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First death in 2021:

The Lady Mary Cecilia Colman, nee Bowes-Lyon died at her home on2 January, 2021 exactly four weeks before her 89th birthday; she was maternal first cousin of Her Majesty the Queen, and wife of Sir Timothy Colman, KG, sometime Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk.

Lady Mary served as an Extra Lady-in-Waiting to HRH Princess Alexandra, the Hon Lady Ogilvy, from 1970.

She was born on 30 January 1932 as the second of four children and elder daughter of Captain the Honourable Michael Claude Hamilton Bowes Lyon (1893-1953), of The Royal Scots, and his wife Elizabeth Margaret, nee Cator (1899-1959), scion of that landed gentry family.

A niece of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and a first cousin of HM The Queen, her father was the eighth child and fifth son of the Sir Claude George Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, KG, KT, GCVO (1855-1944) & his wife Nina Cecilia, nee Cavendish-Bentinck (1862-1938).

The Honourable Michael Bowes Lyon was reported to have watched from the gallery of the House of Commons as the Abdication Bill was passed, thus witnessing the moment his sister became Queen Consort in 1936.

Mary Bowes Lyon, a childhood playmate of her cousins the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, was advanced to the rank of an Earl's daughter, in 1974, following the succession in 1972 of her brother, Fergus, as 17th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne (1928-1987).

Mary Cecilia Bowes Lyon married on 10 November 1951 Timothy James Alan Colman (b. 19 September 1929) of Bixley Manor, Norwich, scion of the Norfolk mustard family, and descended maternally from the Adeane landed family.

Her husband was Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk, 1978-2004, and chairman of the Eastern Counties Newspaper Group. He was appointed a Knight of the Order of the Garter in 1996.

She is survived by Sir Timothy and by three daughters Sarah (b.1953), Sabrina (b.1955) & Emma (b.1958) two sons James (b.1962) & Matthew (b.1966) and as well as ten grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren. Her eldest daughter, Sarah Troughton, is Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire.

Descendants of Sir Claude George Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne
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Alexandra Beck, nee Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg died o 6 January.

She was born in Rottach-Egern on 2 December 1932 as an only child together of Prince Otto of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (1878-1955) & his second wife Ilse Lampl (1901-1983).
She had four half-brothers by her father's first marriage to Princess Elisabeth of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg (1890-1953) which was dissolved by divorce in 1923; two of them died during the WWII: the second one, August-Richard was murdered by Gestapo in Berlin on 22 December 1939, exactly on his 26th birthday (!!!) and the youngest one, Gottfried was killed in action in Wolno Koschewinkowo on 28 November 1941, aged 21.
The other two were Franz (1910-2001) & Casimir (1917-2010).
She married in Kreuth, Upper Bavaria on 15 April 1955 Ortwin Beck (1915-1995) by whom she had two sons: Michael Otto (b.1956) & Andreas Florian (b.1958) as well as three granddaughters: Lisa-Marie [daughter of Michael Otto & his former wife Christiane Gilcher], Isabella & Helena [daughters of Andreas Florian & his wife Barbara Penzhofer].
She also leaves two nephews and one niece [children of her half-brother Casimir] and their families; one nephew, Richard, predeceased her in 2010 aged 58.
Her second-youngest grand-niece, Princess Teresa of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (b.1988) [older of two daughters of her youngest nephew Prince Johannes of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (b.1953) & his wife Bettina, nee von Molo (b.1959)] married Alexander Henry de Cruce Grubb Villiers-Stuart (b.October 1984) [son of Nicolas de Cruce Grubb (b.1950) & his wife Barbara Villiers-Stuart (b.1955)] on 19 December.

Sources: Descendants of Prince Christian Heinrich of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Countess Charlotte of Leiningen-Westerburg
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Baron Benjamin de Rotschild (57) has died on January 15th in his home in Pregny in Switzerland. He died from a heart attack.

He was the only son of Baron Edmond de Rotschild and Bss Nadine de Rotschild, née Nadine Lhopitalier.

He married Ariane Langner in 1999. The couple has four daughters.

An off shoot of the Rothchild banking family of France (the four main branches of the family were France, Britain, Austria and Naples).

His grandfather Maurice was forced to leave France in 1940 after voting against the pro-nazi regime. Maurice settled the family in Switzerland where Maurice established the Swiss branch with money he inherited from an Italian relative. Benjamin's father started the Edmond de Rothschild Group.

His mother Nadine Lhopitalier is a former actress and author.

His daughters range in age from 25 to 18.
Prince Eric of Bourbon-Parma has died (1953-2021):

He was son of Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma (1926-2028) and Princess Yolande de Broglie (1928-2014). He was married to his cousin Countess Lydia Holstein-Lederborg (b. 1955).

He and Lydia were divorced in 1999.

Lydia is the daughter of Princess Marie Gabriele, Dowager Countess af Holstein-Ledreborg, the last remaining sibling of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg.

He was the father in law of Archduchess Gabriella of Austria (daughter of Archduke Carl Christian and Marie Astrid of Luxembourg). She married his youngest child Henri last year.

Only two of his children are married, Henri and his daughter Alexia. And he has one grandchild, Henri's daughter Victoria who was born in 2017.
He and Lydia were divorced in 1999.

Only two of his children are married, Henri and his daughter Alexia. And he has one grandchild, Henri's daughter Victoria who was born in 2017.

Three of his children are married:
Princess Antoinette (b.1981) to Martin Krusbæk (b.1982) since 2010.
Princess Alexia (b.1985) to Fabian Davis (b.1984) since 2007.
And Prince Henri (b.1991), who married last year Archduchess Gabriella of Austria (b.1994).

And he had seven grandchildren:
Mark de Bourbon de Parme (b.1999) [out-of-wedlock son of his second daughter, Princess Marie-Gabrielle (b.1982)].
Rebecca (b.2004) & Bianca (b.2008) Davis.
Inès (b.2011), Maximilian (b.2012) & Alix (b.2016) Krusbæk.
& Princess Victoria of Bourbon-Parma (b.2017).

His only child unmarried and childless in Prince Michel (b.1989).

Source: Descendants of King Christian IX of Denmark
Jean Evelyn Louise Oliphant, nee Murray died on 20 January, exactly two weeks after her 89th birthday; she was a scion of the Dukes of Atholl.

She was born in Shrewton on 6 January, 1932 as a daughter of Arthur Evelyn Francis Murray (1888-1972) & his wife Louise Isabelle, nee Delacombe (died 1966) she had one brother James Stewart (b.26 November 1941).
She married on 7 February 1959 Major Jonathan Beresford "Jumbo" Oliphant (1931-2010) [scion of the landed family of Oliphant, formerly of Condie, son of the Reverend Donald Aden Oliphant (1891-1963) & his wife Jocelyn Hope, nee Young] by whom she had three children: Catriona, Janet and Angus.


Polish diplomat, Prince Stanisław Jan Andrzej Maria Czartoryski died on 21 January.

He was born in Konarzewo on 8 June 1939 as eighth and youngest child and younger son of Prince Roman Jacek Maria Czartoryski (1898-1958) & his wife Teresa, nee Countess Zamoyska (1902-1978).
He was married thrice: firstly (from 1970 to 1983) to Krystyna Godlewska (b.1936); he married secondly in Warsaw on 13 August 1983 Ewa Minkowska (b.1959) by whom he had two children, but they divorced in 2001; he married thirdly in Warsaw on 9 August 2002 Joanna Elzbieta Gardowska (b.1956).
He is survived by his daughter Anna Maria Teresa (b.Warsaw 8 January 1984; an actress), son Michał Roman (b.11 March 1986), son-in-law Michał Niemczycki, daughter-in-law Princess Zofia Czartoryska, nee Płoska, four grandchildren: Ksawery (11-7-2014), Janina (9-1-2016) & Antoni (12-5-2019) Niemczycki and Prince Stanisław Ignacy Czartoryski (15-1-2018) as well as numerous nephews and nieces with their families.
From his numerous siblings only Anna Maria Ksawera (b.14 July 1932), widow of Prince Albert Hieronim Radziwiłł (1931-2010) is still alive.

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Count Kunata Kottulinsky von Kottulin und Dobrzenicz died in January.

He was born in 1940 as second of six children of Johann Adalbert, Count Kottulinsky von Kottulin und Dobrzenicz (1913-1984) & his wife Cecile, nee Baroness von Ottenfels genanntt von Gschwind (1912-2008); one of his brother Adalbert died as a baby in 1944.
He was married thrice and divorced twice; he married firstly in 1969 Birgit Duchstein (b.1945) - the same year their only son Nicolas was born. In 1980 he had a daughter Johanna by Elfi Baumgartner (b.1944), whom he married in 1990. He married thirdly Angelika Gloning. He had five grandchildren.

Source: Descendants of Archduke Johann of Austria

Prince Hubertus of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst died in Waldhof on 21 January.

He was born in Waldenburg 11 March 1935 as second of five childrenand younger son of
Friedrich Karl, Prince of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst (1908-1982) & his wife, Princess Mechtilde von Urach (1912-2001).
He married civilly in Piesing, Upper Bavaria on 18 July and religiously in Haiming on 21 June 1959 Adelheid Freiin von Ow (b.11 December 1937) by whom he had a daughter Antonia (b.1961) and three sons: Felix (b.1963; current Prince of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst, because his paternal uncle Friedrich Karl died childless in 2017), Franz (b.1965) & Maximilian (b.1967), sixteen grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Sources: Descendants of Prince Honor? III of Monaco

Maria Kinga Świdzińska, nee Countess Potocka died on 24 January.

She was born in Cracow on 6 August 1935 as a daughter of Count Ignacy Potocki (1906-1985; social activist and balneologist) & his second wife, Css Anna Mycielska, coat of arms Dołęga (1904-1993): she had a brother Władysław Jan Maria (b.1940).
For both her parents it was second marriage: her father was previously married to Mary Amy Janie O'Dell (1910-2 December 1932; just seventeen days later he married her mother) by whom he had a son Jerzy (5 March 1932-4 September 1966; archeologist and mountaineer, killed in avalanche in Hindu Kush); He mother was previously married to Dymitr Gorayski, coat of arms Korczak (1902-1931) by whom she had a son Tomasz (b.1927).
She married in St. Sigismund Church in Warsaw on 16 July 1960 Maciej Świdziński, coat of arms Półkozic (1930-1988) [son of Antoni Świdziński (1887-1954) & his wife Danuta Maria, nee Glogier, coat of arms Pracowoc (1901-1963)]; they adopted a daughter Katarzyna (b.1966) and a son Jan Antoni (b.1971); Katarzyna married in 1986 Zbigniew Głuszek (b.1965) [son of Lucjan Głuszek (1928-1978) & his wife Genowefa, nee Kociemba (1931-2013)] and has three children: Maciej Adam (b.1987), Hanna (b.1988) & Wojciech Zbigniew (b.1993).
Apart from her children and grandchildren, she is survived by her two brothers, six nephews and their familes.


Countess Emma de Bendern, former Princess George Gakitzine, died this year.

She was born in London 2 March 1950 and married there on 28 February 1986 Prince George Galitzine (b.1946) [youngest of three children together of Prince George Galitzine (1916-1992) & his first wife, Baroness Anne Marie von Slatin (1916-2007)]. She was already pregnant then; on 16 July their only son Dmitri was born.
They divorced in 1995.

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Count Istvan Sommsich de Saard died on January 31 at the age of 67.

He was born on May 23, 1953 to Baroness Isabelle Waldbott von Bassenheim (1926-2009) and Count Pongracz Sommsich de Saard (1920-2013). He never married or had children. He is survived by his younger brothers Gabor (*1955) and Christoph (*1960) and their wives, as well as three nieces: Gabor's daughter Olivia (*1997) and Christoph's daughters Stephanie (*1991) and Alice (*1993).

Descendants of Archduke Karl of Austria, Duke of Teschen
Charles-Louis de Rochechouart, count of Mortemart has died at the age of 87:

Décès du comte de Mortemart (1933-2021) – Noblesse & Royautés

His nephew is Peter St Clair-Erskine, 7th Earl of Rosslyn who is the Master of the household for Clarence house since 2014.

Peter's daughter is actress Alice St Clair who played Kate Middleton in the Hallmark movie made about William and Kate in 2011.

Peter's mother is his Charles-Louis' sister Athenais de Mortemart.
Princess Mechtilde of Leiningen died on February 12 at the age of 85.

She was born on January 2, 1936 to Karl, Prince of Leiningen (1898-1946) and Grand Duchess Maria of Russia (1907-1951), the fifth of seven children. In 1961 she married Karl Anton Bauscher (*1931). They had three sons: Ulf (*1963), Berthold (*1965), and Johann (*1968). In addition to her husband and sons she is survived by her three grandchildren, Berthold's children Franka (*1996), Erik (*1998), and Lorenz (*2001).

Descendants of Queen Victoria's siblings
Princess Mechtilde of Leiningen died on February 12 at the age of 85.

She was born on January 2, 1936 to Karl, Prince of Leiningen (1898-1946) and Grand Duchess Maria of Russia (1907-1951), the fifth of seven children. In 1961 she married Karl Anton Bauscher (*1931). They had three sons: Ulf (*1963), Berthold (*1965), and Johann (*1968). In addition to her husband and sons she is survived by her three grandchildren, Berthold's children Franka (*1996), Erik (*1998), and Lorenz (*2001).

Descendants of Queen Victoria's siblings

She was the last living child of her parents.
Samuel Vestey, 3rd Baron Vestey died on 4 February at age 79

He was born on 19 March 1941 as son of Hon. William Vestey (1912-1944) and Helen Armstrong. He succeeded to the peerage after his grandfather's death in 1954. Baron Vestey married firstly Kathryn Mary Eccles on 11 September 1970. They had two daughters: Saffron (b. 1971) and Fiona (b. 1978). The couple divorced in 1981. Some months later (22 Decemeber 1981) Vestey married secondly Celia Elizabeth Knight. They had three children: William (b. 1983, now 4th Baron Vestey), Arthur (b. 1985) and Mary (b. 1992). Lord Vestey was a friend of The Queen and former Master of the Horse (1999-2019).

He was survived by his five children and eight grandchildren.


John Roundell Palmer, 4th Earl of Selborne died on 12 February at age 80

He was born on 24 March 1940 to William Matthew Palmer, Viscount Wolmer (1912-1942) and Priscilla Egerton-Warburton (1915-2010). He succeeded to the peerage on the death of his grandfather in 1971. Lord Selborne married on 19 December 1969 Diana van Antwerp James (b. 1946). They have four children: William (b. 1971, now 5th Earl Selbourne), twins Luke and George (b. 1974) and Emily (b. 1978). He was one of the hereditary peers elected to remain in the House of Lords after the passing of the House of Lords Act 1999, sitting as a Conservative.


Henryk Schoen, the Polish nobleman and constructor died on 12 February at age 100

He was born on 10 January 1921 to Tadeusz Schoen (1889-1962) and Irena nee Gołosińska (1900-1983). He was a design engineer, professor at the Cracow University of Technology and the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. During World War II, he was a soldier of the Home Army (Armia Krajowa) under the pseudonym Jerzy. Then he was imprisoned in the Gross-Rosen concentration camp. Henryk Schoen married Baroness Anna Janina Taube (1925-2018). They have three children: Anna (b. 1949), Henryk Jacek (b. 1951) and Tomasz (b. 1956).

He was predeceased by his two grandchildren: Ewelina Schoen (daughter of Henryk Jacek, 1983-1986) and Jan Schoen (son of Tomasz, 1984-2005). He was survived by his three children, nine grandchildren: Mateusz Środoń, Maria Środoń-Deskur, Anna Schoen, Aleksandra Schoen-Żmija, Agnieszka Schoen, Marcin Schoen, Izabela Schoen-Wysocka, Maria Schoen and Helena Schoen, and nine great-grandchildren.

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Lars Hedström died this year.

He was born in Goteborg on 21 August 1947.
In 1982 in Paris he married, as her second husband, Christina Bernadotte, Countess af Wisborg (b.1951) [third of five children of .Oscar Bernadotte, Count af Wisborg (1921-2018) & eldest of three by his second wife, Gertrud Ollén (1916-1999)].
They had two children: Anders (b.1982) & Johan (b.1986), but they later divorced.

Sources: Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau
Princess Wilhelmine of Windisch-Graetz died on February 23 at the age of 90.

Wilhelmine Gabriele Elisabeth Sophie Maria Christine was born on June 6, 1930 as the third of fourth daughters of Prince Eduard of Windisch-Graetz (1891-1976) and Princess Alexandra of Isenburg (1899-1945). In 1957 she married Count Gottfried von Degenfeld-Schönburg (1925-2005). They had five children together: Ferdinand (*1960), Alix (*1962), Veronica (*1964), Mainhard (*1966), and Marie-Gabrielle (*1971).

In addition to her children, she is survived by at least 10 grandchildren: Counts/Countesses Ferdinand, Benedikt, Franziska, Katharina, and Felizitas von Degenfeld-Schönburg, the children of Ferdinand and his wife Madeleine Nowina-Konopka, and Counts/Countesses Carl, Benedicta, Leontina, Floriana, and Johannes of Castell-Castell, children of Marie-Gabrielle and her husband Ferdinand, Prince of Castell-Castell. Two of her three sisters, Leontine and Olga, also survive her.


Princess Elżbieta Czartoryska died in Krakow on February 26 at the age of 94.

Elżbieta Róża Maria was born on June 21, 1926 to Prince Wlodzimierz Czartoryski (1895-1975) and his wife Countess Zofia Tyszkiewicz (1895-1973). She married Jan Krainski (1927-2012) in 1958. They had three children, Tomasz (*1959), Michal (*1961), and Zofia (*1964). In addition to her husband, she is predeceased by her siblings Pawel (1924-1999) and Roza (1928-2003).

She is survived by her children, six grandchildren Antoni, Karolina, Jan, Stanislaw, Ignacy, and Elzbieta, and one great-granddaughter Emma.

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Prince Max-Emanuel of Thurn and Taxis died on March 14 from COVID-19, at the age of 55.

He was born on June 8, 1965 to Prince Lamoral of Thurn and Taxis (1937-2010) and his wife Dorothea Hornberg (1942-1999). In 1986 he married Carine Lackner (*1962) but they divorced later that year. He was the founder of Max-Emanuel von Thurn und Taxis Sparkling Wine.

In addition to his parents, he is predeceased by his brother Stefan (1967-2005). He is survived by his brother Andreas (*1970) and two nephews, Benjamin (*2002) and Konstantin (*2009).

Erling Sven Lorentzen died in Oslo on 9 March.

He was born in Oslo on 28 January 1923 as a son of Norwegian shipping magnate Øivind Lorentzen (1882–1980) & his wife Ragna née Nilsen (1885–1976).
He married in Asker on 15 May 1953 Princess ragnhild of Norway (1930-2012) [eldest daughter of King Olav of Norway (then Crown Prince (1903-1991) & his wife, Princess Martha of Sweden (1901-d. 5 April 1954)] by whom he had three children: Haakon (b.23 August 1954; named after his great-grandfather, King Haakon VII), Ingeborg (b.27 February 1957) & Ragnhild Alexandra (b.8 May 1968).
Apart from his children, he leaves six grandchildren and one great-grandson.

Sources: (Thanks, eya!)
The 7th Marquess of Bute has died after a short illness at the age of 62.

The peer spent much of his time on his namesake Scottish island at his ancestral home, Mount Stuart, on the Isle of Bute, and had chaired the Board of Mount Stuart Trust since 2005. The 7th Marquess, once ranked 616th in the Rich List, was also a Formula 1 driver in 1986 as he partnered Ayrton Senna and raced under the name 'Johnny Dumfries'. During his racing career he also won the 24-hour race, Le Mans, in 1988.

The Marquess, a friend of the Prince of Wales, is believed to have died of cancer. The Crichton-Stuarts owned Dumfries House, having been inherited by the 2nd Marquess of Bute in 1814, it remained in his family until 2007 when the 7th Marquess sold it to the nation for £45 million due to the cost of upkeep.

The Marquess was descended from Mary Tudor, daughter of King Henry VII, and her husband, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.

The Marquess of Bute [created in the Peerage of Gt Britain, 1796], was also 12th Earl of Dumfries [in the Peerage of Scotland, cr 1633], 10th Earl of Bute [Peerage of Scotland cr 1703], 7th Earl of Windsor [Peerage of Gt Britain cr 1796], 12th Viscount of Ayr [Peerage of Scotland, cr 1622], 10th Viscount Kingarth [Peerage of Scotland cr 1703], 7th Viscount Mountjoy [Peerage of Gt Britain, cr 1796], 20th Lord Crichton of Sanquhar [Peerage of Scotland cr 1487], 12th Lord Sanquhar [Peerage of Scotland cr 1622], 12th Lord Crichton of Sanquhar & Cumnock, [cr Peerage of Scotland 1633], 10th Lord Mount Stuart, Cumra and Inchmarnock [Peerage of Scotland cr 1703], 8th Baron Mount Stuart of Wortley [Peerage of Gt Britain, cr 1761], 7th Baron Cardiff [Peerage of Gt Britain, cr 1776], 12th Baronet, of Bute [Nova Scotia creation, 1627], Hereditary Keeper of Rothesay Castle, and Hereditary Sheriff and Coroner of Bute.

John Colum Crichton-Stuart was born 26 April, 1958, son of the 6th Marquess of Bute, KBE [1933-93], and his first wife the former [Beatrice] Nicola Grace Weld-Forester [born 19 Nov, 1933], scion of the Barons Forester.

He succeeded his father, 21 July, 1993, as 7th Marquess.

The Marquess of Bute married firsly, 1984 [div 1993], Carolyn Waddell, daughter of Bryson Waddell; married secondly, 13 Feb, 1999, Serena Solitaire Wendell, daughter of Maj Jac Wendell [later Maxwell-Hyslop], and his wife the former Anthea Petronelle Hyslop, only dau of Maj Hugh John Maxwell Hyslop.

He leaves a son, John, and two daughters, Lady Caroline Crichton-Stuart [born 1984], and Lady Cathleen Crichton-Stuart [born 1986], from his first marriage, and a daughter, Lady Lola Affrica Crichton-Stuart [born 1999], from his second marriage.

The son, John Bryson Crichton-Stuart, styled Lord Mount Stuart [born 21 December, 1989], now succeeds as 8th Marquess of Bute.

Peerage News
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Very sad news in de Bourbon de Parme-Bécaud family:

Cyril Bordereaux died on 11 February in Aubervilliers (France) aged only 33.

He was born in 1987 and in 2016 became a father of a son named Graham, whose mother was Marguerite Bécaud (b.1993) [eldest of three daughters of Tania de Bourbon de Parme (b.1961) {herself eldest of three children of late Prince André of Bourbon-Parma (1928-2011) & his morganatic wife Marina, nee Gacry (b.1935)} & her former husband Gilbert "Gaya" Silly, who became Gaya Bécaud in 1971 (b.1953) {himself firstborn son of famous French singer Gilbert Bécaud (ne Francois Silly; 1927-2001) & his first wife, Monique Nicolas (1929-2002)}]

Descendants of King Christian IX of Denmarkécaud#Vie_privée
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Two deaths in the Hohenberg family!

Eleonore Fürstin von Hohenberg (nee von Auersperg-Breunner) died on 15 February 2021 at age 92

She was born on 12 September 1928 in Goldegg. She was the first child of Karl von Auersperg-Breunner (1895-1980) and Marie Henriette von Meran (1904-2000). She married Georg Fürst von Hohenberg, 3rd Duke of Hohenberg on 4 July 1960. They have three children: Nikolaus (now the 4th Duke of Hohenberg, *1961), Henrietta (*1962) and Maximilian (*1970).

She was predeceased by her husband who died last year at age 90. She was survived by her three children and seven grandchildren: Karl (*1991), Johanna (*1993), Therese (*1996) and Sophie (*2000) von Hohenberg (children of Nikolaus), Nikolaus (*2001), Luisa (*2004) and Leopold (*2006) von Hohenberg (children of Maximilian). Her daughter Henriette is unmarried and without issue.

Two of her grandchildren will marry this year. Karl von Hohenberg (*1991) is engaged to Maria Assunta von Loë (*1996) and Johanna von Hohenberg (*1993) will marry Vincenz von Waldstein-Wartenberg (*1990).


Albrecht Fürst von Hohenberg died on 25 February 2021 at age 90

He was born on 4 February 1931 in Artstetten as the second son of Maximilian Fürst von Hohenberg, 1st Duke of Hohenberg (1902-1962) and Elisabeth von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee (1904-1993). He married Leontine von Cassis-Faraone (b. 1933) on 2 May 1962 in Vienna. They have four children: Margarite (*1963), Leo (*1964), Johanna (*1966) and Katharina (*1969).

He was survived by his four children and sixteen grandchildren: Johanna (*1992), Joseph (*1994), Paul (*1996) and Elisabeth (*1997) von Habsburg-Lothringen (children of Margarite), Genevieve (*1998) and Adrien (*2003) von Hohenberg (children of Leo), Laura (*1997), Marie-Margarethe (*1998), Ludwig (*2001) and Albrecht (*2006) Henckel von Donnersmarck (children of Johanna), Emanuel (*1999), Fernando (*2000), Livia (*2002), Alfonso (*2003), Clemente (*2007) and Felipe (*2009) Mendez de Vigo (children of Katharina).

After his death, his cousins: Sophie von Gudenus (nee von Nostitz-Rieneck, b. 1929) and Ernst von Hohenberg (*1944) are last two living great-grandchildren of Archduke Francis-Ferdinand of Austria.

Hello, François de Cossé-Brissac, 13th Duke of Brissac (1929) died at Château de la Roche on 6th April 2021. He was the eldest son of Pierre, 12th Duke of Brissac and of his wife née May Schneider (1902-1999) he married Jacqueline de Contades (1940) in 1958. They had five children : Agnès (1960), Charles-André, 14th Duke of Brissac (1962), Angélique (1965), Marie (1968) and Pierre-Emmanuel (1974).

Thank you in advance,
James Wolfe Murray, former husband of late Baroness Catharina von Stedingk, died this year.

He was born in 1931. He and Baroness Catharina von Stedingk (1939-1990) [daughter of
Thérèse Fouché d'Otrante (1907-2000) {herself daughter of Countess Madeleine Douglas (1886-1983) & her first husband Charles, Count Fouché, Duke d'Otrante (1877-1950)} & her second husband Baron Eugène von Stedingk (1896-1947)] married in 1961, but divorced in 1969; they had two daughters: Chanette (b.1964) & Tatjana (b.1965).
Apart from daughters he leaves two grandsons: Samuel (b.1991) & Alexander (b.1993) [sons of Chanette & her husband Karl-Johan Roihjert (b.1962)] and a granddaughter Kajsa (b.2002) [daughter of Tatjana & her former husband Svante Jacobsen (b.1973)].

Source: Descendants of Grand Duke Ludwig I of Baden

István de Beliczey de Baicza died in Bergisch Gladbach on 22 February.

He was born in Budapest on 10 November 1936.
He married in Burgsteinfurt on 10 December 1965 Princess Marie Adelheid of Bentheim and Steinfurt (b.14 April 1935) [seventh of eleven children of Viktor Adolf, Prince of Bentheim and Steinfurt (1883-1961) and second of seven by his second wife Princess Rosa Helene of Solms-Hohensolms-Lich (1901-1963)] by whom he had three children: Katharina (b.1966), Nikolaus (b.1968) & Juliane (b.1970) and eight grandchildren.

Also his brother-in-law, Prince Reinhard of Bentheim and Steinfurt died in Bad Bentheim on Easter Sunday 4 April, eight days after his 87th birthday.

He was born in Münster as first of seven children together of Viktor Adolf, Prince of Bentheim and Steinfurt (1883-1961) & his second wife Princess Rosa Helene of Solms-Hohensolms-Lich (1901-1963)].
He married civilly in Hamburg-Altona on 22 August and religiously in Steinfurt on 30 August 1975 (on the bride's 31st birthday!) Angelica Emmermann (b.30 August 1944) by whom he had five children: Reinhard (who died as a baby in 1976), twins Carl Ferdinand & Johanna Charlotte (b.1977), Christoph Peter (b.1978) & Aleida Elisabeth (b.1980) and five grandchildren.

From the children of Viktor Adolf, Prince of Bentheim and Steinfurt (1883-1961) only above mentioned Princess Adelheid, widow of Itsvan de Beliczey de Baicza, Princess Charlotte, Mrs.Wolfgang Paul Winkhaus (b.1936) and the youngest one, Prince Oscar Arnold (b.1946, married to Margot Lücke) are still alive.

Sources for both:

Count Adam Jan Tarnowski-Męciński died in Cracow on Easter Monday, 5 April.

He was born in London on 2 February 1952 as third of seven children of Count Stanislaw-Kostka Stefan Jan Tarnowski-Mecinski [adopted son of Ct Adam Kurozweki-Mecinski, (1918-2006)] and second by his second wife Princess Ada Lubomirska (1928-2018).
He was married twice: married firstly in Cracow on 1 September 1996 Dorota Mazurkiewicz (1962-2010) and secondly in Rzeszów on 3 December 2016 Marta Deskur (Polish artist of visual arts, b.1962; divorced from Xavery Alexander Wolski, by whom she has a son Xawery Józef, b.1988).
He was childless.

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Buckingham Palace has announced the death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh today, the 9th April 2021 at the age of 99 years.
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