Christening of Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella: May 10, 2015

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The lady doing the readings was very chique. I missed her name? It was the one with the green dress and the beige fascinator with voile. She sported beautiful pearl-and-diamond earrings.
The babies are adorable! Albert and Charlene look so proud. I love the way Charlene looks at the babies.
:previous: Hey, Moonmaiden! Yes, fun! I'll regret it in a few hours, though. ;)

Charming babies. :flowers: So beautiful!
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Charlene looks so beautiful and I love the loving way she looks at her babies.

The babies are absolutely beautiful and love how Gabriella has been sucking on her fingers :)
Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella are behaving extremely well. Not the slightest hiccup when the Bishop poured water on them. A very stylish service. Nice choir as well.

Now the baptism is over, the regular Sunday Mass will start.
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Beautiful babies. And Charlene is shining pure pride and happiness. I love Charlene holding Jacques and Albert holding Gabriella in their arms. Babies were very calm and attentive during the baptism with holy water.
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Why arent they sitting with their children? I find that rather odd.
I think male primogeniture is a little old fashioned in these modern times, particularly as most of the other European monarchies now have female primogeniture.

(just for the record: the other monarchies don't have female primogeniture (that would that a daughter always takes precedence of her brother, even if she was younger) but absolute or equal primogeniture Primogeniture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )
Awww man they are both so cute and so bald! The one time in life where their father has more hair than them. They both look so sweet in their christening gowns and are extremely well behaved. Charlene and Albert both look great and are super happy. :)
This is beautiful! A long, safe and happy life to the new little pilgrims and their parents. What a happy occasion.
Any information on whether the programme of the christening will be published?
Charlene looks absolutely beautiful and dignified today.

Could hear baby crying and saw Charlene came out of the room behind where they sit, maybe she went in to comfort the twin.
:previous: I saw that! :flowers: During the ceremony there were times it seemed like Jacques wanted to see Gabriella. Very sweet.
Who are the ladies in matching outfits with the babies, nannies?
these babies are just so cute. how adorable, and how alert they were! albert and charlene can be proud of their two adorable children.

i read online they were dressed in baby dior.

and doesn't charlene look absolutely superb?! so does gabriella's godmother in that beautiful white and red dress.

i noticed Camilla, Duchess of Castro, in the crowd.
I logged out of the Monaco channel for a minute and now I can't get back in, it says the page is down. Can anyone direct me to another link ASAP!
A beautiful event!

Jacques and Gabriella are adorable. Jacques looks like his mum if I remember her childhood pictures correctly. Gabriella's rosy cheeks and pacifier with her name on are the cutest.

And don't you just melt when brother and sister interact.
Mum and Dad look so in love with their twins.
But the same dressed nannies freak me out, they look like they come from a sect :)

I liked it too that Charlene held the heir and Albert the eldest. And now I'll stop whining about that :)

I love Gabriella's monogram. I hadn't thought about it before but it's a sweet reminder of the grandmother that shares her initial.

Aunt Caroline, godmother Nerine Pienaar and Beatrice Borromeo are my top 3 of best dressed guests.
Too bad Charlotte was the only Grimaldi cousin that didn't attend.
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i think i'm hearing charlene greeting the people in english
Lovely event!
The babies are simply adorable, their interaction was so cute!
Their parents look so happy and proud and to see them greeting all the happy and cheering people in the streets of Monaco was so great! :flowers:
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