Prince Carl Philip's Education/Work in Photography and Design

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Mar 28, 2004
Yesterday, Thursday 22 September, Prince Carl Philip opened the international design conference era 05 in Gothenburg on the west coast. Here is the opening speech he held and a picture, both from the website of the Royal Court.

Speech by H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip at the opening ceremony for era05

I am very happy to be able to be here today. That I could take a day off from my studies in graphic design in Stockholm.

I am not the only one in my family that has an interest in design and the arts. Many generations back there has always been someone with a special interest. I am thinking of my great grand-father´s father, Prince Eugen, who was a well-known painter at the turn of the last century.

Also one of my grand-father´s brothers, Sigvard Bernadotte, was an excellent industrial designer with an international reputation.

I have not come that far. I am still a student and I am here today to learn. Many of the world´s leading experts in industrial design attend this Congress and I am looking forward very much to hear their presentations.

I wish to congratulate Göteborg for having been chosen as one of the three cities where this Congress is held at the same time. Next week the Congress will end in Copenhagen. For Sweden to host an international event of this kind during its Design Year is a great honor and challenge.

Therefore I would like to wish everyone good luck. Design is important for our everyday life. It makes a lot of things easier, more beautiful and more fun. As you all know, and as I have been taught, everything is about design. That´s why it is so important.

With these words I declare era05 - World Design Congress 2005 open!


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This past Thursday, 22 September, Prince Carl Philip opened the international design conference era 05 in Gothenburg on the west coast. Here are some pictures from Contrastphoto.


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GrandDuchess said:
This past Thursday, 22 September, Prince Carl Philip opened the international design conference era 05 in Gothenburg on the west coast. Here are some pictures from Contrastphoto.

Oh Gosh..I love a man in a suit! :D
I think that Carl-Philip needs a haircut badly! The hair is way to long, and i think that he looked better in short hair like he had 2001.

Picture by the Royal Court.


Picture by Erix Roxfelt, Metro.

During the period 18-21 May, the students who are finishing their education at the Forsbergs School for Graphic Design held their examination/degree exhibition at the Royal Mews.

Prince Carl Philip had chosen to concentrate his examination task on the work with homeless carried out in the Saint Clara Parish in Stockholm. He spent three weeks taking black and white photographs of the human interactions between the employees of the church and homeless and ex addicts.

- Because of who I am it can be difficult. Some thought it was okay, others didn’t recognize me and some didn’t want to take part at all, Prince Carl Philip said to Metro.

Next for Prince Carl Philip is his summer holiday and work with the portfolio that the examination students create instead of receiving grades. The Prince wants to continue working with design in the future, but he hasn’t applied to any job yet.

- Of course I have a dream job, but that’s nothing I intend on telling now. One can dream.

Whether his title is a short cut to work or not is hard to say, is the Prince’s view.
- It’s probably mixed, both positive and negative.

The Prince’s photographs, placed in four boxes, will be auctioned off benefiting the Saint Clara Church.

*The above is translated from a Metro article, it can be found here.

*To see a short interview clip with Carl Philip, go here. (Thanks to Lena for finding this video!)
berry said:
he is turning 27. Born 1979.

:D Whoops! I added three years onto Madeleine's age (and she's still 23) so....yeah. Happy Belated 27th birthday Carl Philip!!!

Thanks for the wonderful photos, Grandduchess! :)
All his answers are so diplomatic, we never get any concrete answers. :p
He's definitely a nice looking young man. Did he take a break off from school? 27 seems old to be graduating.
ysbel said:
He's definitely a nice looking young man. Did he take a break off from school? 27 seems old to be graduating.
Yes he sure is fine :)
He spent several years in the military and he is a lieutenant, so thats why he is a little "late" graduate
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More about Prince Carl Philip's work for the exam exhibition...

(The below is translated from this week's Svensk Damtidning)

The first picture, of Carl Philip, is by Charles Hammarsten for the magazine. The second picture shows one of the Prince's own photographs for the exhibition.

It was mother, Queen Silvia, whom gave Prince Carl Philip the idea of paying attention to the Saint Klara church and the homeless people of Stockholm in his examination/degree work.

- Mother had visited Klara Church on the First Advent and become very moved by their work with exposed people, Prince Carl Philip tells when Svensk Damtidning meets him at the Royal Mews where the students at the Forsbergs School for Graphic Design held their examination/degree exhibition.

Prince Carl Philip spent three weeks interacting and taking photographs in the Saint Klara Church, and he receives praise from the priests and deacons of the parish whom came to the exhibition to give him flowers.

How does it feel now?
- Right now it’s very good, but I guess the tiredness will come after the weekend when the exhibition is over and things have settled a little.

Last time the Prince was in the church to take pictures of the meeting between the church’s employees and the homeless was only a week before the exhibition.

How were you affected of being in that environment?
- Only positively. Many people are afraid of the people that I have photographed, but one should remember that they are human beings with fantastic personalities. Many of them wanted to talk and really gave a lot of themselves. But some didn’t, and then it was important for me to take a step back.

What plans do you have now that this education is finished?
- I can’t really say what I’m going to do. I do have some little plans, but they are nothing I want to discuss.

Maybe continue photographing?
- Photographing is very fun, but I don’t want to devote myself to that alone. Maybe combine photo and design.

And from all the praise he has received from the church, here is what two of their staff had to say about it:

- It has been fantastic to have Prince Carl Philip in the church. He has fitted in very nicely in the environment and few have noticed that it has been him, but thought it has been a regular student. The way he has met these people with, with such humbleness, I have rarely seen anywhere else, says Deacon Assistant Viveca Bratt.

- Carl Philip has approached these people gently and lovingly. He has a warm heart and the photographs show that they have been taken with love,
says Deacon Hans Härnberg.
Isnt he wearing exakt same clothes he had on when he met the press at Hallwylska museet last year?!

He did a great job imo, it would have been interesting to see the rest of his photos to
This fall prince Carl Philip will do an internship at the famous magazine National Geographic in Washington. He will work with photography and photoediting.

Aftonbladet writes that he also will do the Diplomat programme and therefor travel between Washington and Stockholm... but I doubt it, I think they got things mixed up...?!,2789,878309,00.html
What lucky guy, it's a dream for many amateur photographers to get such an internship!
Today the Royal Court issued a press release, giving us some more information on what the King said to the press about Carl Philip during the media meeting on the official visit to Vasa earlier in September...

During the autumn, Prince Carl Philip is working together with the National Geographic photographer Mattias Klum, following him on a number of assignments around the world.

One of the projects is to make a short film for the National Geographic Television. Another is the "Expedition Linné", where Prince Carl Philip is working with the heads of this projects - journalist and procuder Folke Rydén and photographer Mattias Klum (as well as three scientists). They will film on seven continents, in the spirit of Carl von Linné. Commissioning this job is The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences' secretariat for the official celebrations of von Linné's 300th birthday anniversary in 2007.

The Royal Court points out that this will give the Prince a unique education in film and still picture production, where he will have both a producing, editing and assisting role.

The official website of "Expedition Linné".

To Göteborgs-Tidningen/Expressen, the Director of the Information and Press Department, Nina Eldh, says that Carl Philip will travel with them to three continents on the film maker's trip around the world.
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Ahhhhhhhhh...... gosh that man is so cute!!

any1 have any more info on his internship with national geographic?? when will he ben in the u.s.??

Is he going to Washington State or Washington D.C.?
Carl philip will studying in New York acording to the royal court webbsite
Carl Philip was stoped by the US custom when he came to Miami airport from Venezuela. The prince had been in South America as a part of his work with the Linné documentary with Mattias Klum. He travelled alone and had no boduguards with him. The prince had forgotten his passport at the hotel so he was left behind in Venezuela for another day while the rest of the group left for USA.

Prince Carl Philip was questioned about what he was doing in the country because he did not have a working permit. The prince showed his diplomat passport and told them he was a member of the swedish royal family but the custom did not belive him. But after a while he was allowed in.
Nina Eldh at the royal court says "there was no drama in Miami at all. No further comments".,2789,977266,00.html
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Thanks Yennie. I guess royal have their not so good moments too. I hate when I forget something, just like today, I forgot my paper that is due today in like 1 1/2 at home.:bang:
I once heard Felipe had a similar incident in NY, please take it as a rumour cause I cant point exactly when it was anyway...Is always like that with the US customs, drama!, I had friends that had been stripped. I had been question three times why I was shopping in Sn Antonio and then drivin to Austin to see a friend. I dont like them. Poor Carl Phillip I bet he had a bad time and they weren´t exactly nice to him... but a part of me is happy to hear from him.

a different article
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I find it odd that prince Carl Philip had such trouble with American customs. Why did't they honor his diplomatic passport? Was really work permit necessary in his situation? I hope the story was exaggerated. But if history is true the custom officers behavior was silly.
^lol. It must be awkward going to the US knowing you forgot your passport, but yes they can be intrusive. Anywayz: no further drama so all is good :)
I just think the custom officers were simply inexperience.
i think they're just being cautious.....poor carl phillip.:sad:
If you're a foreigner coming into the US without a work visa (or hotel reservations, etc. for tourists) getting through customs can sometimes be quite a hassle now. Showing a diplomatic passport might have actually complicated matters for CP because Customs may have wanted to contact the Swedish consulate as he was traveling off his planned itinerary.
This was likely regular procedure that has been wildly exaggerated by the press. It is unfortunate for the United States, however. I feel like over the last several years we've done many things that make us unpopular with the rest of the world and this is just one more smudge on whats left of our reputation. Sometimes I'm really ashamed to be an American...<:(
That's true. If there really had been a problem the Swedes would presumably have lodged a formal complaint, and I'm sure we'd have heard about that by now.
Apparently...this is not true. Another example of the truth getting in the way of a good story.


Prince Carl Phillip Not Detained in US

Sweden's Prince Carl Philip Reports that Prince Carl Phillip was detained at a Miami airport recently are untrue according to a spokesperson for Sweden’s Royal Family.

Media reported Wednesday that when the Prince arrived in Miami he presented a diplomatic ID identifying him as a member of the Swedish royal family, but the immigration police apparently didn’t believe a prince would arrive unescorted and took him for an impostor.
Nina Eldh, of Sweden’s Royal Court, says the story is untrue, and that Prince Carl Phillip never told authorities he was a prince to get special treatment.
According to Eldh, Carl Phillips incoming flight to Miami was delayed and because of long cues at immigration, he missed his connecting flight.
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