Danish New Year Courts: 2004, 2006-2021, 2023, 2024

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I thought the earrings were silver or white gold? I was more referring to the chain and the clutch :)
Hmmm in some shots Marie's dress looks almost a light green but others definitly grey-

At first I thought Frederick looked a bit silly with the facial hair but upon further reflection I think it actually looks a bit sexy! :)
What is the fur the Queen is wearing? Doesn't she also have a long coat of the same fur? Thank you . . . . .
hi guys!
new here, congrats for all the work you make.
quick comments about fred's pics:
he is a handsome man, uniforms fit him particularly. ok he may be look tired from times to times or in some pics, but there again he is no longer 20 but 42... i dont' understand, and i would like to ask you, why on other forums people keep defining him as stoned, ill, horrible to look at?
in my opinion, he showed up just gorgeous.
and much yummier than joachim... ;-)
I think that CP Frederik looked pretty happy! He has much to look forward to with the birth of his & Mary's twins this month!:)
Picture details
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how the ladies can stay in sleevless dress with the cold in denmark?
What? :confused:

I think he is the most handsome prince and I think he looks very very happy :flowers:

I didn´t mean he is ugly. But today, he looks tired and weird. Hope he is okay. :ermm:
Of course he is handsome :)
Tired and weird? I can accept that he could be tired as he has two young toddlers and a heavily pregnant wife with twins. But I don't see the "weird'! But, we all see things differently, I suppose!:flowers:
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how the ladies can stay in sleevless dress with the cold in denmark?
Oh, that´s easy. They go direct from their house to a warm car, getting out for about 1 minute and then they are inside again. So no problem at all.

I myself had a kneelength dress on today for church :) And then we are getting used to the cold - well, it´s not so cold anymore. Today the snow was melting...
I didn´t mean he is ugly. But today, he looks tired and weird. Hope he is okay. :ermm:
Of course he is handsome :)

I am absolutely sure that you don't need to worry. As a Dane, I follow him closely every day and he seems to be a absolutely happy and healthy man :D
I think Frederik looks great in uniform he wears them so well.
Unlike Joachim who to me never looks as though he is exactly comfortable wearing one.
QM, I love her style.
Princess Marie looks lovely.

Roskidle, I am with you I miss Crown Princess Mary too.
I loved Princess Marie's gown ... her best New Year's Court gown to date!
She is a copygirl :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

The dress is very similar to the one CPss Mary wore last year ;););)

She knows how to get attention - good or bad :whistling::ROFLMAO::whistling:
I have compared Mary's dress from last year and Marie's from this year and can not find many similarities other than long and off the shoulder.

Fabric, color, cut of both the top and skirt is different. Actually materially different.

Please back up your comments about Marie being a copygirl with side by side comparisons of the two dresses.
I really miss to see Mary! and Mary looks very nice and regal!
Did Princess Elizabeth not come in with the other royals? Bummer, I was hoping for a good photo of her tiara
The Queen looked splendid as always. Princess Elizabeth is not in the best health especially over the past year and has had to miss events, I'm sad to say.:sad:
I thought Marie looked really good, that is one of her better dresses. I don't care if it is similar to Mary's dress or not because I do prefer everything about Marie's dress especially the color, might of been copied but to the better.
Frederik looks really tired, I don't blame him as his twins are due anytime.
Queen M looked good though not a fan of that color on her.
Thanks all for the pictures & videos.
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