Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events 8 : June 2004 - July 2005

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Gisele Laetitia

May 31, 2003
Hello everyone!
I am going to Paris in a few weeks and I was wondering, if the school is reachable for me, a humble human being :p
does anyone know if you can visit the school, if there isn't like security or something...?
I was wondering, cause I thought it would be nice to see what the school looks like up close.
Anyways, merçi d'avance
Bye!! -x--x--x-

PS:: I am not a stalker!! :D :lol: :p
I fell in love with a Belgian boy when I was 17 and living there for the summer. I agree. There was something more romantic, more cultured, more interesting, more something than with 17-year old American boys. I felt like Philippe really wanted to get to know me. It was dazzling. Plus being able to drink wine in a cafe made me feel really sophisticated. I fell in love with a drink called a blanccassis, otherwise known as a kir. The young people were able to talk about all kinds of things, in several languages. I was so impressed with their knowledge and curiosity of world events. The American high school boys were such a disappointment when I came home. I promptly dated college boys, instead! :lol:

But maybe the kind of girl/kid who is willing to go abroad and absorb another culture is a special girl, too. ;) Like those of you who have posted above.
Originally posted by grecka@Jun 26th, 2004 - 5:28 am
I think you probably are, but, rather than being so outwardly horny and simple like many,
muhahahahahahaha thanks ^__^
My sister's in Toulouse right now for the summer and she's written to me about how hot the guys are there. Looks like France is the place to be to get charming guys. ;)
Now this is not to be taken too seriously or believed "an sich" like the words of the gospel, but I just read somewhere that only about 17% of the French wash up daily... ;) LOL
i'am not a fan of french guys, well at least the ones i know. all wearing track suites and weird lacoste caps and the most annoying thing are the bags you wear around your waist(don't know how they are called in english). Just give me the great dutch guys. B)
Do me a favor, bathe in their swarthiness. Do it for a lonely celibate girl (more like nun without vows) trapped with a dozen uptight trust-fund babies here in Rhode Island.
I hope you're enjoying your vacation, Gisele! Thanks for the head's up about the guys in the Quarter. Hey, didn't I read somewhere on here that Andrea goes there a lot? Oh, and Grecka, life with rich people can't be that bad! Don't you find them the least bit funny? Like what most of them care about (their Louis Vuitton purses and such) and how most of them act (like royalty?)
Thanks Raquel! I am very much enjoying it indeed! ;)
I asked my friends here in Paris if maybe they knew if Andrea goes here,
but none of them could tell me/confirm if he does/did. And I didn't spot him of course, he's probably celebrating his vacation somewhere else :cry:

About those trustfundbabies:
Visit Holland sometime, in my town and the area around they're the same as they are over at your place I bet
(creditcards--correction, GOld-cards--, platinum-blond hair for the girls, greecy guys named Chad -well, in Dutch they're mostly called Maarten or Christiaan or Max-, that kind of thing?)!
I always laugh at them and their ego's and how they take themselves waaay to seriously ;)

And one more thing:
Are there really not that much internet-cafe's in Paris? Or do I just accidentally walk past every single one of them!? hahaha :p :p

I have to go now, I leave wednesday, so I still have to see lots of Paris!
Bye! -x--x--x-
Charlotte at grandfather's funeral

This was one of most touching moments...:( grandchildren light the candle for beloved grandfather..:( so many memories..

Charlotte..and with sibilings..


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photos from the funeral.


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this is probaby not the right thing to say to someone at a funeral but charlotte looked absolutely beautiful
kittencrews said:
this is probaby not the right thing to say to someone at a funeral but charlotte looked absolutely beautiful

Yes , she looks very sweet.
That's what they are all, all our 6 Monaco girls.
That was the same thing I was thinking, kittencrews.
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Thanks for the funeral pix of Charlotte. And Charlotte did indeed look very grown up and beautiful. Some people have the good fortune to look beautiful and soulful even in the most saddest and tragic circumstances.
Yes, i agree with all of you, char was beatiful!
And sad too.
Thanks for the funeral pics
i also agree. she looks like a triumphant tragic heroine. or something. she's hauntingly beautiful.
i have to add that corbis always have the best photographs of charlotte...
I yahoo group Carlotacasiraghifanclub are A LOT of pics of the funeral. I can´t post pics, so if someone want to post.. do that. Char is beatiful in all the pics, and we can see her face
There are photos from photo press services of a guy whom they identified as her boyfriend strolling around Paris. Also, a picture of Andrea and Tatjana walking inside the airport in Nice or is it Nie? Alas, I don't have access.
I´ve seen some Pierre and Char in the airoport, i don´t remember if it was in TRF. Well Char is kissing Pierre, it is great, they seem to be good andd lovely silbings......

Rarotonga: i saw some pics of Char and felix, but they where taken in March. He was holding an umbrella and she was wearing a skirt (purple?) and a green jacket (i don´t remember very well) and a black scarf????
I don´t like very much the clothes she was wearing that day.
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I saw the pics of April!!!!!!! They were small and i count see she well, but it ok.
Felix (if that is his name) is much taller than Char!!!
Piewi said:
I saw the pics of April!!!!!!! They were small and i count see she well, but it ok.
Felix (if that is his name) is much taller than Char!!!
Heya Piewi, i was just wondering what pictures are you talking about? ^___^ where can i see it? ^___^
I think she means the same photos that have appeared on Italy's mag *Novella 2000* this week.

According to this mag the young couple live together in Paris. I couldn't read much, because I just took a quick glance at it at the supermarket.
News Pics !!!!!

more scans of chralotte in paris with friends
I find it in young royalty group.........................................:)


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