Crown Princess Máxima's Eveningwear Part 4: January 2012 - April 2013

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I think that princess maxima looks nice with the red belt and scarf it ads a nice pop of color to her outfit.
Not a big fan of the skirt. Love her hairstyle and the jewels.

Máxima in white at the final concert of the 65th edition of the Holland Festival in Amsterdam today, June 28.
I like the look very much on her!

** Full view ** Upper part ** Shoes ** Bag **
Cape, mod dress attached, sandals?
I'd say it's very hard to tell whether she escaped from the movie set of "Wonder Woman", or "The Avengers", or "Fall of the Roman Empire".
She doesn't look bad, but this outfit feels just so much like a film costume oddity.
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The cape dress works well Imo but the hairstyle was all wrong for it.
Not fond of the sandals with the dress.
Not a fan of the cape. It would have looked good as a simple sleeveless dress to me.
At first I though that the dress was odd with that cape thing on, but she looks really great in it. And I love how she´s matched white and gold, very elegant combination, it works almost always, IMO.
Still, I think an updo, or maybe a ponytail, would look amazing with this look.
Overall I think she looks fantastic.
This dress reminds me of the dress Gwenyth Paltrow wore to the Oscars this year; except shorter. I like it.
Maxima looks great! Love the white dress on her
That cape is ruining the look for me. It would look a lot better without it.
It does look a bit odd but could have worked, I agree about hair & shoes not working with this style.
It's the same dress worn in red by Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy during the engagement photo shoot outside... I actually find it impertinent of Natan to constantly sell his designs to all the royal (or royal-to-be) ladies no matter who already has them.
Maxima's hair and shoes are awful as usual, but I like the dress in this blush color (rosé IMO, not cream) slightly better than in fire engine red.
Maxima looked nice in that dress but the shoes and hair was all wrong for the look which could've been a simple lovely look.
I think that Natan would sell any design to anyone be it royal or otherwise, Boris. :)
I actually like this dress on Maxima and the style and color are flattering on her. Like you, I dislike her hair and shoes.
The dress per se is fine. However, it would be a better choice for someone younger that Crown Princess Maxima.
As for Natan, it would be great know how exactly he or his PR charms royal ladies to buy his creations.
The dress looks good on Maxima and I have to agree that I like it better in this bluch color, rather than the red. And as long as the women don't wear the dress to the same function, I don't see a problem with Natan selling it to whomever they like.
Love the dress on Maxima. She looks good
The dress per se is fine. However, it would be a better choice for someone younger that Crown Princess Maxima.
As for Natan, it would be great know how exactly he or his PR charms royal ladies to buy his creations.
I agree with you heartily on both points.:flowers:
The dress is fine. Butit takes a back seat if she wearing real pink diamonds.
She looked very nice, love that beautiful color.
She looks lovely. Very nice dress, very flattering to her figure. I truely like it. I don't think her looks messy. The whole appearance is very nice.

Crown Princess Máxima at a concert in Amsterdam today, July 4, wearing a top and skirt and matching accessories in a similar light colour:

** Full view ** Upper part **
Maxima (or her assistants) must really try ironing her outfits better.
Otherwise, a moderately pretty (but not spectacular) outfit.
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This look is horrible. The fabric is awful!
I was actually thinking to post this in the most terrible thread but decided against it - its a close call though.
M just does not have the figure for a dress like this nor in this colour. She is not overwt by any means she is just curvy and that is not the dress to support her at anytime. These CP's who love Natan ???? if that is what it is are living in a fool's paradise if they think his clothing do anything for them IMO.
And the colour good lord... what waas she thinking I am certain it cost a packet.
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