Christening of Princess Eleonore of Belgium

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Victoria looks great with baby Eleonore.
Thanks everyone for the new pictures! I had some trouble at first finding pictures without water marks covering the face of Eléonore. She is a cutie! I love the pictures of Prince Philippe holding her, both today and at Queen Fabiola's party. It looks like the most natural thing in the world for him, to carry a little baby in his arms. I know you shouldn't judge from some pictures alone, but he does seem to be a really good and loving father to all is children.
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Thanks for all that very lovely pictures from the family , Victoria looks great!!
Beautiful photos indeed of a very happy family event:)
Maybe soon Crown Princess Victoria will have her own little one to cuddle.
In Place Royale they mentioned that Mathilde's sister, Elisabeth, has given birth a few days ago.
Does anyone know if it is a boy or a girl ? Thanks
What lovely pictures. This family is really very appealing. All the kids looked beautiful holding those candles.
The official photo with the whole family and the godparents is beautiful. God job Stephanie!!!
The pictures are beautiful! I love the chapel where the baptism took place. Is this on the grounds of Laeken or a different location? Thanks!
princess Mathilde, Princess Claire and princess Victoria were all dressed in Natan
Mathilde's dress fit to Eleonore's baptism gown and her shoes fit to boys trousers and socks.
Philippe's tie fit to Elisabeth's dress.
He was there, saw a picture of him sitting to the side of the baptismal font holding their one twin son.

was it the same christening gown of the other children?
The pictures are beautiful! I love the chapel where the baptism took place. Is this on the grounds of Laeken or a different location? Thanks!

The baptism was held at the Chapel of Ciergnon Castle.
The children are beautiful.
Has anyone noticed how all the women coordinated the outfit with a sort of beige/ivory theme?? Gorgeous! I really love the baby's baptismal robes. And goodness! I never really thought of her as beautiful but she has become a stunner, she has a perfect figure. She and Mathilde had the best outfits. Mathilde looks really slim now.

Ciergnon is a very picturesque castle...picture perfect!
The VRT has a clip of the christening online, look here. And here another clip from newspaper 'Het Laatste Nieuws' (who put the small princess on the cover of their newspaper this morning).

I like it that they have a small intimate ceremony in the chappel of Ciergnon by the way, considering thar religion is something private. It looks lovely with all the children around the baptism font. Eleonore is a very pretty baby IMO.

I was wondering about the guests though, apart from Prince Marie-Astrid of Lux. and her husband Archduke Carl-Christian, were there any other Luxembourg relatives (princess Margaretha maybe)? And was Countess Anne Komorovska there? I don't think I saw her.

A minor complaint to spoil the fun: why does Mathilde always have to whisper? She usually speaks like that though I suppose she must have a normal voice too (maybe when the camera is not there).
I read somewhere that Mathilde's sister Elisabeth Pallaviccini gave birth over the weekend, so maybe the Countess was attending her other daughter?
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