Countess of Wessex: Visit to India - September 17-22, 2013

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Some of the best pics I've seen. She looks wonderful
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Sophie really is beautiful. It's great to see her trip get covered. Chris Jackson is my new favourite royal photographer!
As much as I love Zimbio for sharing pics in better quality and without watermarks, they do incredible mess with their galleries. Countess pics are posted under 5 different names, usually they are among other people, like her gallery for Sophie:
Sophie Thumbnails - Zimbio
It's like they couln't do one and only one gallery for her, and post all pics there, they are simply post her pics anywhere they like.
Check these:
Countess Sophie visits Wessex. Congratulation... Really.

BTW, that's the pin Countess was given, as you can see it at few pics:

And a DM article!
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Sophie looks amazing, nice to see that this trip has coverage :flowers:
Beautiful pictures :)
If Chris Jackson had not gone with Sophie this would visit would have had no coverage. The fact that the British Monarch website made a point of mentioning this visit highlighted it to the press.
Yes, I wanted to add that too. Someone must have take care of my sanity, because I would have gone mad without pics or news. So I am greatful to Chris Jackson very much.

But I also wanted to say, that I liked coverage from Czech and then Romania, Slovenia & Bulgaria. It did need a bit more searching, but there was press involved also FB and flickr accounts that shared amazing pictures.

India tour for now is quite mute when it comes to FB, Twitter and filckr, but there is a chance they will update it after the visit. Anyway time will tell. For now Chris Jackson rules!

More pics from today:
Sophie, Countess Of Wessex Visits India With ORBIS - Day 4 Thumbnails - Pictures - Zimbio
It's going to be interesting to see how much covereage there is in Qatar.
Lovely photos of Sophie visiting India, thanks to all who have posted. :flowers:

I'm pleased that this visit has got coverage (and lots of it, too) as I was expecting little. My favourite photo is this one - the children and Sophie look pleased to be there.
They didn't mean she is British Monarch, they just wanted to tag British Monarchy FB site, as she is a member of royal family and most likely not everyone will know who she is.
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