Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events 10 : July 2005 - Aug.2005

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Oct 11, 2003
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Welcome to the newest thread for al the latest news and pictures of Charlotte. Happy posting!

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tbhrc said:
Here you can see new pics of their vacation:
Thankx so much!
Damn, it's really cliché but Char is a serious bombshell.
Look closely at this picture. Doesn't it look like Charlotte has a tattoo below her stomach? The tattoo is right above her bikini bottom. What do you all think?
Well, she definitely does not look pregnant. Just that she grew into a woman. She looks terific!
Piewi said:
Really it looks like a tatoo! Yes, you are right

I didn't notice that, it does look like she has a tatoo. Any idea what it could possibly be?
I think its not a tattoo, but a part of her bikini!!!
thats what i thought too, but if you look closely, you can see the outline of her bikini on top of that darker looking thing, and it looks like her swimsuit has ruffles, but no bows, my friend has a similar swim suit. it does seem like a weird place to have a tatoo, its kind of obscure, but not obscure enough to be hidden by a swimsuit
I don't think it's a tattoo either, I think it's part of the tie on the side of her bikini bottoms
New pics!

From newscom:

CAPTION: Princess Charlotte Casiraghi having diner with her boyfriend Felix, mother Princess Caroline of Hanover and her husband Prince Ernst-August. The family is spending their summer holiday in Italy, boatting off Ponza Island. Ponza Island, ITALY - 23/07/2005


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It seems a little small for a tatoo, doesn`t it? I think Felix looks really good and has a nice body. :p Char seems really happy with him, they are touching each other alot on the pics. I`m happy for her, that she found somebody so special.
Well, if she is not pregnant, then she has a tattoo! hopefully neither of them.

tbhrc said:
From newscom:

CAPTION: Princess Charlotte Casiraghi having diner with her boyfriend Felix, mother Princess Caroline of Hanover and her husband Prince Ernst-August. The family is spending their summer holiday in Italy, boatting off Ponza Island. Ponza Island, ITALY - 23/07/2005

Who is Felix family ? :)
Thanks for the pics tbhrc!!!
Char looks really happy with Felix, good for her
She looks pregnant to me. also at Albert´s inauguration, in the bluish-grey dress. there was a big stomach.
What about just having a non flat tummy, is it that bad? there are tons of girls and women that does not have a flat tummy if they gain weight. Or even have tummy being very skinny. Why do people need to jump into conclusions like this? there are already all kinds of ridiculous rumors on some forums like having an abortion and getting pregnant from a chauffeur from the palace. Stop rumors or that will hurt a lot other people's reputation.
I don't think she's pregnant, she probably just put on a little weight and has a little bit of a tummy now, just as most people do. Besides, I think she looks a lot better now that she has put on a little bit of weight. (It looks like to me she has, but I could be wrong.) :)
New pics!

From fotomarktplatz:

EXCLUSIVE. Princess Caroline of Hanover´s elder daughter Charlotte Casiraghi with her boyfriend Felix aboard ´Pasha III´ in the harbour of Capri, Italy, on July 25, 2005, during a Mediterranean trip with her family. NO CREDIT.


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New pics!

more from fotomarktplatz


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You know, Charlotte is reading this forum too! She's eating Kellog's Special K for the moment, probably because she has seen some pics of her here... :D

And no, I don't still like Felix yet. On every picture he keeps her in his arms, he is kissing her,... He really looks like a [...] (I don't know how you call it in English, so please fill in by yourself)

Thankx tbhrc! You did not correct me for my 'dunke cheun'. Do I get the spelling right?

rdb, can you give a indication? I don't see what you mean? (un pot de colle? un obsédé, un amoureux transit? Quoi?)
Oh I forgot it. Sorry! I think you mean Dankeschön. And so I have to say Bitteschön!!!!
Goedeavond, Bonsoir, Good Evening, Guten Abend,

if you want to compete with me in languages, go ahead. I'm not speaking them all correct, but that doesn't matter here.

About Felix now. It looks he's enjoying the attention of the press and to me he's using her. I don't know why I think this, but it feels a bit strange how he associates with Charlotte. No, this is not from real love like they're doing for the moment.
I think they are really sweet together. They have been a couple for over a year now and this is the first time we see them kissing and hugging in public. Maybe they weren`t allowed before to show their emotions. I don`t think that he is using her, I think he is overwhelmed by her beauty and sweetness. That`s my opinion.
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