Crown Prince Frederik's 50th Birthday Celebrations: May 2018

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A bad Google translate:
"It was first in the meeting with Crown Princess Mary that Crown Prince Frederik began to feel complete and ready to lift the responsibility that was constantly waiting for him. The Crown Princess tells about the weight that her fiancé then struggled to lift and at the same time how he, as her husband and later family man and father, had been able to grow into the role that was expected of him.

Today, it is clear to see that the frame that the family has formed about the Crown Prince to stand a hectic and often responsible everyday life.

The Crown Prince we see today fulfills many roles; As a broker, symbol and spokesman, we follow him from South Africa to Brazil and the Middle East. In the new portrait, produced by JJ Film for TV 2, we get the story of a fierce and responsible future regent who works every day to do the best he can in the many roles that are required of him.

We also see a family man who both gives and takes on his family's love. As the Crown Princess Mary explains in the program, Frederik's confident is due to the roles that he has previously struggled to find in now has moved in in his life.

'My Way - Crown Prince Frederik 50 years'."
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Besides being the handsomest crown prince ever, he looks so happy today, more at peace with himself and more content in life. That is what happens when you find the soulmate to fit you in life as he has done with Mary being his wife.
Besides being the handsomest crown prince ever, he looks so happy today, more at peace with himself and more content in life. That is what happens when you find the soulmate to fit you in life as he has done with Mary being his wife.

Don't forget Crown Prince Haakon of Norway!!!! He is also an eye candy.🤣🤣:whistling:

I'm not disagree with you Principessa to that!!! 😄 Haakon!!!

(Polyesco 👅;))

Totally the 50 is just a number for Frederik!
Okay ladies we all have our crown princes in a row...........:lol::lol::duckie::duckie::duckie:

And I do think that Norway is very lucky to have Haakon for he is also a living doll yet my heart thinks Frederick is out of this world since I first saw his picture in that sail boat down under......took my breath away and then to find out he was my favorite Queen's son well that just did it for me........I was totally smitten with him and have been since....:wub:
Besides being the handsomest crown prince ever, he looks so happy today, more at peace with himself and more content in life. That is what happens when you find the soulmate to fit you in life as he has done with Mary being his wife.

Agree 100% :flowers:

another part of his interview with BB
"- Finding the very right woman and getting married and getting the kids that I have now been lucky enough to get is something I could only dream about at the time. That dream became my reality, is what I appreciate most."

A sneak peak into the exhibition “HRH Crown Prince Frederik – Prince of Denmark”,
which through clothing and pictures tells about The Crown Prince with a focus on the events and themes that are central in The Crown Prince’s life story.
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Do yourself the favor and watch the DRF's own and longer trailer for the upcoming documentary "My Way - Crown Prince Frederik 50 Years" ❤️ (With english subtitles)

It looks to be a genuine, honest and good portrait. I look forward to see it Sunday evening.
It will be send at TV2, I don't sure it can be seen from outside Denmark, but maybe online afterwards.
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If I can find it in English somewhere I will watch it....anything Danish appeals to me in a big way as I have great affection for Queen Margrethe. And with Frederik being her son, he can't go wrong, well he better not go wrong .....:lol:
Do yourself the favor and watch the DRF's own and longer trailer for the upcoming documentary "My Way - Crown Prince Frederik 50 Years" ❤️ (With english subtitles)

It looks to be a genuine, honest and good portrait. I look forward to see it Sunday evening.
It will be send at TV2, I don't sure it can be seen from outside Denmark, but maybe online afterwards.

This looks wonderful!
and thank goodness for English subtitles :flowers::flowers:

"where i am today is a great credit to my wife, Mary, who completes me most wonderfully" - He always seems so proud and happy to have Mary by his side
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Thanks, Eya. :flowers:

Frederik says he's looking forward to tomorrow.
However, he has been having problems with his back recently, so he can't run as well as he would like to. So don't expect any records.

Summary of an interview in Billed Bladet #20, 2018.
Interviewers: Ulrik Ulriksen and Marianne Singer.

First part:

What the reporters noticed:
Frederik's firm handshake.
Drinks coffee with milk and sugar.
Is a fan of both Liverpool and Arsenal.

The interview starts with a little small talk about a Champions League match to be played that same evening. But Frederik is not going to watch it.
Frederik has been a fan of Arsenal and Liverpool since 7th grade, when he went with his class to London and saw a match between these two teams.
Today he actually prefer to watch cross country skiing and biathlon.

About being 50.
Frederik feels fine about his life now. The number 50 in itself doesn't mean much to him. He feels healthy and in good spirit.
Of course he isn't young anymore, so he admits he has to train more often than beforehand. Not harder, that will only lead to injury but certainly more frequently. Staying fit is part driven by vanity and partly by a wish to stay active.
"All in all the word contend fits very well to how I am approaching my round birthday. I-m a contend person."

Over the years Frederik has had dreams and hopes.
One was more daunting than the others: "To find just the right woman and getting married and having the children I have now been so fortunate to have, is something I back then could only dream about. That this dream became my reality is what I appreciate the most."

That doesn't mean he doesn't have dreams and goals to be achieved, he has.
Helping to make the world a better place is among those goals, which is why he went out to the very tip of the spear when he visits places with say Red Cross.
This is where he sees his own life in perspective, this is where he dreams about a better world.
These experiences is something he takes home and use in bringing up his own children, to the extent that they can comprehend it. But he can explain to his children that the safe and comfortable life they life is not shared by all people.
He, combined with his wife who bring with her other views, try and install values in their children. Healthy values that will form the basis for their children.
One such core value is that of being Danish. That includes meeting other people with an open mind, based on a foundation of you are.
The children are influenced by their mother's Australian heritage and their grandpapa's French background, and he was a big influence, which means the children feel Danish, going to a Danish school, while at the same time being fed multicultural values.

About sport.
Sport has always been essential to Frederik, it has always been something that comes easy to him, something he feels pleasure and which provides him with a mental surplus and well being.
Within the past ten years the wish for spreading the joy of sports to more people has become more structured and more organized. Especially in regards to children.
He feels good about motivating children and influencing them to be physically active and he is well aware that he is a role model to children and this is something he has every intention of continue to do.

But how about sports and physical activities in the day to day life?
Both he and Mary are physically very active and stay fit, and that means their children see them at home in sports suits all the time, and sometimes they take the children along on jogging. It is very much the yearly skiing trips to the Alps that is a favorite with the whole family.
From childhood sport was something that made him high, and lifted his mood even more. So to him, sport gives him a boost.
When he was a child, it was the officers and guardsmen on duty who were the direct role models:
"They dined (the officers on duty) with my parents once a week. It was of course always inspiring and cool to see and officer in dress uniform. To ask a little into what they had experienced. Many of them ran or worked out besides they duties and when they were off duty.
And then there were many of the young guardsmen who once in a while were called in to play soccer with us on the lawns at Fredensborg and Marselisborg. That in itself was a funny experience. There have always been someone to look up to.
And on the summer cruises aboard Dannebrog there were the conscript mates with whom we once in a while scrubbed the fore-deck or attend for morning muster."
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Second part:

Part of his job is the help promote Danish export and business on travels abroad and that is something he takes very seriously. Fortunately he and Mary share the same approach to how to do that and after such a trip, they evaluate in order to become better at the next visit.

One thing Frederik very much appreciate is that he and Mary gets to meet all sorts of Danes and that they can walk the streets safe and without having negative experiences. That attributes to how the Danes perceive him and his family, so to him this is an extra bonus.

Frederik feels very much Danish when he is watching his mother's New Year speech. It also makes him very proud of his mother.

Sailing is very much in the DNA of Frederik. It's something he inherited from his father, and the joy of sailing is something he has passed on to his eldest son, Christian, who has taken up sailing as a sport.
All the children are accomplished swimmers.
Prince Henrik was fond of Dannebrog and so is Frederik and his family. Last year the family went for a private cruise of Denmark, where they introduced their children to various historical sites. That was a delightful family-outing.

As for the children, he and Mary are in agreement as to what is going to happen to their children and how. That's why it's important to be there for the children and install in them some basic values like common sense, curiosity and the ability to have a positive outlook.
"Why, life is fantastic right now. You should really feel good about every day that goes well. That we are all happy and in good health. In the old days you gave thanks in your evening prayer before going to bed. Today it may be better to stop once in a while. It can be at the end of the week and whenever you like. That you remember: - Hey, how cool is this! Things are working, the family is working and the children are well".
(Personal note: Denmark has often been labelled the happiest country in the world. Whether that is true or not can be discussed. However, they keyword IMO is: contend. - Frederik in the above quote explained the whole reason why we Danes are happy/contend. That's the yardstick. Nothing more, nothing less.)

It's no secret that Frederik is fond of art, and that he has grown up surrounded by are and by the pleasure for art.
Frederik's interest in art has clearly come from his parents, who expressed themselves through art, an ability Frederik has not inherited however.
Instead he finds a lot of pleasure in viewing art, and that was instrumental in the decision in incorporating modern art into his and Mary's home at Amalienborg.

Frederik is going to take over one day. Something he initially looked on with dread and bewilderment. It wasn't clear to him what it meant to become king one day. It wasn't something he discussed with his parents, so he has felt lost and alone in that regard.
However, times goes and has grown more comfortable in his present role and in the thought of him becoming king. It was a gradual process where he got more tasks and grew more and more into the role.
Based on his own experiences he and Mary are very careful about explaining their children what it is to be a royal and what that entails.
"The Crown Princess and I are together with our children in a different way that I was with my parents. It was a different time. To us it's a huge daily pleasure to share as many hours with our children and for example take and pick them up from school. It makes them feel like all other children.
We are however also very conscious about teaching them that they have a life which is a little more unusual than their classmates and friends.
To me it's exciting to see the difference between myself in my childhood and they, where they are in their time. It's great that the Crown Princess and I can follow them well on their way."

Love is the foundation of any marriage, but also mutual respect and interest in each other. Which is what Frederik finds a lot of pleasure in hearing about Mary experiences at work and also about her plans and commitment.
But the element of surprise is also important in a marriage.
So, is he good at surprising his wife?
"You must ask the Crown Princess. I think so."

Q: You have previously mentioned that You are proud of Your wife?
"It's good to see how she simply keeps on building on what she is working with and that she carries the weight she does, because she pursues some things that are dear to her heart. The Crown Princess will always continue to become better. I'm proud of that attitude. And I'm proud of her accomplishments in general."

Frederik has by no means walked the straight and narrow path to where he is now. Frederik compares that to having hacked his way through the forest rather than following the path. But it hasn't ruined anything for him, nor has it harmed him and that means that he today can feel that whatever he did, he didn't miss that target completely.

Like with everybody else traditions are important for Frederik, not least Christmas. He grew up with certain Christmas traditions, and that's how they should be! However, since Mary entered his life he has loosened up a little and incorporated their own Christmas traditions and also celebrated Christmas the Australian way, albeit initially a little reluctantly.
Another family tradition is summer at Gråsten. This is a place he has grown up with and which to him contains so many happy memories, not least with his beloved mormor, Queen Ingrid, but also his cousins from Berleburg and Greece. So this is a place where his family very much feel at ease.

Now he is looking very much forward to Royal Run.
He wanted to share his joy in physical activity with as many as possible, so after a little thinking this came up. Two distances; one mile and ten kilometers. The shorter distance because 1.600 meters is something most healthy people can accomplish, even if they have really never run before. While ten kilometers might scare most away. - And perhaps, maybe, possibly some will be bitten by the running bug...
Some of Frederik's old Frogman mates believed that when you turn 50, you must run 50 Km, but alas, he wouldn't be able to visit all five cities that day, so...

The interview ends with Frederik admonishing the readers: "The 21st May, when Royal Run takes place is second day of Whitsun, and a bank holiday for many. That's why there is no excuse for not showing up and if no more, then at least dragging yourself through 1.6 km."

You will find the scans of the interview here:

And a scan of Frederik's life illustrated here:

While many photos will be familiar to you, some are not. Fans of Frederik should consider taking an anti-swoon pill before looking. 👅
Thank You Muhler for the fabulous pictures of Frederik, gads he is so gorgeous...:lol::lol:, that man gets better looking with age. I so love the gray hair coming in and it makes him look so distinguished looking.

My favorite picture is the one of him dancing with him mother in her red gown, that was so sweet and caring. Then in the uniform, wow, that is priceless! Your suggestion of anti-swoon pills did not help....🤣🤣:flowers:
thank you Muhler for all the translations and summaries. Hope his back feels a bit better for tomorrow.
The run has been a huge success, over 70000 have signed upøber-med-kronprinsen
"We have never experienced anything like it. The number of participants, the enthusiasm from the cities, companies and people who wants to contribute. And then, 29 percent of the enrolled Danes have never run a race before."

Nice clip of the family in Trend. Vincent's little dance is adorable

something cool
"Two F-16 fighters are adorned for the occasion of Royal Run, which takes place tomorrow in Denmark's five largest cities. When H.K.H. The Crown Prince at Esbjerg must run, the two F-16 fighters will fly over the area as a greeting and homage to the birthday man."

Four generations will run with the Crown Prince
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Okay, I watched the TV-portrait of Frederik on TV2 and let me start by saying: If Mary doesn't love her Frederik, then she deserves an Oscar!
And Frederik is a man who is very proud of his wife.

I doubt you will be able to watch this outside DK, but someone is almost certain to upload it on YouTube within the next few days, perhaps even with English subtitles.

There was not anything new for hardcore followers of Frederik.
Frederik was doing most of the talking, which is a problem when you are getting half-deaf as I am, because he does speak like he's got a hot potato in his mouth. Mary was also seen talking lovingly about her little man.
QMII and Joachim were only heard talking, Joachim who has a way with words, was very good at summing up.

But that really doesn't matter, I enjoyed the BTS footage as well as the footage of M&F on the job. Especially when they were together as a family. And this is a very normal family! There is lot of life in the back of the family car! And when dad is trying to explain how to build a fire in a damp forest, well, big deal let's run to "the cave".
There was also the well-known "when is it my turn?" "Now I end up being the last." So familiar to parents.
It is very rare indeed we see anything from the hunting lodge at Trend, and no wonder they love it there! It's a lovely place, both inside and out, a great place for an active family.
We also went to Gråsten with the family. Where the various family members practiced balancing on horses. Isabella was good at it!
Christian is I think very much his father's son. Not that eager to take advise on things he believes he masters... - But on the other hand eager to learn about things he doesn't master - yet.

We saw Frederik running all over the place, that's so relaxing for him.
It is clear than when Frederik is in his private mode PET are expected to maintain a healthy distance.

To some extent I think you would benefit from watching this portrait without understanding what is being said. In that way you can study the family-dynamics, the interaction between M&F and the family body language, without being distracted.

And finally, Frederik does have a way with children. He is seen on a forest-outing with Save the Children, and here a girl clearly fell in love with him. She clinged to him, a lot! Presumably she miss having a dad in her life.

A little detail more when he was in Rio for the Olympics he phoned home, and as far as I could hear, it was Josephine who answered the phone. And here Frederik called her "bette" = "wee" as in little. Vincent is called "Vince/Vincer.

At some point Vincent, lacking one front tooth, looks directly at the camera and gives us a beaming smile. That will without doubt melt half of you and leave the rest of you broody! :lol:
It certainly led Mrs. Muhler wanting to just eat him up!

But there will be another portrait of Frederik tomorrow evening on DR1, and that you should be able to watch outside DK.
A little detail more when he was in Rio for the Olympics he phoned home, and as far as I could hear, it was Josephine who answered the phone. And here Frederik called her "bette" = "wee" as in little. Vincent is called "Vince/Vincer.

Is that the scene from the trailer? I thought it was Isabella on the other side said 'Hi Dad!' and Frederik called her 'Bella'... But of course, I don't speak Danish.
Is that the scene from the trailer? I thought it was Isabella on the other side said 'Hi Dad!' and Frederik called her 'Bella'... But of course, I don't speak Danish.

You may be right. 😄
Mary and her four children are right now getting ready to run a mile (the family-mile) in Copenhagen.

That was sweet, Mary got a little spontaneous hug from Christian.
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Christian is the first to finish in 7:38. Bella is coming up. She finished in 8:30.

Mary and the children have finished. Vincent ran a little ahead towards the end, while Josephine stayed back with mother.

Each of the children was accompanied by a running usher and a PET officer.

Christian is being interviewed. I guess we will learn later what he had to say.

The family is posing with their medals.

The family was interviewed.
They handled it very well!
Mary, Christian, Bella and Josephine spoke to the press and answered in a very natural manner, with well-chosen words.
Josephine admitted it was hard!

The interview was made by TV2 and BB, so when someone uploads the interview here, I will translate for you.
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Frederik is getting ready to run in Aarhus. The weather is great!
29 % of those a little more than 70.000 who have signed up, have not taken part in a run before.
Women in particular have signed up.
The majority of those running today are around 50 years old.

In Aalborg Frederik ran with the local school children.
In Aarhus Frederik will run with students.

can anybody tell me where I can see the video of this?

That unfortunately is a problem. It's only shown by TV2, and they can't be seen outside DK.
It's actually a bit of a let down that DR1 doesn't even provide a coverage on the Net. :ermm:
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Thanks Muhler your translation will be appreciated.
Lovely to see Mary and the children running. I think if I was in Denmark I would put my running shoes also, although I think I am far more suited to a medium to slow walk.

Love the clip with the children looking forward to seeing the rest of the program. Vincent is a sweet and precious child, he seems to have such a gentle nature.
Can you watch these videos of Mary and the children?

Følg Royal Run direkte her - TV 2

The videos are a little down the page.

This page will be updated with more videos.

A photo of Mary and the children with their medals.

Notice the PET officers on the flanks, they were the only ones running with belt-bags and back-packs.


A gallery from Berlingske, so far 36 pics:

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