Crown Princess Mette-Marit Jewellery 1: Ending 2021

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Nov 8, 2002

POLFOTO 24.05.2002

POLFOTO 23.05.2002 a simple 3 row pearl necklace


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WOW! That is a beautiful picture of the Princess' tiara. Love it. Thank You for the post.
Crown Princess Mette-Marit


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last: Martha Louise and Ari's pre-wedding gala dinner ...


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Since she's just given Norway a new heir to the throne, do you think Mette-Marit will recieve any new jewels to commerate the event? I'm hoping for another tiara that's a bit grander. I love her other one, it suits her well and goes with everything, but, it's rather small compared to some Crown Princesses' (or even princesses's ) tiaras.
A new necklace/ring/bracelet would be nice as well
I don't know if she would formally get any jewels from the royal vault or wherever all those lovely tiaras and necklaces, etc. are housed. But it would be a nice gesture and perhaps not too far off for Haakon to give his wife something. My mom got a bracelet after I was born and a pair of earrings with my brother's birth.
Hmm.. he could get her a necklace that could convert into a tiara...
Pretty and functional!
Not really a very lovely idea but after the death of TRH the Princess Astrid & Ranghilde all the tiaras of those two princess will become property again of the royal house.

That will mean that she has than a lot of tiaras :innocent:

The diamond tiara
The turquoise tiara
The diamond wing tiara
The gold bandeau
The diamond & pearl circle tiara
the vasa diamond tiara
wouldn't one of those stay in the family as the princess recieved it not from the royal family but from someone outside of it? (Or was that sweden that had that happen?)
Those earrings are indeed very beautiful. Did she recieve them for her wedding? I don't think I have ever seen them before. Of course, I have never really looked....
The earrings was King Olavs silver wedding present to his wife crownprincess Märtha, but she never got to wear them because she died about two weeks later, after that the earrings went to Sonja and she borrowed them to Märtha Louise at least once. MM got them as a wedding present ans she wore them for the first time at the prewedding dinner, she has worn them many times since.

(Also her engagement ring is from CP Märtha, she got it from Olav and Sonja got the same ring from Harald and now MM has the ring, very nice tradition I think.)
Its the same amethyst tiara she is wearing during the recent Italian visit. It can also be worn as a necklace, like Queen Sonja wore it during the prewedding dinner for H an MM at Akershus. The necklace can as you see be converted into a tiara, it was a gift from the King to the Queen for her 60th (i think) birthday, she has maching earrings, a bracelet, a brooch and another necklace. During the statevisit from Itlay MM wear the brooch as a pedant on a diamond necklace.

Pics of Sonja wearing the tiara

On the first pic you can see the queen wearing the other necklace
Sonja sometimes wears the other necklace as a bracelet by turning it twice around her wrist.

Here you can see MM wearing the bracelet, which I think consists of one amethyst with diamonds around it on a arm-ring

I think it is a nice set of jewels and very versatile, it is nice of the Queen to lend it to MM
This is a new pair of earrings?


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1 Turqouis brooch

2 Modern cross, worn whilst pregnant to a concert in the palace chappel

3 Diamond flower brooch and smal diamond and sapphire earrings for picture with Ingrid Alexandra



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1.Close up of the earrings that she got for her wedding
2.She also wore the pearlbracelet on Iceland with a pair of drop pearl earrings


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A tiara from Queen Maud that can be worn as a necklace, llike Mette-Marit did for her prewedding dinner, so far noone has worn it since, strange since I think it looks very nice as a necklace and she doesent have alot of them


1 Three string pearl bracelet, wedding gift from Haakon anlong with a 3 string necklace

2 Pearl and diamond earrings

3 and 4 Since she is a little to young to have her own jewellery tread, I include here the christening gift to Ingrid Alexandra from the King and Queen. Its a diamond heart with a ruby in the center on a thin pearl string, it once belonged to Crownprincess Märtha. On Picture 3 Queen Sonja wears the heart


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New earrings worn for the first time in Thailand, It is one Amethyst and one Aquamarine. She also wore them for the black tie dinner offered for the Hoelberg Prize winner in November

1 The Amethyst
2 The Aquamarine

3-4 Mette-Marits jewels at Drammen Theatre

The earrings after Princess Märtha
Two long Diamond necklaces after Queen Maud
A big Diamond brooch that also is supposed to have belonged to Queen Maud, Queen Sonja usually wears it with her big diamond tiara

5 Turqouis Ring and pendant
6 A big ring with a red stone, could it be a citrine, Im not at all good a gems:rolleyes:


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1-Silver brooch worn to Charles and Camilla's wedding.
2-Stud Earrings in Malawi
3-Siver chain bracelet in Malawi
4-Necklace in Malawi
5-Studs in Iceland
6-Hoops worn in Iceland


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1-Multi colored bracelet
2-Earrings worn meeting Jimmy Carter
3-Stud earrings worn for the inauguration of the new bishop of Oslo
4-Bracelet worn to the opening of an exhbition in Oslo
5-Bracelet worn to the opening of a new wing of Hoenefoss Hospital
6-Earrings worn to a concert for tsunami victims
7-Brooch worn to the farewell service for the bishop of Oslo
8-Turquoise ring at the Jordanian Wedding in 2004


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from the state visit from japan


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The Statevisit from Japan return dinner May 11
Amethyst brooch, earrings and bracelet borrowd from Queen Sonja and her own Amethyst ring


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More Jewelry


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I'd love to see Mette-Marit wear the version of Queen Maud's tiara that Martha Louise wore to her wedding. I think it's beautiful, but not too grand, so the queen wouldn't be outglittered. The amethysts and the diamond daisy tiaras are nice, but as second lady in the nation, and as one who's done a good job, she should be wearing a bit bigger jewels.
can anyone mention the names of the tiaras mette marit wore?
as far as i know mette marit wore the daisy one, the violet tiara and the one in her prewedding dinner.
were there more?
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You are right Carlota, she has worn three tiaras. The vifte tiara after Queen Maud twice as a necklace, for her prewedding dinner and for the dinner for the bishops in 2004. She has ofcourse worn her weddingtiara, the diamond daisy tiara several times and the Ametyst tiara three times, first time for Frederik and Marys preweddingconcert in May 2004.

In the weekend edition of Se og Hør they write that the Ametyst tiara\necklace, (3?) bracelets, brooch ring and eardobs were a gift to Mette-Marit after Ingrid Alexandra was born and that she now owns it. The jewels were purchased by the Queen in the late 90s. She has not worn it much, but was first seen with it around the neck for her 60th birthday. Mette-Marit has only worn it as a tiara and not as a necklace.

1 Mette-Marit wearing the ametysts as a tiara, and the brooch as a pendant on a diamond necklace for the Italian state visit

2 Queen Sonja wearing it as a necklace for Haakon and Mette-Marits prewedding dinner

3 The Queen wearing the necklace as a tiara for the wedding of Alexandra of Berleburg. She wears the two bracelets connected together as a necklace.

4 and 5 Closeup of the tiara\necklace


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the amethyst one is one of the nicest in norway, lovely.
larzen, could you please post pics of the vifte tiara? i want to know how it looks like in tiara as well...
also, was the daisy tiara a family jewel or was it bought for mette marit?

did martha louise use many tiaras in all her life? which ones?
Märtha has used three, the one she usually wears, a gift from King Olav on her 18 birthday, the malthese tiara without the crosses (she might have worn it with the crosses also but Im not sure), and her beautiful wedding tiara the 2. setting of the Queen Maud pearl tiara, there are pictures of it in her tread.

The provenance of The Daisy tiara is not known, on the wedding day the former cabinett secreatry of the King said that he thought he had seen a picture of Queen Maud wearing it but he was not sure. It is from ca 1910
Here are pictures of the vifte tiara, ufortunatly it disappears in the Queens hair, She wore it once when she was very young and it looked much better, I would say it looks much more beautiful as a necklace than as a tiara.


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