Danish Royal Family, Current Events Part 4: June 2012 - May 2016

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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #19, 2013.
På arbejde med svigermor - On the job with mother-in-law.
Written by Annelise Weimann.

As you know QMII attended the 75th jubilee of DEMA and her co-host so to speak was our Marie, in her dress uniform complete with a braided ponytail, diamond sticks in her ears and a cap slightly too big.
All this took place at the DEMA HQ in Birkerød. (Part of metropolitan Copenhagen, akin to say Croydon in London).
Marie correctly (she is after all married to Joachim) and respectfully kept a step behind a very inquisitive Queen Margrethe who was shown all sorts of heavy rescue machinery and demonstrated how to deal with potentially biologically threathing letters and chemical situations.
She was so busy asking questions that she didn't need any of the chairs that had been placed discreetly all around due to her back problems.
Marie, with her usual cheerful mood, charmed everrone around her.

QMII has indeed served as a WAC (Women's Auxillary Corps) in the airforce in 1958. But that training had preciously little to do with the Civil Defence, so this was very much new to her.

After the tour and pinning a medal on Marie, it was time for a reception before QMII and Marie left seperatly. QMII to Fredensborg and Marie to Amalienborg.
Billed Bladet has a couple of pics of the DRF attending the opening of the new home of Danish Industry located next to Copenhagen Townhall. http://www.billedbladet.dk/kongelige/danmark/kongefamilien-til-festmiddag-paa-raadhuspladsen

They have moved because they ran out of space at the previous place.
Danish Industry is an organisation which look after the interest of mainly production and exporting businesses. The DRF, through their close co-operation with Danish commerce, is often connected to the work and commercial offensives of Danish Industry. (As Frederik was earlier today).
Except for our Marie who is busy at Southern Danish University tonight, the whole DRF was there.
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Danish Royal Family Attends The Inauguration Of The House Of Foreign Industry:

Frederik & Mary is one good looking couple.
They have moved because they ran out of space at the previous place.

...and, I think, because the former building was so **** ugly it was an embarrassment to have it facing the town hall square - in a country that takes pride in their architects and their creations ;)

A side-note: Yesterday, was also the queen and prince Henrik's anniversary.
Finally an event where the Queen is out with her sons, so good to see. I wish Marie could've made it but there are many more events that she will attend.

The Queen and Mary looked really nice.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #26, 2013.
Tre søstre på tur - Three sister on tour.
Written by our entertainment reporter Trine Larsen.

The annual sisterly gettogether took place in Tivoli recently where QMII, Princess Benedikte and Queen Anne-Marie presented the Queen Ingrid Honorary Scholarship to two recipients.
An Accordeonist (whatever that is) by the name, Bjarke Mogensen and a ballet dancer, Ida Praetorius. - They were pretty pleased, not least because they on top of the honor got 250.000 DKK.
The Tivoli symphony orchestra entertained and then it was time for a little snack at reasturant Nimb, also located in Tivoli.

However, QMII was visibly in pain. She supported herself to her sister Queen Anne-Marie while on stage. And instead of walking to the restaurant, the sisters went by a mini-tram. - Which also avoided a crowd of young people who enthusiastically attended a rock concert, also in Tivoli.
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:previous:Thanks Muhler.

Love that the sisters still get together for this prize.
And sorry to read that the Queen is in pain, I also noticed Henrik during WA&Maxima's visit, that he needed assistance walking down the stairs.

Hope they get some nice rest over the summer.
Frederik surprised people by giving a little speech at the opening of the exhibition and through that we learn something about Frederik's interest in art: http://stiften.dk/kultur/jernmanden-er-stolt-af-sine-kreative-foraeldre

He said: "You dare put something on the line and exhibit your things, even at one of the biggest and most reputably arts museums.
As a young student I aquired a taste for art at the museum in Aarhus (before Aros was build) with the help of manager Jens Erik Sørensen (now manager for Aros, who then taught at Aarhus University).
The art has always meant something special to you, the work is an energy-producing break, a private sanctuary. And when mother drew for Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, the images burned themselves into the minds of two boys...of whom one was me".

About a 1.000 had shown up this Friday at cooking-dinner-time and M&F apparantly by mistake arrived a number of minutes before the Regent Couple, but M&F nevertheless got an applaus "simply for being there" - as the paper puts it.
The very good friend of the DRF Bent Fabricius Bjerre was there as well and Mary passed the time by chatting with him until the Regent Couple arrived.

- Aros is on the list of to do's among surprisingly many grandparents with older grandchildren, because the museum, in contrast to so many other museums, isn't snobbish. The exhibitions have a tendency to also appeal to people who would otherwise need to be dragged screaming and kicking inside an artmuseum.

Aros is the ancient Danish name for Aarhus, which means "large (stone) house/building by the stream".
Arosia is the latin name. - Yes, I do cross words. :p
thanks for the pictures and link.
What a lovely evening for all 4.
thanks for the pictures and link.
What a lovely evening for all 4.
Echoing thanks for pictures, link and translation; my appreciation also to whoever conceived this exhibit that is truly a celebration of an inspirational 'dance of minds'. Bravo! au pas de deux royal:flowers:
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #42, 2013.
Written by our culture reporter Ken Richter.

The Regent Couple has exhibited 150 works in the Aros art museum.

Arriving to Aarhus in the morning, by train in the DRF salon-car, the Regent Couple first met the press in the forenoon. Here QMII said: "We are of course taking a risk, becuase when you stick your head out of the bush the lion might bite it off". PH interjected: "We are ready for both praise and cristism. We are most pleased with praise and accept critism as a necessity".

It was the manager of Aros, Jens Erik Sørensen, who approached the Regent Couple and after a number of meetings the works were selected and brought from parks, living rooms and atticts from the various palaces.
QMII: "We are awed and proud that we were asked whether would would exhibit together. For me personally I'm double proud".

The inspirition is something QMII gets from impression from places she has been and PH constantly have a notebook and a pencil at hand.

Then it was back to the train, for a change of clothes before the official opening late in the afternoon, and this is where M&F joined them. And here, surprisingly Frederik gave a speech,praising his parents artistic gifts. I won't translate the speech, instead I will pick out a few quotes which say something about Frederik or his interaction with his parents.

"As a Dane I'm proud that we ave a Regent Couple who have such different keys to play. As a son I'm even more proud to have a couple of creative and not least courageous parents who dare put something on the line....

It's hardly a secret that I grew up with art which was everywhere in my childhood home. Paintings and books, sculptures and music have through your great interest in art in all it's forms been a significant part of my upbringing. But it's no secret either that I had to become an adult before I genuinely understoof the value of art and the pleasure it can give you as a person...

I have childhood memories of you, papa, from your studio in the voliere behind Christian VII's Mansion, where you were deeply occupied conjuring your small and big figures...

And you mor (= mother), I recall how you with your early drawings of among other things Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, managed to live yourself completely into the world of adventure and in that way we understood to viasualise the fairy tales, so that their images for ever burned themselves into the mind of your two boys...

Together you have both translated, illustrated and designed in a common passion for what's creative.
An impressive developement for which I have a lot of respect and which makes a son proud of his parents".

- The word on the street as I have picked it up, suggests that the exhibition has been very well recieved.
As a follow up on the exhibition.

TV2 says it is very well on the way to become the most successful exhibition in the history of the museum.
And as it is Aros has a very good record when it comes to having high numbers of visitors - simply because the exhibitions often also appeals to people who wouldn't otherwise dream of entering an art museum.

Of course the cultural snobs frown. Because art that appeals to the uneducated and unwashed masses surely cannot be of high quality.
As a follow up on the exhibition.

TV2 says it is very well on the way to become the most successful exhibition in the history of the museum.
And as it is Aros has a very good record when it comes to having high numbers of visitors - simply because the exhibitions often also appeals to people who wouldn't otherwise dream of entering an art museum.

Of course the cultural snobs frown. Because art that appeals to the uneducated and unwashed masses surely cannot be of high quality.
Thank you Muhler for sharing the Crown Prince's words regarding his parents and for telling us about the success of this exhibit, that I would dearly love to see! I would not worry too much about the 'cultural snobs' because these people often are the ones who are never invited to those events, particularly royal ones, that they would secretly give their eyeteeth to attend!:bang: Bravo to Queen Margrethe and her consort:flowers:
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Thanks, love to see a bit of glamour and style on a drab autumn's day :flowers:

Isn't Mary's blue skirt one she's also used back in 2005 or something?
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I found a few articles and photos of the dinner at Fredensborg on the 5th:

Menu du dîner à Fredensborg | Noblesse & Royautés

One ~ Two ~ Three ~ Four ~ Five

Arrivée de Frederik, Mary et Joachim de Danemark au dîner à Fredensborg | Noblesse & Royautés

Dîner à Fredensborg | Noblesse & Royautés

And here's a little story from one of the editors of Noblesse & Royuates - they were invited to the dinner:

Press convened at 17:30:
The nice young student of the Royal House request to check cards Press.
Everyone runs and shows his card.
I show feverishly printed email confirming my accreditation from the Communications Service of the Palace.
Charming smiling young woman, I dare not look at the eyes of others sacarstique photographers.

18h30: Arrival of the first guests, including 26 members of the royal court, as indicated on the guest list provided to the press.

6:50 p.m.: one sees a car from the royal court.
Surprise, it does not stop before the red carpet ahead but at the foot of stairs.
Juse time to see Prince Joachim who, not having her pretty princess with him not to go through the photo box.
Fortunately he has around the car, allowing pros to have one or two successful pictures of him (not mine, I'm not pro).
No ultra-nice of him, we had hanging around almost one hour in the cold.

19h: arrival of the heir couple. The couple pose only, and not really on my side too. Nothing touches me, I'm cold to the feet.

19h at 19h50: Press waiting dinner heated in a wing of the castle.
Indeed, only Scanpix agencies and Polfoto are allowed take photos of the concert in the chapel.
I talk to the girl NR communication service and our love for the royal family of Denmark. She asks me if interest in Princess Mary grew House nearby the french.

7:50 p.m.: We wait a few minutes near the Kupelsalen before entering it (the floor below the balcony).
We see a dachshund frolicking around us, the maid of honor to Queen run with her heels, her pretty dress and pearl necklace 2 or 3 rows.
Assisted by a bodyguard, she grabs the dachshund and locked in a room. She left as if nothing had happened after we had offered his best smile.
I was stuck between two Malabar, I could not capture this funny scene.

20H: We go to the balcony.
Arrival of the guests in the room hubbub.
I note that a lady wears importable necklace with a thousand diamonds (fake) that I bought this summer and joined in my dresser all other importable necklaces Danish brands that make me vibrate.

Arrival of the royal couple, princes and Princess Mary.
They go fast to their table. The photo session lasts only a few seconds.
I can not locate the table Mary, nor that of Frederik or Joachim.
We are shown the exit. The photographer Billed there for short time to meet the Queen of the table. I like him, I have so few pictures, and it will be the most successful in the end.
Info to be moved to appropriate thread.

BB informs us that the Turkish President Abdulla Gül and his wife Harünnisa wil visit DK on an official statevisit on 17-18th March.
Today, there has been a big government reshuffle here in Denmark. Under extensive media coverage one political party has left the government. So today a new government was presented in front of Amalienborg Palace. Inside at Amalienborg welcomed both Queen Margrethe and CP Frederik the new ministers welcome and said 'goodbye and thanks for all' to the former ministers. It's worth noting that Frederik is always attend these events. He arrived in Krone 8 about 10am.
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