Crown Princess Mette-Marit's Eveningwear Part 1: March 2005 - March 2009

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The lace top on the dress is beautiful and very flattering -
For some reason I like this dressmuch better the 2nd time round
I agree the pink evening gown she wore was awful on her. The cream day gown is not bad. I think close up it needed to fit her more in the chest. But it still looks nice. I just wish she would dress for her body better. It is a shame because she looks so pretty.
Dinner in Mexico

Mette recycling the white dress she wore for the Nobel Concert and the golden shoes she wore for the Opening of the Opera (I cannot umderstand why she waited so long until she recycled them).


Shoes (Omg,they are gorgeous! I want them! :heart: ;))

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IMO, the dress is too short.

If Princess Marie likes purple, Princess M-M likes white!
Really a great shoe. CP Mette-Marit himself becoming one of the styles can be chosen well.​
Shoes (Omg,they are gorgeous! I want them! :heart: ;))

MM has an impecable taste on shoes!!!
I Love this one!!! :ROFLMAO:

The cream dress is beautiful indeed. I like lace on the top. Crown Princess Mette-Marit has got a nice taste in shoes and does an amazing job pulling off fashionable shoes.
I want to comment that I think in the last year or so the crown princess has gained a few pounds, yet she doesn't seem to self conscious or miserable about it and that's what I love about her, being so comfortable with the way you are, we have alot to learn from her!
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