Prince Carl Philip's Education/Work in Photography and Design

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Bernadotte & Kylberg continues their cooperation with Åhléns, and launched a collection of bathroom spring textiles. Åhléns is one of the leading retailing companies in Sweden specializing in consumer goods within fashion, children, beauty, interior design and entertainment. Some photos of the collection:
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I quite like this texture and print, and that suprises me as I usually am not a fan of the Prince Carl Philip' design company.
I quite like this texture and print, and that suprises me as I usually am not a fan of the Prince Carl Philip' design company.

The same impression as you, not particularly a "fan" usual either, but there I like, especially the blue dye chosen, and design.
About Zwiesel presenting the Bernadotte & Kylberg glass collection at Ambiente Fair:
The Zwiesel Kristallglas company introduced a full line of mouth-blown dishwasher safe crystal stemware and decanters that oxygenate the wine as it is poured inside.
The collection, which includes glasses specific for red and white wine, combines a unique design with a useful function. The line was conceived and designed by Bernadotte & Kylberg, the Swedish design duo with Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte and Oscar Kylberg at the helm. The glasses, which have a worldwide patent feature a small crystal bubble (referred to as an an “integrated glass decantation sphere”) affixed to the center of the interior which results in the wine being oxygenated as is poured inside it. “The glasses have a great feel as you hold it in your hand,” said Prince Carl Philip, who added that the are both “timeless” and functional”.
Alexander A. Kohnen of the International Wine Institute led an extensive wine tasting at the fair using the glasses. According to Kohnen, the Air Sense glasses are especially well suited for more complex wines.
Ambiente_ Innovation and New Trends in Consumer Goods - Pursuitist
Prince Carl Philip hailed the new glass designs

Which recognition!

Now Carl Philip hailed abroad for its design and Prince title has nothing to do with it.

Now Carl Philip stretch a little extra special. The prestigious Forbes magazine's list of "things you have to have the comfort of their home," is Carl Philip at the top with their new glasses, Series Air & Air Sense, a collaboration with the internationally established glass manufacturer Zwiesel Crystal glass.

Prins Carl Philip hyllas för nya glasdesignen | Nyheter | Expressen
Cute pic :flowers: CP is so good with kids, certainly seems so with his nieces. I am sure he is getting anxious for his own son or daughter to arrive.
Is Carl Philip left handed? Didn't know that. You learn something new every day :)
Is Carl Philip left handed? Didn't know that. You learn something new every day :)

Yes, he is. I've learned that after he signed the golden book of Hamburg on an official visit a few years ago.
Contributions lift profits in Prince Carl Philip's company
Prince Carl Philip's own company, CphB Design, is going better. But without the contribution of the cooperation project Bernadotte Kylberg it would have seen quite bleak for the company.
In 2012 Prince Carl Philip started a collaboration with Oscar Kylberg. The company, Bernadotte & Kylberg, has been much more active than the prince's own firm, and has designed a number of objects from jackets to glass series.
In 2015 Bernadotte & Kylberg gave a corporation contribution of SEK 300,000 to CphB Design, now in its eighth year. It helped up the meager sales of almost 29,000 for 2015. The result in CphB Design landed thereby at SEK 317,603, a real boost from the deficit of nearly SEK 26,000 the year before.
Bidrag lyfter vinsten i prins Carl Philips CphB Design _ Dina Pengar

Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg were seen in the town today.
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Bernadotte & Kylberg have finally a website with more than one page

From Bernadotte & Kylberg Facebook
"We are very glad and humble over the tremendous reception of our glass collection Air Sense & Air!
At the same time we realize that the design is new and that we are pushing boundaries forward - changing the way we traditionally look at a wine glass. Not only the extreme lightweight glass but also the decantation sphere has made many of you curious and sent us many questions.
So, in short here are three pointers on the glass;
- The glass mass contains titanium and is lead free
- The titanium makes the glass not only superlight but also
very strong and slightly flexible as well as it gives the glass extra clarity.
- The mouth blown glass Air Sense is dishwasher safe up to
50 degrees Celsius, just like the machine made Air series.
- The decantation sphere enables you to air the wine within the glass itself.
- The decantation sphere also provides a point of scent closer to your nose thus both enabling and enhancing the true bouquet of the wine.
- The sphere also brings light and thus color to the centre of the glass which also enables you to see the true colour of the wine through sphere itself.
Change through design. /B&K"

From Bernadotte & Kylberg Instagram
A fabulous window display of our glass collection #airsense at the classic department store @nordiskakompaniet in Stockhholm...
Situated in the heart of Stockholm, next to a stable - Bernadotte & Kylberg design studio.
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There will be WTCC Art Cars specially designed for Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016. And according to WTCC Facebook Carl Philip has designed art to a car
"Here we go, we unveil the first WTCC Art Car! Prince Carl Philip is a Polestar Cyan Racing car driver. The prince is working on a Swedish theme for the design. Further details to be revealed soon!"
Although Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg founded Bernadotte & Kylberg only in 2012, they met each other a long time before that.
In autumn 2003 Carl Philip was an intern at Bringiton AB, Oscar Kylberg was the creative director at Bringiton and Carl Philip's supervisor. Carl Philip, his friend Fredrik von Blixen-Finecke and Oscar Kylberg designed an album cover to "The Nutcracker" -CD which was sold at the charity performance queen Silvia gave on 22th December.
- Carl Philip is a very driven and talented trainee. We have been working as a team, but Carl Philip really has talent for this, said Oscar Kylberg in 2003.
Han är den nye designprinsen _ Nyheter _ Aftonbladet

Polestar Cyan Racing has unveiled the Volvo S60 Polestar Art Car WTCC by Bernadotte & Kylberg for the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend. The design has been made for the FIA World Touring Car Championship ”Art Car Contest”.
The design has been completed by Polestar Cyan Racing driver Prince Carl Philip and his colleague Oscar Kylberg.
”We are humbled and excited to get this assignment. The concept behind the design is the Swedish flag. We wanted to drape the car in the Swedish colours and to use Cyan Racing as an element in the design like a track texture. We also wanted to create a sense of constant motion on the car but still keeping it simple. A lot of the design in motorsport is overly complicated and we wanted to keep the Scandinavian tradition of simplifying things. We are very much excited to see the car at Goodwood Festival of Speed,” Bernadotte & Kylberg.
Unveiling the Volvo S60 Polestar WTCC Art Car by Bernadotte & Kylberg _ Cyan Racing
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The Volvo S60 Polestar Art Car WTCC by Bernadotte & Kylberg will be shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 23rd-26th June.
Video from Bernadotte & Kylberg Instagram from last weekend when the car was introduced in Anderstorp.

Goodwood - WTCC

Carl Philip's and Oscar Kylberg's Art Car didn't win the WTCC ART CARS competition, which culminated at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in southern England.
Honda won.
Honda blends art and motorsport in style with inaugural Goodwood WTCC ART CARS prize – FIA WTCC

Bernadotte & Kylberg tells at their Instagram that they are back at work from vacation.

Four years ago they started their collaboration.

Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg visited Formex (Nordic interior Design Fair) In Stockholm on Thursday.

"Exciting times ahead" writes Bernadotte & Kylberg at their Instagram.

Bernadotte & Kylberg has updated their website.
Home - Bernadotte Kylberg

Oscar Kylberg has given an interview to "Student" Magazine about Bernadotte & Kylberg's designing work. Oscar is on the cover.
Studentmagasinet 4 2016

Expressen quotes the interview
Carl Philips kompanjon om samarbetet med prinsen _ Kungligt _ Expressen
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Bernadotte & Kylberg told this week at their Instagram, that they will have new design at Ambiente Fair 10.-14.2.2017.

New Design from Bernadotte & Kylberg for Zwiesel Kristallglas, shown at Ambiente Fair.

From the Facebook of Bernadotte & Kylberg
"Voilà! Today we can proudly present our new design collection of handmade crystal glass vases, bowls & candle light, for world leading crystal glass maker Zwiesel Kristallglas. We call it 'SIGNUM'. It comes in four different colors; Clear, smokey amber, blue and green. Be sure to visit Zwiesel Kristallglas @ambientefair Hall 4.1 stand B 05 starting today!"

From the Instagram of Oscar Kylberg

Oscar Kylberg launching Bernadotte & Kylberg's new collection "Signum" at Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt. Carl Philip wasn't there.
"Well, totally humbled & happy as kid in a candy store by the tremendous reception of our new design line 'SIGNUM' at the Ambiente fair here in Frankfurt. Unfortunately my colleague couldn't be here this time to share the compliments but thank you everyone @zwieselkristallglas for the great job you have done with the exhibit and our design."

Bernadotte & Kylberg designed tableware Signum to Gustavsberg porcelain in 2014.
Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik – Signum

Mindmakers PR takes care of the publicity and PR of Bernadotte & Kylberg's designs. And Sofia's sister Lina Frejd, who started at Mindmakers on last October, is taking care of the publicity of Bernadotte & Kylberg's new "Signum" -collection for Zwiesel Kristallglas.
Prins Carl Philip anlitar Sofias syster _ Svensk Damtidning
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Bernadotte & Kylberg designs for Hästens.
"Today we are incredibly excited and proud to share our design collaboration with the acclaimed Swedish bed manufacturer, Hästens.
We constantly strive for innovation and how we can create a change through design. Through this and our passion to promote Swedish design in the world, we have developed two new patterns: Appaloosa and Marwari.
Appaloosa, with it’s playful and innovative graphic abstraction, is an interpretation of Hästens iconic blue and white check. Marwari, with it’s three dimensional and deep texture, is a tribute to Hästens origins as saddle makers.
The two new patterns are being shown for the first time today in Milan at Salone Del Mobile. We hope you share our excitement!"

Hästens samarbetar med Bernadotte & Kylberg – uppdaterar den klassiska rutan – Sköna hem

Oscar Kylberg is in Milan, From Bernadotte & Kylberg Instagram
"Our CEO on stage at Salone del Mobile, Milan talking about our new design collaboration with renowned Swedish bed manufacturer Hästens."

Christina Saliba with her PR-agency Mindmakers PR helped Carl Philip with everything from crisis management and media training to his wedding speech.
Résumé revealed in autumn 2013 that Prince Carl Philip/the court hired PR pro Christina Saliba, president and co-owner of Mindmakers PR. This happened after a scandal when it emerged that Carl Philip's fire screen "The castle is burning" was in fact designed by Eric Ericson. Christina Saliba helped Carl Philip with his interview in Expressen and his interview at TV-show "Hellenius Hörna". But Saliba and the court/Carl Philip ended their cooperation in January 2016.

Now gossip magazine Hänt i Veckan writes that Christina Saliba was fired by the king.
According to Hänt i Veckan Christina Saliba broke the confidentiality by letting the cat out of the bag. The Royal Court values ​​loyalty more than anything else and they did not take kindly to her unprofessional behavior.
- Christina Saliba created intrigue and played ugly. One wonders if jealousy was behind, it was really strange!, says an informed source to Hänt i Veckan.
Saliba has said that she will never give any comments about the ended cooperation.
- It's not that weird. It's clearly her greatest loss of prestige in her career, so obviously she doesn't want to talk about it, says a source close to the PR woman.
PR-kvinnan fick sparken av kungen _ Stoppa Pressarna

Christina Saliba and Mindmakers PR still take care of the PR of Bernadotte & Kylberg. Lina Hellqvist started there as a project manager last year.

According to the press Christina Saliba is a good friend of Carl Philip and Sofia.
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Prince Carl Philip got a record dividend last year from his design company. Now he and colleague Oscar Kylberg aim to take their designs to the global market.
Carl Philip has been running a design company together with designer Oscar Kylberg since 2012. The duo designs vases, bowls and wine glasses. Over the past year, they have collaborated with several major retailers and brands like Åhléns, Hästens Sängar and Gustavsbergs Porslinfabrik.
- 2016 was a wonderfully successful year where we worked hard to promote Swedish form in the world and pay tribute to our Swedish design heritage, writes co-owner Oscar Kylberg in an email to Di.
Kylberg also says the company is expected to work with a number of global design partnerships in the coming years.
- We invested a lot in collaborating with existing customers and focused on global launches.
The company made a profit of almost SEK 1.6 million last year. An equal amount of money, Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg could take home in dividends.
It is Carl Philip's own company CPhB Design, which owns half of the shares in Bernadotte & Kylberg. The Prince's annual report shows that business colleagues shared the money from the design business and made both a profit of SEK 800,000. In 2015 Carl Philip's company made a profit of SEK 300,000.
Prins Carl Philips skålar och vaser drar in miljoner
Bernadotte & Kylberg at their Instagram some days ago
"Five years ago to the day we launched our first design collaboration as Bernadotte & Kylberg - 'Svenska djur' or 'Swedish animals' with classic Swedish porcelain manufacturer @gustavsbergsporslin at @NK department store in Stockholm. We are very proud of what have achieved for and with all our clients during these five years, and we are just as excited about what is to come for the next five".

With autumn around the corner, our handcrafted crystal ware Signum vase & candle holder with a smokey amber tone has a natural place in our design studio...

Bernadotte & Kylberg at their Instagram two days ago
"Introducing new family members in our Stockholm Aquatic series for @stelton A serving tray for cheese and cake with all the utensils you need for a great time with friends and family. Be sure to check them out"
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Bernadotte & Kylberg launched yesterday a new collection with Duni.
"Today we launched Amazonica, a celebration of food form and function. Together with Duni, we have developed a collection of single-use products, made of 100% recyclable material. Our focus has been on creating an environmentally conscious collection that the user can use however they like, something that is beautiful to look at and something that inspires the user to try out new ways of celebrating food. Function, inspiration and sustainability. All in one collection. We couldn’t be more proud of the result and we want to say a huge thank you to our friends at Duni. It’s been a pleasure working with you."

Express your creativity whenever you serve food⎮ Amazonica collection by Bernadotte & Kylberg _ Duni
Bernadotte & Kylberg has designed a collection of hunting garments for Chevalier, the collection is called "Whisper", because it is quiet, it will not cause any sound when the hunter is shooting. According to Expressen, the collection has been on the market about a month, and king Carl Gustaf has already bought a hunting jacket. The jacket costs about SEK 10 000.
Nu kan kungen jaga i prinsens knäpptysta jacka _ Kungligt _ Expressen

More Whisper garments
Chevalier – Jaktkläder

Oscar Kylberg, the ceo of Bernadotte & Kylberg, has obviously been interviewed some days ago.
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