Crown Prince Frederik's Working Visit to China: September 26-28 2018

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His Royal Highness The Crown Prince visits China’s capital Beijing the days of 26-28 September 2018. The Crown Prince will take part in the opening of Denmark’s exhibition at Beijing Design Week, which is being carried out as part of Copenhagen’s partnership with Beijing.

Denmark’s exhibition at Beijing Design Week will focus on Danish lifestyle and will include the participation of leading Danish companies. The themes span from health, food and design to green construction.

Copenhagen is the guest city for Beijing Design Week 2018, which is one of the largest events of its type in Asia. The exhibition is arranged by the City of Copenhagen in cooperation with the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish embassy in Beijing. In addition to the exhibition, Copenhagen’s collaboration with Beijing includes a large urban renewal project in the centre of Beijing, where Danish green building solutions are brought into play.

During the visit, The Crown Prince will also take part in a number of business and cultural activities that have the objective of strengthening the relations between Denmark and China. Among other things, these will include The Danish Cultural Centre in Beijing, which also carries out a number of activities during Beijing Design Week.

The Crown Prince opens Denmark’s exhibition at Beijing Design Week | The Danish Monarchy - Front Page

one of the events is the "Living is Giving" exhibition in Beijing
Tomorrow, September 26
"Beijing Design Week 2018 launched Danish tones ...
Copenhagen's guest exhibition will open on Wednesday. September 26 with participation of HRH Crown Prince Frederik, Mayor Frank Jensen and Minister of Culture Mette Bock. The opening takes place in the main position, which is a mini version of Copenhagen - built in a huge gas tank in the Design District 751 D-PARK"
Beijing Design Week 2018 sat igang til danske toner | Beijing Design Week 2018

Frederik at the Copenhagen Guest Exhibition Opening Ceremony as part of the Beijing Design Week today, September 26:

** rex gallery **

** kongehuset gallery day 1: H.K.H. Kronprinsen i Kina - dag 1 **

And here's the programme of the visit in English:

** kongehuset: Program for visit in China **

Wednesday, 26 September

Visit with the Danish exhibitors at “Living is Giving” 16.30

Official opening of the exhibition “Living is Giving” 18.00

Concert with Den Sorte Skole 20.30

Thursday, 27 September

Tour around 798 Arts District 10.30

Participation in the “Living is Giving” symposium 11.30

Visit with “Bite of Denmark” companies and luncheon 12.00

Visit with the company representatives in the green track 12.30

Attendance at signing ceremony with Jacob Jensen Design 12.40

Visit with company representatives from the health sector 12.50

Visit at Beijing Foreign Studies University 14.00

Meeting with Chinese government representatives 15.10

Visit at art installations 18.30

New Nordic Dinner 19.00

Friday, 28 September

Participation in “Staying Healthy in an Urban Environment” 08.45

Participation in the conference “Organic Living” 11.45

Luncheon reception with the Danish ambassador in China 12.00
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:previous: thanks. The DRF a little slow with the agenda but a packed agenda for this visit. He looks in top form, and has not skipped a beat.

video of the opening of Design Week with Copenhagen as the guest city

from the DRF

another gallery

ROYAL VISIT AT DESIGN SCHOOL KOLDING IN BEIJING: Today Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark stopped by Design School Kolding’s installation the ‘Super Supermarket’ at Beijing Design Week. Evidently, the crown prince found the installation both intriguing and creative. Super Supermarket mimics a real supermarket but is made up of residual materials, supplied by a variety of Danish companies. ..The purpose of the Super Supermarket is to inspire people to think about their consumption and reflect on sustainability and reuse in a sensuous way.

"For this year’s Beijing Design Week, Copenhagen is the guest city. For this event, Becky Kemp from has designed a royal edition of the kokeshi dolls symbolizing H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark who is attending the Design Week and his wife, H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary."

Food Nation

news article and video on Day 1
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Day 2
Crown Prince Frederik at the inauguration of the new center for Danish Studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University in Beijing, Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018.*

Article from day 1 with more photos
Se billeder og video fra åbningen af Københavns gæstebyudstilling | Beijing Design Week 2018
Diplomatic protocol dictates that Frederik should show his respect to the Chinese government at some level, being the representative of the Danish head of state.
As this is not an official visit, but "only" a working visit, that would normally be at some ministerial level, I.e. the foreign ministry or a trade ministry, an environment ministry or something similar, considering Frederik purpose for being in China.

That Frederik is meeting the Vice President is a considerable diplomatic nod.
I think the DK government is very pleased!
Is there any discussion about the human rights situation in China in relation to the visit?
Is there any discussion about the human rights situation in China in relation to the visit?

What discussion?
What human rights situation?
Tibet is no issue either. :D

Now let's put on the positive hat and look forward. :whistling: 👅;)

Seriously. No, this is about money and jobs and the export. With all the bullies ruling the world these years there is no wish for the Danish government nor the opposition to wave the human rights flag around. Considering the global political situation, we can't expect any help from allies if we annoy the Chinese.
- This is the Age of the Bullies.
Thanks Poly for taking the time to type all that info. Thanks also to Muhler for your insightfullness.
I am just pleased that Frederik has recovered well from the back surgery to be able to travel.
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