CP Mary as Patron of the Royal Danish Academy of Music Children's Choir: 2007 - 2018

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Good quality video. Let's hope we get much more like that.

It ain't easy being the younger brother, eh? :lol:

And it's nice to see the interaction between the Donaldsons and the children. They can hardly be terrible grandparents if the children are perfectly willing to hold their hands.

I've read the magazine article and will give a summary later when I'm done scanning this weeks issue of BB.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #50, 2018.
Written by the Ulrik Ulriksen, reporter extraordinaire.

Mary, as patron for the Danish Royal Conservatory's Children's Choir, usually attend at Christmas concert around this time of year. Complete with a Lucia procession even if it may not be Lucia Day.
And usually she brings her family along. This year including John and Susan Donaldson.
John Donaldson is a well-liked man here in DK. Perhaps because he is a quite unassuming man, who has never made a song and dance act about himself and certainly not his daughter. That applies to Susan Donaldson as well.

Our reporter observed that morfar Donaldson held hands with Bella, Josephine and Vincent and winked to Christian.
During the concert Mary sat between her dad and bonus-mother and she talked quietly with her dad several times.

The family was also observed singing along to a popular Children's Christmas song as well as a psalm, that is also sung while dancing around the Christmas tree. The title of the song is: A child is born in Bethlehem. (*)
It was a very mixed repertoire of songs, some in English. (Perhaps for the benefit of the Donaldsons? Or simply an acknowledgement of Mary's English-speaking background?) They included Let it Snow and Holy Night.

Josephine was in especially cheerful mood and at some point during the concert, where there were many other children present the conferencier asked if anyone could answer these questions: Where was Jesus born? And how many wise men were there?
Vincent and Josephine's fingers shot up! They didn't get to answer the questions though, but judging from the looks on their faces, they got it right.

After the concert Mary said: "Thank you for a lovely concert. Now we are really in Christmas mood."

You may feast your eyes on the article here:

I don't know what it's called in your languages, but here it is in Danish. It was translated to Danish in 1553.
:previous: An interesting angle!

The article suggests that John Donaldson is getting increasingly frail. Hence why he did not take part in the official celebration of Frederik's 50th B-day.
The article also suggests that Isabella supported her morfar, by holding his hand while he walked down the stairs.

- I don't know how frail he is, if he indeed is frail, but of course the possibility is certainly there, as he is now 77.
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