two daughters Henriette (b.1963) and Isabelle (b.1965) & a son Phillip-Heinrich (b.1967) as well as four grandchildren: Annabelle (b.1991), Cecily (b.1992) & Casimir (b.1994) [children of Henriette & her husband Count Hermann of Castell-Rьdenhausen (b.1963)] and Constantin [son of Isabelle].
Apart from her children and grandchildren she is survived also by her brother Jost-Christian [(b.1940), Current Prince and Count of Stolberg, married to Sylvianne Janssens van der Maelen (b.1956)] and her sister Sophie [(b.1943) widow of Friedrich Wilhelm Prince of Wied (1931-2000)] and their families.
Her other brother Johann Wolffgang died unmarried and childless in 1964 aged 29.

Sources: Royal Musings: Princess Sixtina of Waldeck Pyrmont (1922-2022)
Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau
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Iris Caren Duchess of Wurttemberg, nee Metzger, died on 28.04.2022

She was born in Pforzheim 19 November 1963 as daughter of Herbert Metzger and his wife Gertrud Bregler.

She married in Esslingen on 29 December 2000 Christoph Duke of Wurttemberg (*30.11.1960), son of Ludwig Duke of Wurttemberg (*23.10.1930-+06.10.2019) and his first wife, married in Stuttgart on 16.12.1960, Adelheid Baroness of Bodmann (*03.08.1938), divorced 17.12.1970.
She had two children: Sylvie (*02.03.2001) and Louis (*18.03.2003)

Duke Carl of Württemberg, died on June 7th, at the age of 85.

He was born in Friedrichshafen on August 1st, 1936, as the second son of Duke Philipp Albrecht of Württemberg (1893-1975) and his second wife Duchess Rosa (1906-1983;née Archduchess of Austria-Tuscany).

He married Princess Diane d'Orléans (1940) [daughter of the Count and Countess of Paris] on July 18th, 1960. They had six children together: Duke Friedrich (1961-2018), Duchess Mathilde (1962), Duke Eberhard (1963), Duke Philipp (1964), Duke Michael (1965), and Duchess Fleur (1977).

He was the Head of the Royal House of Württemberg for forty-seven years.
He is succeeded by his grandson Duke Wilhelm (1994).
Catherine Z. Spencer Churchill [nee Lancaster], who died from lung cancer, 10 June, 2022, aged 53, was the wife of Randolph Leonard Spencer Churchill [born 22 January, 1965], great-grandson of the Rt Hon Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, DL, FRS, RA [1874-1965], and scion of the Dukes of Marlborough.

She was the former Catherine Lancaster, daughter of Antony Lancaster, of Kensington, and his wife Heather, and married at Westerham, Kent, 21 March, 1992, Randolph Leonard Spencer Churchill, elder son of Winston Spencer Churchill, MP [1940-2010], and his 1st wife the former Mary Caroline ['Minnie'] d'Erlanger.

Mrs Churchill is survived by her husband and son, John Winston [born 30 March, 2007], and three daughters, Serena Barbara [born 12 May, 1996], Zoë [born 29 Oct, 1998], and Alice [born 28 Apr, 2003].

Source: Peerage News
Father Florian, Prince Franz-Josef of Bavaria died on Wednesday, 22 June, in Ruaraka, Kenya. He was 64.

He was born at Schloß Leutstetten on August 21, 1957, as the eldest son of Prince Rasso of Bavaria (1926-2011) and Princess Theresa (1931, née Archduchess of Austria). He had four sisters and two brothers. He was the great-grandson of the last King of Bavaria, Ludwig III (1845-1921).

In 1982 he entered the Benedictine monastery of Sankt Ottilien, and since then lived and worked in Kenya.

Sources: Eurohistory and,T9gS7K0
Prince Luiz of Orleans-Braganza died on Friday 15 July 2022 in Sao Paulo, Brazil at age of 84. He was de jure Emperor of Brazil and head of House of Orleans-Braganza.

He was born on 6 June 1938 in Mandelieu as the first child of Prince Pedro Henrique of Orleans-Braganza and Princess Maria Elisabeth of Bavaria. He succeeded his father in July 1981 as head of the House.

He was single and without issue. He is survived by his siblings: 3 sisters (Eleonora, Maria Teresa, Maria Gabriela) and 6 brothers (Bertrand, Antonio, Pedro de Alcantara, Fernando Diniz, Francisco, Alberto), their spouses and numerous nephews and nieces. His heir is his younger brother Bertrand (whose heir is another brother Prince Antonio).

Prince Constantin of Schonburg-Hartenstein died on July 12, the day after his 89th birthday.

Constantin Rudolf was born on July 11, 1933 as the 12th and youngest child of Alexander, Prince of Schonburg-Hartenstein (1888-1956) and Princess Agathe of Auersperg (1888-1973). In 1958, he married Mathilde Harteinstein (*1929). They had six children: Alexandre (*1959), Michael (*1960), Karoline (*1962), Christine (*1965), Eduard (*1966), and Sophie (*1970).

In addition to his wife and children, he is survived by his 11 grandchildren, his sister Carolina (*1931), and numerous nieces and nephews.

Source: Descendants of Prince Karl of Auersperg
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