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This tread is dedicated to the cultural art events in Monaco. The tread is also intended to keep up with the offical events attended by the Monaco Princely Family.

Art exhibititions are held in the Grimaldi Forum. It was designed to display works of art and showcase world-class exhibitions. Past exhibitions held in the Grimaldi Forum have been great successes:






"Moscow : Splendours of the Romanovs"


From 11 july to 13 september 2009

The Grimaldi Forum will present an exhibition focused on Mother Russia during the Romanov era in its 4000m² Espace Ravel. This is being curated by Brigitte de Montclos, curator-in-chief of heritage who also curated the Grimaldi Forum's 2004 headline exhibition Imperial Saint Petersburg, from Peter the Great to Catherine II, which was seen by 63,000 people.

The exhibition will look at the reign of the last dynasty of Tsars, the Romanovs who ruled Russia for three centuries, with particular emphasis on Russian art from the second half of the 18th century to the early 20th century.

The most important exhibits illustrating the reigns of Paul I to Nicholas II will come essentially from Moscow's Historical Museum. They will highlight the magnificence of the court during that era as well as the international influence of Moscow, which hosted several All-Russian exhibitions including in 1882, before the future capital became a hub of Modern Art and Constructivism in the first years of the 20th century.

The exhibition Moscow: Splendours of the Romanovs will form a perfect introduction to the Principality's celebrations marking the centenary of Diaghilev's founding of the Ballets Russes, whose magic permeated Monte-Carlo early last century.

Grimaldi Forum Monaco – Cultural Center
Egyptian Queens Exhibition

The Queens of Egypt exhibition produced by the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, which ran from 12 July to 10 September 2008, was a huge success with the public, attracting 73,000 visitors.
Queens of Egypt was seen by 10,000 more people than the 2004 summer exhibition Imperial Saint Petersburg, so becoming the Grimaldi Forum Monaco's second most popular exhibition, bested only by the phenomenal The Grace Kelly Years, Princess of Monaco that in 2007 beat all attendance records with 135,000 visitors.
The Principality's cultural centre created a sensation with its spotlight on the women who were Queens of Egypt, in an exhibition space covering almost 4000m2.
To illustrate the theme, exhibition curator Christiane Ziegler brought together around 250 masterpieces from the world's greatest museums in Cairo, New York, Paris, Berlin, Munich, London, Turin, Moscow and elsewhere. These exhibits are now returning to their respective museums.
The spectacular display design was the work of François Payet, who previously designed the Grimaldi Forum's 2004 Saint Petersburg exhibition chronicling the history of the city from the reign of Peter the Great to that of Catherine the Great.
Festival of sacred music at Monaco Cathedral, June 1st to 6th

From : Home page - Monte Carlo

The month of June gets off to a musical start with the Festival of Sacred Music at Monaco Cathedral from 1st to 6th June. Dedicated to sharing the heritage represented by sacred music, the festival has gained ever-increasing importance on the musical scene of the genre over the years. The 8th edition will begin with Puccini’s Messa di Gloria and continue with a journey through Spanish sacred music on 3rd June, with a concert presented by the Camerata Coral of the Universidad de Cantabria. On 4th June, the Choir of the San Remo Symphonic Orchestra will be performing Joseph Haydn’s “Nelson Messe” and on 5th, “I Solisiti Veneti” conducted by Caludio Scimone, will be playing Vivaldi's "Gloria" and "Magnificat". An evening of Mendelssohn performed by Olivier Vernet, the titular organist of the Cathedral, will bring the festival to a close.On this occasion, the Cathedral of Monaco will be hosting an exhibition until the end of the month featuring 30 works of art from the IXth to XVIIth centuries focused on “Emblemata, the Saints and their animals”. Many of the paintings have never been exhibited outside Italy, while two of them are leaving the Vatican Museum for the first time ever. The Principality’s family pets have not been forgotten – their Benediction, according to the Franciscan rite, will take place on the Cathedral square at 6.30 p.m. on 3rd June. The Festival also features a competition for sacred music composition, the winner of which will be performed at the next edition. One of the event’s special features is to donate all proceeds to a charity for children in difficulty. This year, funds will be used to rebuild a Catholic Church in Baghdad
The Grace Kelly Years"… from Monaco to Rome

The next stop for the exposition entitled "The Grace Kelly Years, Princess of Monaco" will be Rome, between October 16th 2009 and February 28th 2010.
After its enormous initial success at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco during the summer of 2007 (135,000 visitors), and having followed a course leading through the Hôtel de Ville in Paris (75,000 visitors in the summer of 2008) and the Ekaterina Foundation in Moscow (65,000 visitors between October and December of 2008), the "Grace Kelly Years, Princess of Monaco" exposition will make its next stop in Rome.

This outstanding exposition featuring Monaco's iconic Princess will take up quarters in the Palazzo Ruspoli from October 16th 2009 to February 28th 2010. This prestigious venue in the heart of the Eternal City operates under the auspices of the Memmo Foundation

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« Les Années Grace Kelly », de Monaco à Rome
Monaco… the Movie! The Monte-Carlo Story, the history of a dynast

"The Monte-Carlo Story" was produced using innovative audiovisual means including slides, video recordings, digital sound systems and many novel varieties of images. The film retraces the long and illustrious history of Monaco's Princes and Princesses.

An adjoining Cinema museum, open to the public free of charge, contains a collection of original movie posters that all pay tribute to Monte-Carlo.

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Monaco le film !
After its stay in Monaco the Serge Diaghilev "Surprise Me" exhibit moves on to Moscow

From October 27th to January 25th, 2010 the "Surprise Me" exhibition honoring Serge Diaghilev will take up winter quarters in the heart of Russia, in Moscow.
Following three months in the Principality the exposition devoted to Serge Diaghliev and his Ballets Russes will move to the National Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow. Several items on display will not make the trip to Moscow (those on loan from the USA), but visitors there will be able to admire a marvelous additional collection recalling Monaco during the "Roaring Twenties".

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Après Monaco, l’exposition Etonne moi de Serge de Diaghilev à Moscou
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