Crown Prince Frederik's 50th Birthday Celebrations: May 2018

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M&F and QMII are now greeting the guests.

The first are members of the court, including the Ladies-in-waiting. They are "uniformed", partly of practical reasons, partly because it's practical and partly because it would cost a fortune if they were to be issued new gala dresses several times a year.

Don't think we got to see this Part at other danish Galas. Nice that the show it too.
I think I just caught a glimpse of Countess Susie
The lady in green might have given the most horrible/awkward curtsey ever. :ohmy:When in doubt go small, not big and don't try to imitate CPss Mary, she is a pro.. :whistling:
There are around 400 guests, so lot of handshaking!

But then you can have a look at the dresses again.

At the end of the evening there will be dancing, including les lanciers.
But I doubt we are going to see that.
Poor Ingolf seems to be taking one for the team with that table partner...
Who's the woman in the off the shoulder white dress with tiara on her head?
I have to say QMargrethe is really providing a challange for the ladies who did not practice their curtseys enough. An elegant yurtsey is difficult enough when you are greeting a standing person, add a chair and it's a whole new story..

Oh dear, Nikolai looks positively terrified.
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The wicked witch of the government... :whistling: I'm sorry, a certain... red-headed minister.


Well, at least Støjberg won't start dancing on the table... :D

Nikolai looks like Bambi caught in the headlights of a truck. A big truck!
Looks like some kind of necklace on Marie Chantal's head.

Just saw one of Mary's sisters. Is her brother there as well?

Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies looks nice!
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I like that Nikolai is seated next to Marie-Olympia.

Who's the lady in green who walked in after MM and Haakon?
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The foreign adjutants are being presented now.
Stand by for royal processions.

Wonder if it will be the full fanfare?

And finally the DRF and that will be to a fanfare.
How nice to see the Connaught ruby tiara again ! It's been a while, hasn't it ?
Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein

Thank you :flowers:

There's a man wearing what appears to be a white hoodie, but i doubt it is, on Frederik's table. Can anyone tell me who it is?
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Victoria made eye contact with WA as she walked by and was like, "Hey, again," and gave this cute little half-assed curtsy that she didn't have to do. lol Love her.
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